What the women of NCIS are like in real life

Throughout the course of its run, NCIS has had cast members come and go, so much so that only five members of the original cast still work on the show! With around 80 main characters on their cast list at one point or another, we’ve started to think about what they might be up to now, especially the strong and powerful women on the show. Luckily for you, we have all of the answers you could possibly need. Here is what the women of NCIS look like in real life…

As one of the only original members left on the NCIS cast books, Abby Sciuto is somewhat of a legend in the world of Naval Crime Investigations. Known for her wide selection of chokers, bracelets, anklets and toe rings, Abby is the kind of worker who really puts her personality into her look – and we kinda love it.

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Pauley Perrette – Abby Sciuto

We’ve rarely seen Abby without her iconic pigtails or wearing at least one item of black clothing. Luckily, we wouldn’t have her any other way!

After a whopping 15 years on the set of NCIS, Pauley Perrette has finally decided that it is her time to leave the show – and fans are distraught to learn that she will not return for the 16th season of the show.

Pauley Perrette – in real life

Although we’re all sad to see her go, we’re all intrigued to see whether she will go back to her original blonde hair color. In real life, Pauley is extremely similar to her on-screen character. In fact, the only thing that is different between the two women is that Pauley doesn’t really have the spider-web tattoo permanently inked on her…

Although she was the main role and starred in a whopping 24 episodes, Alexandra Quinn only appeared in one season of the NCIS. Nevertheless, she definitely made her mark on the world of Naval Crime Investigation.

Jennifer Esposito – Alexandra Quinn

Sadly, Alexandra had to leave the service after learning that her mother was suffering from Alzheimer’s, but we’ll always remember her for her loose smart-casual shirts and uniform that she wore both on the streets and in the office. Unlike many of the other women on the show, Alexandra chose to wear her hair down and loose.

Since her time on NCIS, Jennifer Esposito has proved that she is not all too different from her on-screen character. In fact, they look exactly the same – the only slight difference is that Jennifer has since opted for a darker color in terms of her hair!

Jennifer Esposito – in real life

Unfortunately, Jennifer has not worked on anything of note since she left the show in 2017, but she has taken on the role of a leading lady in a new movie that is currently in post-production, so we don’t have too long to wait.

Michelle Lee was a leading character during seasons 3 and four of NCIS – but her role was a little different to that of the other NCIS characters.

Liza Lapira – Michelle Lee

While she worked as part of the NCIS legal team, Michelle was also a spy, which meant that she had to become a part of the group, while staying inconspicuous. To do this, Michelle would dress professionally and appropriately for the office, and would often be found in pantsuits and trench coats that covered her up.

Since appearing on NCIS, Liza Lapira has continued to thrive in the world of acting and has worked on the likes of the crime drama, Dexter, the action movie franchise, Fast and Furious, and the action-thriller movie, Repo Men.

Liza Lapira – in real life

While she is still notable for her role as Michelle Lee on NCIS, Liza tends to look a little different nowadays. Along with the curlier haircut, Liza has also transformed her outfit choices into ones that really make an impact on the red carpet.

Although we all remember her for her time in NCIS, Ziva David started off her journey as a member of the Israeli Army, before moving to the US and becoming a prominent member of the NCIS team.

Cote de Pablo – Ziva David

We were first introduced to Ziva in season three of the show when she would rarely be seen without her signature braid and hat combination. Amazingly, this character would wear her uniform one day – and transform into a real beauty in her heels and dresses the next day.

Since her time on the show, Cote de Pablo has changed her appearance nearly every year. With various hairstyles and colors to her name over the past few years, Cote has recently opted to wear her hair down in a glamorous casual style.

Cote de Pablo – in real life

Unfortunately, Cote has not acted in anything of note in recent years, and her last professional job came in the lesser-known TV movie, Prototype, in 2016. Nevertheless, we’ll always remember her for her role as Ziva David on the popular TV show, NCIS.

We were first introduced to Kensi Blye in season one of NCIS, and it was clear to see that Kensi had not been dealt a fortunate hand in her life. As a child, her father was brutally murdered, and she later had to deal with life on the streets.

