The human being of fallout 76 is a attention place. There’s various other players, vicious robots and even a brand-new hyper-intelligent race of ghouls to contend with. Here’s just how to make sure you remain alive.

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Fallout 76 build on the settlements and base systems introduced in the last game. The cool thing right here is the you can develop a Camp where you want, detailed you have actually the right products that is. For the bulk of structure parts you’ll require wood, a most it. And while lumber is a pretty typical material out in the wild, there room very couple of places whereby it is discovered in big quantities. Luckily for you though, we’ve been liven scavenging the wasteland for the best wood agriculture spots, so that you head straight for them. In this Fallout 76 Wood guide, we’ll go over the best place to acquire wood in autumn 76, and list few of the other ways you have the right to pick that up as well.

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Fallout 76 timber Farming Locations

Wood is discovered all end Appalachia, however it can be tough to uncover it in big quantities. There is one clues that has actually a ton of timber though, and likewise plenty the other methods to acquire your hand on it. You’ll definitely be needing it too, offered how the bulk of building components call for wood, together does boiling water and cooking food. Let’s take it a look in ~ the ideal place to obtain wood in fallout 76.

Fallout 76 hardwood Farming - Sylvie and also Sons Logging Camp

So let’s acquire down to it. If you’re looking to pick up as lot wood as possible in a very short time, you need to head come Sylvie and also Sons Logging Camp. You can inspect out its location on the map below:


Head to this location, and check within the tent on the northern side of the area. It’s a reasonably small area for this reason spotting the piles that logs either side won’t be a problem. Every you have to do is move around the heap tapping X/A, you’ll gather simply over 150 piece of timber per run.


There’s an ext in this area too. If you take a peek right into the earlier of the pickup van you’ll uncover yet much more piles that logs. There’s even a bunch that downed trees in the bordering area too, for this reason you have the right to grab that together well.


Once you’ve looted the area of every its wood, just quit the server and also load back in. Every one of the lumber will respawn, and also you can just keep going to your heart’s content. As we pointed out before, you’ll manage roughly 150 scraps every run, and you’ll likely want come head back to her stash crate every now and then come offload. Us recommend moving your Camp nearby, i beg your pardon will save you cap on quick travelling back to the area from her Camp.

Other means to get Wood in fallout 76

In enhancement to the wood farming an approach described previously, there are some other good places to gain wood in fallout 76. We’ve noted them below, and feel complimentary to chime in through your advice in the comments.

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Downed tree in woodland areasLumber mills and also scrapyardsScrapping weapons

Fallout 76 Woodchucker Perk

If you’re really serious about gathering huge amounts of timber in fallout 76, you’ll desire to look for out the Woodchucker Perk. The doubles the lot of wood accumulated from logs. When linked with the farming method above, you’ll be bringing in large amounts that wood. It’s a happy Perk, so just put points in and also hopefully you’ll draw it as a Perk.