On the season premiere that DeGeneres" daytime speak show, the actress opens up up around leaving the church and also her painful ready for "Dancing through the Stars."


During the season premiere of Ellen DeGeneres daytime talk show,Leah ReminitoldDeGeneres thatshe’s “OK” because leaving Scientology earlier this summer, however says her defection from the faith was no without cost.

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“We shed friends who can no much longer talk to united state who room still in the organization,” Remini stated on Monday’s show, confirming that civilization who are still members the the church room not permitted to talk to civilization who’ve left the organization and also vice versa.

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“But we have other friends, who are not in the church, who have stood by us and also that’s every we have the right to ask for,” Remini added. DeGeneres stated that she’s tho Remini’s friend and that she support her.

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After the two tried out part unusual, “as-seen-on-TV” gadgets that Remini brought, DeGeneres joked, “I’m thinking you gained kicked out of Scientology. Ns don’t think friend left.”

When asked why she left, Remini’s answer was similar to but less revealing 보다 explanations she’s provided in the past, saying, “My mother got associated when us were an extremely young, so it’s all we really knew. Yet over time, mine eyes acquired opened and also I might just no much longer be affiliated through the organization, and also my household felt the same, so us left.”

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Remini also talked about the painful process of prepare for she upcoming stint on Dancing with the Stars, i beg your pardon she said she began a week before taping the interview.

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She said she’s hurting “everywhere,” including “places i didn’t know might hurt. … It’s so lot harder than I thought, and most world do to speak that, yet it’s true.”

She’s likewise concerned that she’s currently broken companion Tony Dovolani‘s wrist, because she’s hanging ~ above him because that dear life, she said.