Daniela Sofia Korn Ruah – Kensi Blye

Yet, these experiences made for a tougher individual, as Kensi later became a hugely important member of the NCIS team. Although she often donned her uniforms, Kensi would show off another side to her during undercover missions, where she would wear swimsuits, casual wear, and more.

Although she is primarily known as an actress, Daniela Sofia Korn Ruah has also been offered various modeling contracts, thanks to her incredible eyes. This beautiful actress was born with Nevus of Ota – a birthmark on the eye which causes one or two eyes to look black.

Daniela Sofia Korn Ruah – in real life

Amazingly, Daniela has one black and one brown eye that has wowed fans across the world. Today, Daniela is still acting and showing off her brand new short locks.

As a special agent within the NCIS team, Cassie Yates was expected to be professional and proper during her 2-episode appearance in 2005. However, the first time we met this character, she was wearing something outside of those boundaries – the notorious red dress!

Tamara Taylor – Cassie Yates

After this infamous debut appearance, Cassie was only ever seen in her NCIS uniform and cap, and would often keep her hair tied back away from her face, with only her bangs on show. We never did see that red dress again…

Judging by that smile and her natural beauty, it should come as no surprise to learn that Tamara Taylor made her living as a model before venturing into the world of acting.

Tamara Taylor – in real life

She has since landed a leading role in the popular crime drama, Bones, as Dr. Camille Saroyan, and has more recently appeared in the Netflix original, Altered Carbon. It seems this leading lady likes to chop and change her hair all of the time, so you never know which hairstyle you’re going to get!

During the current season of NCIS, season 15, we were first introduced to Jackie Sloane – and she is still going strong as a prominent member of the cast. Although she is a relatively new character to the list, Jackie Sloane has still made an impressive debut and wowed fans with her blonde and curly locks.

Maria Bello – Jackie Sloane

In terms of her outfits, Jackie has already made it known that she is more comfortable in dresses and outfits of the tighter variety – which doesn’t seem to be going down too badly with the fans.

In recent months, Maria Bello has become one of the main cast members on NCIS – which is a huge boost for her acting career. However, Maria was already hugely famous before she scored this role, and has previously worked on major movies such as the comedy, Grown Ups 2, as well as the musical-comedy, Coyote Ugly.

Maria Bello – in real life

Outside of the show, Maria is extremely similar to her on-screen character in terms of her hairstyles and her show-stopping outfits. It seems the only difference is that she’s had a slight haircut!

Although she was the mother of Ziva and Tali David in NCIS, Weronika Rosati certainly didn’t look like she had two grown-up children to her name. This was because Rivka David was introduced to us through a flashback, which meant that Rivka could show off her younger beauty and grace.

Weronika Rosati – Rivka David

This character only appeared for a short while in season 10 but played a huge role in the development of Ziva and Tony’s relationship. With her beautiful brunette locks and her big eyes, Rivka was a huge hit with fans of the show.

Despite the fact that Weronika Rosati only appeared as a minor character in the show, this Polish actress has since continued a hugely successful acting career.

Weronika Rosati – in real life

Not only has she risen to fame in her home country of Poland, but she has also made an easy transition into a successful Hollywood actress. Unfortunately, she won’t be making a return to NCIS, but we can check out her flowing brown locks and epic taste in the likes of the crime and supernatural dramas, True Detective and Supernatural.

Although she may not be a main character, Emily Fornell has appeared in various seasons and episodes of NCIS and has continued to star as the daughter of Diana Sterling and her ex-husband, former FBI Special Agent Tobias Fornell.

Juliette Angelo – Emily Fornell

Still in her teenage years, Emily is one of the youngest characters to appear on the show – that doesn’t mean she is exempt from all of the drama. In fact, we first met Emily when her life was threatened by a former Petty Officer!

She may be only 21, but Juliette Angelo has already made waves in the world of Hollywood. In fact, she made her professional acting debut when she was just 8 years old after she was cast in the Broadway adaptation of How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

Juliette Angelo – in real life

Since then, Juliette and her beautiful hair and fair skin has continued to act. Yet, when she’s not standing in front of the camera, Juliette chooses to stand in front of her horses as a horse rider.

