Shaniece Hairston is an American model and television personality who shows up on the own television series Livin’ Lozada. She, however, came right into the hype as Evelyn Lozada’s daughter. Her mom is a tv personality, spokesperson, and also model, famed as among the main cast members of Basketball Wives

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Who Is Shaniece Hairston?

Shaniece Hairston is a growing young reality television star, celebrity model, and also entrepreneur who grabbed large attention for showing up in OWN’s Livin’ Lozada. The display is about the battles of a single parent, household life, and divorce issues.

Shaniece is the just daughter that Evelyn Lozada.

Evelyn Lozada Daughter Shaniece Hairston professional Career.

She very first made right into Hollywood ago in 2015, appearing on The Boris & Nicole Show. While showing up in the show, Shaniece mentioned that her desire to seek a modeling career come while looking as much as her mother.

Shaniece Hairston referred she dad as some guy from Brooklyn who has environment-friendly eyes

Who Is Shaniece Hairston Dating?

After a couple of partnership failures, the 26 years old model has actually tried her ideal to save details of she relationship and also affairs away from the media. As of now, she has not been recorded in any kind of moment, along with any young who deserve to be assumed together her boyfriend. Thus, plenty of sources have reported the Shaniece is currently single.

However, Evelyn Lozada’s daughter Shaniece Hairstone formerly dated a couple of boyfriends. Earlier in 2012, she remained in a relationship with Sean Kingston, that is a rapper. Their relationship was not lengthy term, as they dated for just three months.

After breaking up with Sean Kingston, Shaniece Hairstone started dating Zat Knight, that is one English premier football player. They dated for about three years before officially ending their relationship.

In 2018, there were rumors about Shaniece’s dating life v R&B singer Usher. However, she later denied the romance rumors.

Evelyn Lozada Daughter Shaniece Hairston’ Height, Weight, Measurements

Shaniece stands at a elevation of 5 feet 6 inches. She weighs around 56 kg. She has actually a well-maintained slim body build. Black hair and brown eyes room Shaniece’s distinctive characters.

Shaniece Hairston’s Wiki, Bi0, Age, Nationality, Ethnicity.

Shaniece Hairston to be born on 15th June 1993 and is currently 26 years old. She was born in the Bronx, brand-new York, the United claims of America. Her mom was just seventeen years old as soon as she to be born.

Shaniece Hairstone is that American nationality; however, she ethnicity is unknown together there is no details for her father.

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Her mother, Evelyn, was previously married come baseball left fielder Carl Crawford through whom she invited a son, Carl Leo Crawford.