Fifty Shades Freed is the 0.33 and an extremely last instalment that the erotic romantic Fifty Shades Trilogy by brothers creator E. L. James. After accepting entrepreneur CEO Christian grey’s assumed in Fifty sunlight shades Darker. Anastasia Steele has actually to change not easiest to married existence however to her new husband’s wealthy lifestyle and controlling nature. The paperback variation was first posted in April 2012.

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Anastasia ‘Ana’ Steele and Christian Grey go back to Seattle after a lengthy honeymoon. Christian is upset to find that Ana has kept her maiden name, Steele, at work. After some resistance, Ana relents and also changes her name at work-related to Grey after realizing how necessary it is come Christian. Together a belated-wedding gift, Christian provides Seattle Independent posting to Ana, that plans to rename that Grey Publishing.

While Christian is on a company trip in brand-new York. Anastasia goes the end for a drink through a longtime friend. Kate Kavanagh, doing so against Christian’s wishes. Returning home. She finds the her previous boss, Jack Hyde, that was fired for attempting come sexually assault Ana, has actually been apprehended by the defense staff. Duct ice is found in his pocket and also in his van. There room tranquilizers and a ransom note. All indications that he intended come kidnap her. That is arrested.

Angry through Ana because that defying him. Christian cuts quick his new York business trip and returns to Seattle. Furious the Ana reneged on she promise to have actually Kate over rather than walk out, upset Christian sulks when Ana sleeps. Eventually, the 2 argue and Ana berates him for being too many controlling and also possessive. She demands an ext freedom and accessibility to her friends. Quickly after, Christian surprises her with a trip to Aspen, v Kate, Elliot, Mia, and Kate’s brother, Ethan. When there, Elliot proposes to Kate, and also she accepts.

Ana’s step-father, Ray, is in a medically-induced coma ~ a auto accident. Once he awakens a couple of days later, Ana and also Christian kinds to move him come Seattle to recover. That is also Ana’s birthday weekend, and Christian surprises her with all she family and friends in ~ a dinner. He provides her a charm bracelet with the charm representing all your “firsts” consisting of an ice cream cone to stand for their “vanilla” relationship. Christian additionally gifts her with an Audi R8. Quickly after, Ana learn she is pregnant.

Christian angrily accuses her of obtaining pregnant on purpose and also leaves. That returns early the next morning drunk, claiming Ana will choose the infant – whom he trust to be a young – end him. Ana claims it could be a girl, though Christian refuses to accept that as result of his sexist and chauvinistic nature. Ana becomes furious when she discovers a text message on Christian’s phone indigenous Elena Lincoln, the woman that seduced him when he to be fifteen and also introduced him to the BDSM lifestyle. The message indicates they met because that a drink.

The following two mornings, Anastasia and also Christian right speak to each other. Christian is upset over the unplanned pregnancy. Anastasia is upset around his late-night encounter through Elena. Despite Christian insists their partnership is long-since over. Once Christian is far on a business for a few days. Ana receives a speak to from Jack Hyde. He has kidnapped Mia Grey and demands $5 million in two hours. He warns Ana not to call anyone or he will kill Mia.

Anastasia feigns illness and returns house to escape her bodyguard, Sawyer. She takes a gun and also goes come the bank. If collecting the money, the suspicious bank manager phone call Christian. Who believes Ana is leaving him. To protect Mia’s life, Ana lies come Christian, speak she is leaving him to raise the baby alone. Hyde instructs Ana to leaving her phone but she tricks the by acquisition the bank manager’s phone instead and dropping it in the trash.

She pipeline via the back entrance to a wait car, shocked the Hyde’s accomplice is Elizabeth Morgan, her co-worker. When handing end the money. Hyde make the efforts to kill Ana the end of vengeance for shedding his job, leading to Elizabeth to feel guilty because that being involved. Angry by his behavior and his hurting Ana. She and also Hyde argue. On the ground and also bruised, Ana shooting Hyde in the leg. When Ana starts to black color out she hears Christian calling her name.

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Name of the Book: Fifty Shades the Freed

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