Last night was the Los Angeles premiere of the Hunger Games. I recognize what you're thinking: "Why does this movie gain so numerous goddamn premieres?" The prize is (probably) that there will certainly be one premiere because that every time i vomit from sadness throughout the course of the film. Anyway, the stars every looked extremely gorgeous and Jennifer Lawrence wore the ideal dress ever. In addition, Jaden blacksmith donned the Outfit the the Year.

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Jennifer Lawrence wore... Friend will never ever guess... Dior! It's an absolutely stunning thin gown — possibly the finest sheer look at I've viewed all year. The bathing suit-like garment she wore underneath significantly did not show up on the runway .


Woody Harrelson verified up looking favor a cool dad on his means to her dance recital. Josh Hutcherson's suit was a suit. Liam Hemsworth needs to perform his buttons.

Elizabeth Banks looked gorgeous in a strapless Versace gown. Her hair and makeup perfect complemented the Old Hollywood glamor she effused.

Jena Malone (who dram Joanna in the movie) also opted for sheer and also looked fantastic. I'm obsessed with her Nicholas Oakwell gown — SHE LOOKS prefer A human WHOSE NUDITY was CENSORED by THE hand OF ANGELS.

Okay, these space the best looks the the night. Willow Smith and Jaden Smith sported silk loungewear (and serious attitude). Jaden topped his ensemble off through two different sneakers, i beg your pardon is a masterful touch.

Joe Jonas wore speculative houndstooth or something; his girl friend Blanda Eggenschweiler lived as much as her first name in booooring ruffles and cream. Lenny Kravitz looked perfect in leather pants and silver shoes; Zoe Kravitz rocked a "beautiful minimalistic fashion-witch" look. Sam Claflin, that plays Finnick, looked disheveled but who cares it's Finnick.

More beautiful sheer! Bella Thorne looked absolutely lovely in a an ext modest take it on the trend; Willow Shields (PRIMROSE!) very appropriately wore a climbed pattern; Stephanie Leigh Schlund (who dram Cashmere) law the sheer v embellishments thing that Givenchy did ideal last season and then everyone replicated less successfully.

Ashlee Simpson wore a fringe peplum and would therefore be placed in jail overnight if the Fashion Police yes, really existed; television personality Erin Andrews wore a dress with interesting cutouts yet picked terrible shoes; Kylie Jenner ongoing to it is in a cool tween that wears black color lipstick.

Sarah Hyland looked gladiatorial in gold; Isabelle Fuhrman (Clove native the first movie)'s dress was fine, but her pair of shoes look prefer something you'd order online prior to going to an EDM festival; Kiernan Shipka maintained it an easy and clean.

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Meta Golding (Enobaria) looked stunning in a dress v a dramatic slit; Stef Dawson (who theatre Annie Cresta) wore a emerald, and it was nothing to write home about; Emily Osment (HANNAH MONTANA'S former BFF) looked stylish in a geometric-print maxi dress.