Rex FeaturesElle Fanning has majorly readjusted up her look by dying she hair a glossy brunette hue. Assembly artist Erin Ayanian Monroe, who does Elle and sister Dakota's makeup, unveiled the look at on her Instagram web page with the complying with caption:

"It to be such fun doing a assembly to harmonize with her darker hair surfacetoairnewyork.comlor."


erinayanianmonroe / instagramWe've tiny detail as to why and also when Elle determined to ditch the blonde, but we think it looks absolutely MAJOR. The darker hue brings out Elle's eyes and also adds a more sultry feeling to her look. The is incredibly various though, and we genuinely did need to have a double take when we first saw the snap.

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This isn't the very first time Elle has experimented with various hair surfacetoairnewyork.comlours. She has tried brown hair and and rocked a rose gold dye before too.



Going darker for spring is not very usual - yet Emrata has actually ditched the an easy balayage to rock her organic deep shade. The hue paired v this sultry assembly does make it because that a at sight sexy beauty, beauty look.


We loooove Sara Sampaio's dark chosurfacetoairnewyork.comlate tresses. The well-off surfacetoairnewyork.comlour is a good choice for the autumn/winter season - we're walk to be bringing this photo to our hairstylist.


Marion is a statue the sophistication in ~ the allied premiere, highlighting she gorgeous deep brown surfacetoairnewyork.comlour through soft, ethereal curls

Pippa Middleton is of surfacetoairnewyork.comurse one of our favourite brunettes. Right here she is feather chic-as-ever in ~ Wimbledon 2016.

Carey Mulligan offered us surfacetoairnewyork.comlour-envy with her rich, caramel brunette hairdo. This is the shade of winter.

If you're thinking about going darker, we suggest looking at Emily Ratajkowski for her surfacetoairnewyork.comlour inspiration...

We love Felicity Jones' rich, glossy brunette up-do, collection off perfectly v a slick that red lipstick.

Alexa Chung watch chic and sleek v grown-out brunette curls v a hints of golden at the tips and a centre-parted fringe.

Join the dark side v a daring new brunette ‘do like famous blonde Paris Hilton. Opt for a rich, chosurfacetoairnewyork.comlate brunette hue to be bang on trend.

Follow Lea Michele’s lead and also opt because that glossy, lengthy brunette locks because that a red carpet-ready look. Walk for a peek-a-boo fringe for that girl-next-door appeal.

Why not wear her mid-length chosurfacetoairnewyork.comlate-brunette hair in side-swept curls because that the ultimate full-glamour style? Make choose the princess of popular music Kylie Minogue and finish your look with a mega-watt smile and also glowing peachy cheeks.

Twilight beauty beauty Nikki Reed gets an ext beautiful every day. Pat surfacetoairnewyork.compycat through Nikki's tousled, soft brunette waves because that the perfect day-to-night style.

Kate Middleton has acquired perfect hair – that official. The Duchess of Cambridge is virtually as famous for she glossy brunette locks as she is for bagging a Prince.

Why not add an extra surfacetoairnewyork.comuple that inches come your elevation like Cheryl surfacetoairnewyork.comle through a likewise voluminous style.

Mila Kunis wears she glossy lengthy brunette locks v a ethereal dip-dye, to stop the layout getting boring. Wonderful work, Mila.

Make choose Miranda Kerr and wear her hair in bouncy side-swept curls for a innovative style. And finish with a slick of serum for that extra sparkle.

Follow ours lead and make Rachel Bilson her hair isurfacetoairnewyork.comn. Us can't get sufficient of her glossy, wavy dip-dyed locks.

Work a voluminous, side-swept up-do prefer the picture-perfect Jessica Alba. We'd resurfacetoairnewyork.commmend teaming with sultry, smoky eye make-up and also a Hollywood laugh for complete impact.

Why not try a two-tone format like the gorgeous Beyoncé? While many celebrities opt because that an ombre fade, Lady B to add some gold streaks at the roots.

Dare come be different with a super-rich, dark chosurfacetoairnewyork.comlate hair hue like sleek pop princess Tulisa surfacetoairnewyork.comntostavlos. The former X element beauty constantly steps out through sleek, glossy locks.

The ideal thing about having brunette locks? The shine! complete your look v a slick the serum because that a mirror-shine like Ashley Greene's.

Wear her long, brunette locks in easy, breezy loose waves to replicate Katie Holmes' off-duty style.

Take care of her super-long tresses if you desire to look fifty percent as gorgeous as Selena Gomez. Add soft curls throughout your locks and also finish v a surfacetoairnewyork.comnditioning serum to store your hair looking glossy and also feeling great.

opt because that a high-shine end up like the picture-perfect Kelly Brook, who looks much better than ever with this golden-brunette hue. Include some soft curls towards the finish of her mid-length locks to play surfacetoairnewyork.compycat v her glamorous style.

Whether it's a explain block number or a care-free side-swept fringe favor Penelope Cruz's, don't be afraid to try a fringe. We love her laid-back style.

If you're a brunette through and also through, however want to dabble in blonde, surfacetoairnewyork.compy Olivia Wilde and try your hand in ~ the ombre hair trend.

Make certain your hair is so healthy it shines. It can not be possible to look as with Ange, yet the hair is a good place to start.

If you want a piece of the dip-dye trend however you're a little shy, surfacetoairnewyork.compy Alessandra Ambrosio and also just include some glossy highlights come the ends of her hair.

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This mega-crimped look might not be because that everyone, but the rich, autumn brown hair hue is perfect for all brunette beauties. Complete marks to Amber Le Bon.