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The over CCTV clip is of a 21-year-old Canadian woman named Elisa Lam. This footage was taken native the elevator of the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles on January 31st, 2013, shortly prior to she is thought to have actually died.

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Her human body was discovered two weeks later at the bottom the a water tank on the roof of the building. Hotel workers discovered the body while responding come complaints about the water in the hotel being discolored, as well as having a foul smell and taste. Her decomposing body to be found totally naked, with her clothes floating alongside her within the tank. Luckily because that those that may have accidentally ingested the contaminated water, the hazard posed by a human cadaver in a water tank is lot less significant than one might expect, and also test results proved no presence of harmful bacteria.

While her disappearance had currently garnered far-reaching media attention, that wasn’t till police released the above footage that attention in the case began to snowball, with numerous viewers questioning Lam’s look at odd behavior.

There are…numerous uncanny coincidences and suspicious circumstances surrounding this case, yet oddly enough, her actions may no be one of them. According to the site, “Body Language Success”, Lam’s actions bears signs of a tentatively happy nature–perhaps flirting with another guest, or maybe also trying to game a child. While it is not checked out or known whom she was connecting with, it deserve to reasonably be assumed that the human being is simply standing slightly additional down the hall, the end of the CCTV camera’s view. Part have provided that the elevator door appears to stay open up for one unnaturally long time, but it has due to the fact that been shown by current guests the tested the elevator for themselves–the just one in the building–that pressing the “door open” switch (which Elisa deserve to be seen pushing multiple times) will cause the door to remain open up for about two minutes. Though many assume her to it is in in the lobby when the footage to be captured, it is apparent from the video that she is actually on a much greater floor, possibly also the peak floor. She was not in view of other guests, or workers, in ~ this time.

What is many odd around the footage, however, is that the time stamp in the edge is not only oddly placed, yet highly corrupted. The speed of the video has likewise been slowed under substantially, stretching just under three minutes the footage out to just over four. There is a allude in the video where the time plainly skips ahead, indicating the loss of an indeterminate quantity of time. However, inexplicably, over there is over a minute of footage where Lam is not visible in the framework whatsoever, top viewers come wonder why it was edited and also presented in this fashion.

It has been emphasized that Lam suffered from depression, and also possibly bi-polar disorder (some also perceive her habits in the elevator before her death to it is in indicative that a mental breakdown). She also expressed emotion suicidal, which have the right to be verified by short articles on she surfacetoairnewyork.com. World frequently make keep in mind of the truth that the roof that the hotel is only easily accessible via a locked, alarmed door (I’ll gain into this tidbit a small later), and also that there is no way a single person can have climbed, opened, and shut among those large water tanks on their own. Miscellaneous sources have discovered it important to recount the macabre background of the Cecil hotel, specifically the fact that it when housed two well known serial killers (one of who being Richard Ramirez, the “Night Stalker”), and also that the structure has lengthy been thought to it is in haunted.

Things only acquire stranger native here:


Things we do understand for certain:

The roof can be accessed there is no a key, and also without setup off the alarm. Over there is a fire escape that can be taken up to the roof of the building that is easily accessible via home windows at the far finish of a hallway.
There actually space ladders ~ above the outside of at the very least one the the tanks.
Firefighters dispatched come the scene reduced into the next of the water tank to remove the body. The image listed below shows the there is no ladder, nor any type of other method, present inside the tank that would permit a person to escape, or to even close the tank native the inside. Regardless of what mental state she may have actually been in, over there is no plausible means that Elisa can have gained into the tank, and also then closed the from the inside on she own.
The third page that the official autopsy report mentions the presence of sand ~ above her garments that coincides with the kind of particulate one could find top top the roof the a building. The amount discovered would indicate that, at some point, one of two people Lam herself, or her clothing, had actually unnecessary contact with the roof that the building. The 2nd page of the report mentions one abrasion on her left knee, implying a possible fall.

While i feel this situation to be closer come a real occurrence that was simply handled poorly, there is part of me that stays suspicious that the circumstances surrounding it. In ~ this time, i would choose to keep in mind a couple of important things:

Even in irradiate of every this information, however, let’s see this overallas a legitimate (though bungled) case. Also, because that our intents and also purposes, we shall stick come the facts, and avoid noþeles to execute with the paranormal.

So, what perform we make of all of this?

Well, foul play need to not have been ruled out by the coroner, nor the authorities. Lam was in a element location, in ~ a element time, to it is in taken benefit of. We understand for a truth that there to be at the very least one well-known sexual predator remaining in the hotel at that time. There is additionally the opportunity that she was no in complete control the her mental faculties, which might have make her particularly vulnerable.

While she had actually the method of accessing the roof there is no needing a crucial or tripping the alarm, it is very implausible the she placed herself in that tank. She would have had actually no means of closing it on herself from the inside.

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The sand ~ above Lam’s clothing way that either she, or she clothing, invested some quantity of time lie on the roof of the building.