To find or locate a shed or stolen Samsung Galaxy note 4 SM-N910S and know its almost right location, we first need come have access to a computer, tablet or smartphone with an web connection. We open the following page friend have another Android maker linked to the very same account, we have the right to do it through an application referred to as “Google find my device” from Google LLC. Us recommend using the main Google application and not any type of other application easily accessible on Google Play.


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2- second step:

If we have actually not logged into our Google account, as soon as accessing it will certainly ask united state to go into our email and password. Remember the it should be the email you have attached to the Samsung Galaxy note 4 SM-N910S.


3- third step:

Once the session is began we will check out in the menu on the left several choices among which are to pat a sound, lock the device and erase the data of the Samsung Galaxy note 4 SM-N910S. We can additionally see the battery level and if that is associated to a Wi-Fi or GSM / 3G / 4G / 5G network. If the Samsung Galaxy note 4 SM-N910S go not appear in the first place, at the optimal we deserve to switch in between the Android tools that we have actually registered through our Google account, click each of them to switch to that device.


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4- 4th step:

If we suspect that the Samsung Galaxy note 4 SM-N910S is nearby, either in one more room or in a place, on the street or in the field where we have lost it, it is finest to push the option to beat a sound. The Samsung Galaxy keep in mind 4 SM-N910S will make a sound in ~ maximum volume also if it is muted until “stop” is pressed top top the screen for 5 minutes.


5- 5th step:

If we do not hear the Samsung Galaxy keep in mind 4 SM-N910S ringing, the is not close enough, or we do not understand where it can have been shed or if it can have been stolen, us go to the next step which will consist of make the efforts to discover out its approximate whereabouts. V the map we can see whereby our Samsung Galaxy keep in mind 4 SM-N910S is located. If the is not situated on the map the is because it walk not have the general practitioners activated or the does not have actually a network link to have the ability to triangulate that location.