As one of the toughest women in the NCIS team, Lieutenant Commander Faith Coleman was the kind of person you would not want to annoy. We were first introduced to this character during season 1, and she became a regular for the next two seasons before she left the show altogether.

Alicia Coppola – Lieutenant Commander Faith Coleman

Proud of her job and her role in the NCIS, Lieutenant Commander Faith Commander was never seen out of her perfectly pressed uniform and cap. There wasn’t even a hair out of place!

Although we still remember her for her role as the prim and proper Lieutenant Commander on NCIS, it turns out that Alicia Coppola is much more chilled out in real life.

Alicia Coppola – in real life

Since leaving the show, fans have seen a free-flowing version of their favorite character, who is willing to let her hair down and have a bit of fun! She now rocks the red carpet with her beautiful freckles, her curly brunette locks and a fashion-forward sense of style that turns heads wherever she goes.

In 2003, the world of NCIS lovers was introduced to Paula Cassidy – a criminal profiler and interrogator who worked for both the local police force and the Naval Crime Investigative Service.

Jessica Steen – Paula Cassidy

Although she made a real impact with her strength and independence, fans were also taken aback by her beautiful strawberry blonde hair that had us all jealous. Paula appeared in just six episodes of the show and left in 2015, but we’ll always remember her for her pinned-back, professional hairdo, and her suit combinations.

Before she landed her role on NCIS, Jessica Steen had already made a name for herself as a prestigious actress. Over the course of her career, she has worked on numerous movies and TV shows of note and has slowly but surely made the change from a strawberry blonde to a fully-fledged blondie.

Jessica Steen – in real life

Nowadays, Jessica puts her new hair to good use as Lisa Stillman in the drama series, Heartland, as well as donning gowns and dresses for high-profile events.

As the commander of the DoD PsyOps Division, Dr. Samantha Ryan was expected to be professional and proper throughout the day – and that’s exactly what she did. However, she would often be manipulative with her power and control, and would often struggle to get on with other members of the team.

Jamie Lee Curtis – Dr. Samantha Ryan

Although this was the case with the women of the group, it seems her stern personality and her good looks proved beneficial when it came to the men of the team…

For the most part, people forget that Jamie Lee Curtis starred in NCIS – because this acting legend has become one of the most popular women in the world of Hollywood.

Jamie Lee Curtis – in real life

With her signature short haircut, her slim figure and her beautiful smile, Jamie Lee Curtis has been the crush of many for decades. In recent years, this actress has worked on comedy shows and movies such as New Girl, Freaky Friday, Scream Queens and more. She has even tried her hand at writing children’s books!

We were first introduced to Delilah Fielding in season 13, and we still remember that day as if it were yesterday! As one of our favorite characters on the show, Delilah made a name for herself as the love interest of NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee.

Margo Harshman – Delilah Fielding

Despite the fact that she could not walk unaided, Delilah proved that she was beautiful both inside and out, and fans rallied to watch more of this brunette beauty’s storyline and watch as her caring nature became even more prominent.

In real life, Margo Harshman is just as beautiful in looks and soul. With her cute-as-a-button face, this actress has been able to score roles within major movies and TV shows.

Margo Harshman – in real life

In fact, she has landed recurring and lead roles within comedies such as The Big Bang Theory, and dramas such as 90210, Grey’s Anatomy and Bones. However, fans will always remember her as Delilah, as she looks exactly the same off screen as she does on-screen.

Paloma Reynosa is the kind of character that you just couldn’t ignore because her storyline was always filled with drama. As the daughter of a leading narcotics dealer, Paloma takes it upon herself to take over her father’s business and avenge his death.

Jacqueline Obradors – Paloma Reynosa

Because of this, she becomes one of NCIS’s biggest targets – but she also becomes a fan favorite. With her strong personality, her casual outfits and her loose locks, Paloma proved you can be the beautiful and evil at the same time.

Although fans immediately recognize her as Paloma Reynosa, Jacqueline Obradors has also made a name for herself on a separate crime drama, as Detective Rita Ortiz in NYPD Blue.

