In my last article, I offered a photo of what the Torah / scriptures says about the Israelites. This will be a picture of what it says around Esau. A guide to Esau"s place in prophecies according to the Torah. There is much misunderstanding concerning the Israelites and also the Jewish People. They space two various nations, and also one must not be mistaken for the other. The Jewish civilization practice Judaism. Genesis chapter 36 speak us, currently this is the generation of Esau, that is Edom. Gen. 36: 6 and Esau take it his wives, his sons, and also his daughters, all the persons of his house, his cattle, his beasts, and also all his substance, i beg your pardon he got in the floor of Canaan; and went into the nation from the face of his brothers Jacob.

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Zondervan"s holy bible dictionary page 234 tells us that over several centuries, the government of Esau adjusted from tribal come a monarchy. Eight kings ruled over Edom before the Israelites had their very first king, Genesis 36: 31 - 39. Among these kings was ruling once Moses was refused passage with the Edomites" territory, numbers 20: 14 - 21. Other evidence of ancient Edom is the Papyrus Anastasi by means of of Egypt dated the so late 13th century BC, which stated the i of shepherd tribes to richer pasture floor of the Nile delta. 2) The El Amarna letter no.256 from around 1400BC mentions Edom as one of the Jordon sink prince"s enemies.

King Saul fought versus the Edomites: 1 Samuel 14: 47, however King David overcame them and put garrisons throughout the whole land; 2 Samuel 8: 14, the Israelites" army spent month cutting that the males the Edom. In 586BC, the Babylonians ruined Judah"s Kingdom; Edom rejoiced and also moved phibìc as far as Hebron. The picture painted right here is that the kids of Israel and also the kids of Esau have actually remained mortal enemies, just as YAHAWAH said Moses as soon as they an initial encounter Amalek, that there will be war in between them from generation come generation. Under the Persian Empire, Edom came to be a district called Idumea, the Greek way of speak Edom. It is clear that the Persians know precisely who the Edomites are; castle were your overlords. Around 325BC, one Arab tribe dubbed the Nabateans overcame the eastern part of Edom"s territory; they likewise knew the Edomites.

The Edomites returned to the area in 332BC together the Greeks under the command the Alexander. The Greeks" power concerned an end; your brothers, the Romans, dominated them in 146BC. During the Maccabees" time, man Hyrcanus subdued the Edomites and forced castle to follow the Israelites" means of life. A mistake that has actually reverberated with the centuries and also is the Israelites biggest difficulty today. As soon as YAHAWASHI (Jesus) was born at the beginning of our typical era, an Edomite of the Herodian line was king over the Israelites; something Moses warned the children of Israel they have to never do.

Now that we have some history of Edom"s background let united state see what the scriptures says around him: Malachi 1: 3, and I hated Esau and laid his mountains and also his legacy waste for the dragon of the wilderness. Ezekiel 35 The first few verses mirrored what is said in Malachi; Ezekiel 35: 5 says because you had had a perpetual hatred and has shed the blood that the children of Israel by the pressure of the knife in the day of their calamity, in the time when your iniquity had actually an end. 6) Therefore, as I live claims YAHAWAH, I will prepare you for blood, and blood shall pursue you, etc., etc., Ezekiel 25: 12 therefore says the mr God since Edom has actually dealt versus the house of Judah by taking vengeance and also had significantly offended, and also revenge self upon them. YAHAWAH will certainly lay vengeance top top Edom by the hand of his people Israel.

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There is a constant saying the Esau / Edom is excellent away with, the there are no Edomites on planet today come muddy the waters. Ecclesiastes 4: 16 over there is no finish to all the people, if Esau himself claims the Edomites were destroyed in the Jewish roman wars. The Zondervan holy bible dictionary created by Edomites states that Edom numbers prominently in the prophetic bibles as the scene of good future judgments sees Isiah chapters 34: 5 - 6, 63: 1. For prophecies favor those to be fulfilled, the Edomites should be around, or Scriptures choose Esdras 6: 9, because that Esau, is the finish of the world, and also Jacob will certainly be the start of it the follow, would certainly be a large joke. According to Revelation 1: 7, YAHAWASHI is returning with clouds, and every eye shall check out him, also the Romans who pierced him. Were they not Edomites?

Finally, the bibles say you have to not pollute the land wherein you are; blood defiles the land; the land can not be cleansed except by the blood that the one who melted it, number 35: 33 - 34. Esau has melted blood ~ above every continent. In the Americas, i m sorry he cases to it is in his own, that has built cities drenched in blood contradictory to Habakuk 2:12. The is trying to hide his identity; that believes if his identity is not known that he will escape judgment. Yet he will certainly not..... And also the home of Jacob will certainly be a fire, and also the home of Joseph a flame, the residence of Edom for stubble, and also they chandelier kindle in them and also devour them, and also there shall no be any remaining that the house of Esau for YAHAWAH has talked it Obadiah 1: 18. A biblical overview to Esau"s destruction.

David LG Wilson