Heavy Combat Armor

» Thu Nov 26, 2015 7:59 pm

I"m ~ above Xbox one so ns can"t console command. I"m spring for heavy Combat Armor appropriate Arm. I have the various other pieces yet can"t discover the appropriate arm for the life the me. Any type of info on wherein I can uncover it or purchase it would certainly be significantly appreciated. Thank you.

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» Thu Nov 26, 2015 9:21 afternoon

Strange, i can"t find a ideal arm either. Got a full set outside the the appropriate arm from a Gunner in Quincy, and also since then i"ve to be unable to discover a ideal arm.

Ryan LutzPosts: 3465Joined: sun Sep 09, 2007 12:39 pm
Same here actually. I thought it was a full collection I discovered on his body then eight disappointed as soon as I obtained to an armor terminal

Can you men tell where exactly where you gained that armor from and also what lvl req. Was it?

Im searching for some armor update

There to be a distinctive Gunner at the optimal of a church in the Quincy ruins.

That gift said, going there as soon as you"re level 14 is almost certainly walk to an outcome in your death. I was in the high 20s/early 30s at the moment of going there and also enemies to be still a higher level 보다 me.

ns went there and cleared out the whole town. That"s whereby I obtained the heavy armor ns have. Simply can"t find the ideal arm.

I think I have actually it. I"ll need to load the video game up in a little to check. But I"ve found my armor by laying waste come the raiders west the diamond city.

Herp, examine that, eastern of diamond city. However west need to be good too. Just becareful. I acquired svcked right into a five means war. And also I do typical a freaking war.

Minutemen vs Raiders vs Scavengers vs supervisor Mutants vs Ghouls.

There is no have to bump BOTH threads asking the same thing. Booty is rather random/tied to level. The video game has been the end for just a couple of days. Therefore, it"s quite feasible that nobody knows that a set spawn place for the yet.

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Go the end there and also explore


I have actually been just gaining frustrated. And also I bumped both because the various other is in a various forum section with no replies
discovered a heavy combat armor best arm. It"s in vault 81 sold by Alexis in "the depot". It"s referred to as the overseer"s best arm. There"s likewise a left. Only record it"s 13000 caps. Hope this aided anyone.
Southeast part of the map. It"s to the southern of Neponset park to the west the Warwick homestead and to the east of Suffolk ar charter school
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