Jacqueline Obradors – in real life

Since her time on NCIS, Jacqueline has also starred in drama and action movies such as Six Days Seven Nights and Unstoppable. Off the screen, Jacqueline has given fans a sneak peek into her life, and what she looks like when she’s not playing the baddie. That hair is something else!

We were first introduced to Carol Wilson as Abigail Sciuto’s college friend, but she soon becomes a firm friend of the NCIS team. As if that wasn’t cool enough, Carol was also a researcher within the Center of Disease Control.

Meredith Eaton – Carol Wilson

This character took part in one episode over the holiday period during season 7, when she enlisted the help of Abigail to reconnect with her nephew. With the pink stripes in her hair, Carol was not the kind of character you could miss.

Before she managed to bag herself a small role on NCIS, Meredith Eaton had already made a name for herself as a leading lady in the world of Hollywood. She had previously worked on various crime and legal dramas, including CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Boston Legal and Family Law.

Meredith Eaton – in real life

She is still acting today, but showing off a more glamorous side to her on the red carpet. Now that she’s dumped her white coat, Meredith is wowing in dresses like this one and showing off in style!

CGIS Special Agent Abigail Borin was a leading lady within the world of NCIS because she has not only starred in the original version, but she has also appeared in the New Orleans spin-off show.

Diane Neal – CGIS Special Agent Abigail Borin

Abigail made her debut as a CGIS Special Agent after her stint in the Marines was cut short, after the death of her fellow comrade. Just like her hair, Abigail was a bright spark who would do anything to get noticed and work her way up the ladder – which she eventually did.

Diana Neal is now known for her role as CGIS Special Agent Abigail Borin – but before she landed this recurring role, Diane had made waves as Case Novak in the popular crime and legal drama, Law & Order.

Diane Neal – in real life

Unfortunately, life has taken a bit of a tumble for Diana recently, as she divorced her husband of nine years in 2015, and has not appeared in anything of note since 2015 either. Nevertheless, we will always remember this strawberry blonde beauty for her time on NCIS.

If you cast your mind back to season 7, you might remember Margaret Allison Hart, a defense attorney who becomes extremely close to the NCIS team and their work. Margaret was hired to defend numerous clients who were accused of murdering a Marine – but she can’t seem to win against Gibbs.

Rena Sofer – Margaret Allison Hart

Although she initially only appeared in six episodes of the show, she later reprised her role for numerous episodes. We will always remember her for her straight-talking attitude and her straight-talking pantsuits!

Before she was cast as Margaret Allison Hart, Rena Sofer had starred in numerous movies and TV shows, and has even accumulated more than 500 soap opera credits to her name! Since 2014, Rena has starred as Quinn Fuller in the soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful.

Rena Sofer – in real life

While she appeared as a straight-laced character in NCIS, Rena has since showed off a laid-back and fashionable style – as shown by her curly locks, her natural makeup, and statement jewelry.

Dr. Jeanne Benoit made her NCIS debut in 2006, and immediately made an impact on the show and the characters involved – especially Tony DiNozzo. Unfortunately, things didn’t go too well for the character, after the NCIS team discovered that Jeanne was the daughter of the notorious French arms-dealer, Rene Benoit.

Scottie Thompson – Dr. Jeanne Benoit

Nevertheless, her fellow workers couldn’t help but be dragged in by her beautiful brown curly locks and her baby blues. Yet, nobody was quite as taken as Tony, who dated Dr. Jeanne until she left the show in 2008.

Although Scottie Thompson left her role as Dr. Jeanne Benoit behind her in 2008, she returned for a spell in 2015 to reprise her role and once again use her baby blues as a charm offensive.

Scottie Thompson – in real life

In real life, Scottie is incredibly similar to her on-screen character, and the pair both sport their curly locks and their natural beauty. As if that wasn’t enough, these two also share the same fashion sense, as Scottie ensures she is ready to wow no matter the occasion.

We were first introduced to Jenny Shepard in season three of NCIS when Jenny and her shockingly red hair became the new director of the service.

Lauren Holly – Jenny Shepard

Unfortunately, Jenny only appeared in two seasons of the show, as her character was later wounded by a hitman. When she made her NCIS debut, Jenny sported a short haircut that proved to be hugely popular, but producers later had the character cut off her hair in a powerful pixie-cut that is now synonymous with her character.

