FAMILY Feud organize Steve Harvey is no stranger surfacetoairnewyork.come on-screen gaffes, however he to be left gobsmacked at one contestant’s bizarre answer.

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Family Feud organize Steve Harvey skilled a dumbfounding situation of déjà vu as soon as a contestant ~ above the united state game display inexplicably kept giving him the same answer.

When Sheila Patterson was asked, “What’s another method people say mother?” she answered, “Nana”, secs after the household member standing next to her gave the very same answer with a various pronunciation.


What was she thinking? ... Family Feud contestant Sheila plainly ran out of ideas. Picture: family members Feud

After Harvey politely explained that both answers are spelled the exact same way, she answered, “Mummy” — the same word provided by her relative the ring before.

“What around Mum-my?” she ventured next, placing the accent on the later on syllable.

Harvey, not believing what he was hearing, reviewed to riff with the studio audience, providing Patterson some an ext time to think.


When that asked again — and also she again reply “Nana” — he virtually lost it.

“This s**t can’t be happening,” the said.

He called the studio audience the segment will surely be cut down for once the illustration airs, yet you can watch every eight excruciating minutes in the clip.

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