Season 8, illustration 1 Treasure hunt

Tarek and also Christina upper and lower reversal a residence in Fullerton, CA, with a terrific view. Once strange additions and architecture challenges collide, however, this rapid flip turns out to be harder 보다 anticipated.

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Season 8, episode 2 Flea Bag flip

Tarek and also Christina get a lead on a home in Rowland Heights, CA. This three-bedroom, two-bath house should be a rapid flip, yet once they gain inside they find large problems that will certainly take all their skills to fix.

Season 8, episode 3 Bankrupt upper and lower reversal

Tarek and Christina uncover a an excellent deal in a familiar ar in Anaheim, CA. They need to act quick if they want to lock it in, yet they need to make an offer without see the inside.

Season 8, illustration 4 Unpermitted flip

Tarek and also Christina upper and lower reversal a house in Rowland Heights, CA, that"s jam-packed v issues. There"s a big pool in a small backyard, and also unexpected additions create difficulties they"ve never ever seen before. Together their budgets grow and also profits shrink, Tarek and Christina need to figure out an imaginative ways to acquire top dissension on this project.

Season 8, illustration 5 additional Problems

Tarek and also Christina uncover a home in lengthy Beach, CA, with loads of potential. Come justify your investment, they decide to include a bedroom and bath. As work begins and also problems spring up, they hope they haven"t bitten off an ext than they can chew.

Season 8, episode 6 Alarming flip

Tarek and also Christina return to the street of a previous upper and lower reversal in Cypress, CA. As soon as they can"t agree on a architecture for the kitchen, they decide to work out the matter with a rapid game the hoops. As prices mount and also the open home looms, Tarek and Christina need to hustle to do a profit out of this flip.

Season 8, illustration 7 Money Mirage

Tarek and Christina take it a gamble on a tri-level home in Irvine, CA, purchase it sight unseen. The ar is hot, yet the home needs a most work. After opening up the tiny kitchen and updating the understand bedroom, there"s tho a lot to execute with a shrinking budget.

Season 8, illustration 8 broken Flip

Tarek and also Christina upper and lower reversal a house with a monster vibe in Anaheim, CA. Indigenous the start, lock can"t call if who is squatting in the house or if the community hoodlums room pranking them.

Season 8, episode 9 Cliff Makeover

Tarek and Christina take it on a residence in Anaheim, CA, designed by architect Cliff May. Having actually flipped a Cliff May house before, they"re prepared to spend big for a midcentury makeover. But poor news from the city inspector and unexpected big-ticket costs threaten to dig into their profits.

Season 8, episode 10 Midcentury Money Pit

Tarek and also Christina upper and lower reversal a house in Fullerton, CA, right across the street native Tarek"s first flip. Prior to renovating, they have actually to deal with crumbling concrete, and they require to figure out the sector for the house. A many has readjusted since Tarek"s very first flip, and changes bring brand-new challenges.

Season 8, episode 11 Fish out of Water

Tarek and also Christina take it on a upper and lower reversal in West Covina, CA, i beg your pardon is a new area because that them. They have actually to increase into brand-new cities in stimulate to grow their business, however the distance and also their uncertainty of what buyers expect in the area command to debates on the scope and design the the house.

Season 8, episode 12 It"s a recording

Tarek and also Christina flip a residence in Lakewood, CA, close to one of their previous flips. They expect to repeat their previous success, yet modernizing one old residence comes v a high price tag. A good flip will collection the bar for the neighborhood, and a bad flip will certainly leave them with minimal profits.

Season 8, illustration 13 large House, large Budget

Tarek and Christina take it a danger on a vast home in pricey Anaheim Hills, CA, in hopes of making more money after share the profits. Indigenous water damage and also invasive tree root to a $30,000 roof, they"re forced to rest the bank on the substantial project.

Season 8, episode 14 Buyer"s Remorse

Tarek and also Christina gain a smoking deal top top a Yorba Linda, CA, house with a closed-off floor plan. They spend large money to remove a fireplace and open up the space, but when Tarek walk behind Christina"s earlier and transforms a brick design, she tackles the new fireplace herself.

Season 8, episode 15 Turf wars

Tarek and Christina team up with their girlfriend Pete De best on a house in Yorba Linda, CA. They"ve flipped dwellings with Pete and have had success, however he"s a major penny pincher, and also they must convince him that you need to spend money to make money.

Season 8, illustration 16 Million-Dollar Cookie Cutter

Tarek tackles a cookie-cutter residence in Newport Beach, CA, where whatever looks exactly the same. He creates a plan with contractor Jeff Lawrence, but when a comp because that $1.4 million access time the market, Tarek goes all the end to take his flip to the following level.

Season 8, episode 17 Hoarding Potential

Tarek"s friend, Robert, desires to acquire into flipping and they buy a home sight unseen in Lakewood, CA. Once they uncover it"s a major hoarder residence filled to the brim v junk, Robert problems they do a mistake.

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Season 8, episode 18 tiny House, large Problems

Tarek and also contractor Izzy Battres take it on a little house in Fullerton, CA. The seemingly easy flip becomes difficult when removed a wall creates a nightmare v the city and also an unpermitted wash room have to be moved inside.