While on NCIS, Lauren Holly did not wear a wig or extensions. Instead, her hair was colored and cut specifically to play her character! Since leaving the show, Lauren has decided to grow her hair back out and keep it au natural in all of its brunette glory – but she still looks like the former NCIS director, Jenny Shepard.

Lauren Holly – in real life

In recent years, Lauren Holly has kept up a hugely busy acting schedule and has recently starred in the police drama, Lucifer, as well as psychological thriller movie, The Blackcoat’s Daughter.

If you cast your mind back to 2005, you might remember the introduction of Mrs. Victoria Mallard during two episodes of the show. As Ducky Mallard’s elderly mother, it was no surprise that Victoria dressed appropriately for her age.

Nina Foch – Mrs. Victoria Mallard

From the flowery nightgowns and dresses to the perfectly quaffed hair, her pearls and her walking stick, she was always comfortable with herself. Unfortunately, Mrs. Victoria Mallard was later diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and sadly passed away – a fact that Ducky attempted to keep to himself.

Before she landed her minor role on NCIS, Nina Foch had made a real name for herself in the world of Hollywood. She had appeared in numerous blockbusters over the course of her life, and had been working as a professional actress since the 1940s!

Nina Foch – in real life

Before she donned her nightgowns for her role as Mrs. Victoria Mallard, Nina Foch was known for her extravagant gowns and bleach blonde hair and was always one to stand out from the crowd. Devastatingly, this acting legend passed away in 2008.

As an assistant, it was Cynthia’s job to be on hand at all times to promote a professional and well-run working environment – which is exactly what she did. While she only appeared in 13 episodes of the show, Cynthia wowed us all with her wide selection of pant and skirt suits that would make any professional jealous.

Stephanie Mello – Cynthia Sumner

To mix things up a bit, Cynthia would switch between wearing her hair loose and curly, or tying it up. We also hope she wore some sturdy shoes, so she could make a quick get-away after Leroy Gibbs’ constant butting in.

Unfortunately, Stephanie Mello has not graced us with her presence on NCIS since 2004 – but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about her. Nowadays, she is widely known as a commercial actress, as she has worked on more than 100 commercials over the course of her career!

Stephanie Mello – in real life

Because of this, she has often had to change her outfits and her hairstyles to suit the needs of the client or brand. She has also managed to bag roles in small TV roles – which isn’t a surprise, as she is more beautiful than ever.

As one of the original members of the NCIS team, Kate Todd was a hugely important and prominent character on the show. Although we often saw her iconic bangs and her ever-changing hair color, Kate would also cover up her assets in her NCIS cap and her uniform.

Sasha Alexander – Kate Todd

Unfortunately, Kate Todd’s reign came to an end just 18 months into her NCIS journey, as she was later murdered. Despite this, we will always hold fond memories of the character in our lives!

Just like her on-screen character, Sasha Alexander is also fond of dying her hair and trying out new hair colors every now and then – and recently, she has taken a trip to the blonde side.

Sasha Alexander – in real life

Alongside this, Sasha has also grown her hair and her bangs out much longer, which makes her look completely different to Kate Todd. Since wowing us all with her talent on NCIS, Alexander has continued to act and worked on comedies such as He’s Just Not That Into You, and Yes Man.

Like many of the women on the NCIS team, Eleanor Bishop often pulls her hair back in a ponytail to ensure that she is ready and raring for action – and ready to pop her hair under her cap.

Emily Wickersham – Eleanor Bishop

Although she only joined the NCIS cast seven years ago, she has since managed to score herself a recurring role on the show, and not changed her look much in the last few years. In fact, the only change in her appearance recently has been her lack of wedding ring on her ring finger, since her divorce from her ex-husband.

In real life, Emily and Eleanor look like two different people. While their hair color is largely the same, the actress and her on-screen character choose to wear completely different outfits.

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Emily Wickersham – in real life

On the show, Eleanor can be found in her NCIS cap and uniform. In real life, however, Emily Wickersham shows off a more glamorous side to her life as a celebrity. She rocks the red carpets in her dresses and gowns, and always ensures she’s at the top of her fashion game.

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