are there any reputable thoughtful works that talk around the are afraid of non-existence as opposed come the are afraid of death? (Of course no one have the right to imagine what that "feels like" to no exist but if many civilization have a strong desire or journey to "keep existing" in a manner to which castle are provided to lock will fear anything that might stop castle in their tracks and also wipe out their existence forever.)


To give an prompt answer, yes philosophers have actually traversed the subject. Epicurus to be the very first to posture the difficulty of non presence after death, thomas nagel more recently disputed the subject, that"s a good place come start.

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It can be feasible to argue the Roquentin, in Sartres Nausee, when challenged with the pure facticity the his surroundings experience angst and also unease; the nothingness of matter without mind, is the it lacks topic hood; and our his subjecthood no being affirmed, fragments.

This is not quite non-existence, because that the next site surely exist for Roquentin in their very material haeccitas (thisness); and not is Roquentin being challenged with a feeling of his mortality; but that he is not kin to a rock, or a table or tree.


Many would certainly argue, including Freud, that the ideas of after ~ life and also eternal heart were developed as a solution to fear of non existence. World were therefore traumatized by the idea that non-existence ~ death, that they created religion and mythology together a transaction mechanism.


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