Robberies happen every 13 seconds. That alarming come think about, however it’s the reality we live in. Without proper security, our homes, businesses, employees, and family room at risk. In an initiative to keep you informed, our Houston security experts at Mesa Alarm equipment are committed to giving the advice you must keep your loved ones and property safe. To achieve just that, here are the top 3 places thieves prefer to plunder the most.

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Corner shop & Gas Stations

Gas station and corner stores space the perfect targets because that burglars. Since most of them are open up late, this stores space convenient in countless different ways—even for thieves. Gas station employees are often held at gunpoint and also forced come fork end cash while various other shoppers space frozen in horror. A small over 7,000 corner stores space robbed each year and most burglars rarely walk far with much more than $900. It’s hard to believe criminals room willing to hazard the lives of others for almost a month’s precious of rent money. Since most robberies happen at night, us recommend limiting her time in ~ these areas after dark.

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Jewelry Stores

Jewelry stores are also highly frequented by burglars and con artists. Even if it is it’s excellent at gunpoint, stealth, or with the old switcheroo, thieves have actually been targeting these varieties of stores due to the fact that the dawn of person history. Just put, that an easy way to make a fast buck. Many jewelry keep robberies take place when the shop open and close because those space the times once they are the very least crowded. Virtually 30% of the time, robbers walk through the former door and confront the jeweler. Thankfully, a the majority of jewelry stores have actually state-of-the-art alarm solution to prevent injury to customers and losses to their valuables.

HERE’S exactly how TO defend YOUR business FROM BURGLARY

Keep your company well lit. Your company should it is in lit and the parking lot and also neighborhood neighboring it. This will offer burglars less places to hide. It’s constantly best to have the ability to see the risk than for it to catch you through surprise. Installing protection cameras the right method will provide you much more than security, that will provide you strong evidence need to you endure through a robbery. Cameras should suggest at entrances, the register, and also the parking lot of so the you have the right to see the thief clearly. Friend should likewise avoid the accumulation of cash within your business. Most businesses have scheduled clues of cash pickup, yet it is finest to have a differed schedule instead. Having actually routine pickups deserve to lead come burglars discovering the finest time come strike her business prior to cash is required to the bank. Maintain your building. One unkept business, tells burglars that you don’t store up with your business and also don’t treatment or are mindful of what wake up in it. If yes landscaping around it, trim that regularly. Structures should it is in repainted if yes sir weathering. This will certainly not just keep burglars away, yet will additionally attract much more customers.

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Your Home

Each year end 2 million house robberies room reported annually in the U.S. And nearly 70% of every burglaries space residential. Needless to say, these numbers space staggering, but the most sobering statistic of all is that occupants without defense systems are 300% much more likely to be robbed. Oddly enough, the preferred entry point for theif is the former door complied with by windows as a nearby second. Come ensure the safety of your family and property, we highly recommend having specialists install a customized security system based upon your distinctive needs.

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HERE’S just how TO safeguard YOUR house FROM BURGLARY

leaving your house at arbitrarily times. This consists of walking her dog and also when you go out to examine your mail. Additionally, once you need to be at work or at an appointment, leaving at various times. If world are never details when you space home, many are leery to effort a break-in.When moving right into a new home, have actually all locks adjusted so that no one that has inhabited the home have the right to come earlier or anyone that could have had access to keys. If you space hiring who to perform labor, finish background checks and also ask because that references. The is always important to understand who is entering her home.

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At Mesa alarm Systems, us take protection seriously. No matter the size of her property, our security experts are well-trained to administer the advice and also customized solutions you need to have peace that mind. Learn much more about our products and also services this day by calling (281) 690-4500. Don’t second guess the safety of your household and/or employees; acquire the best alarm systems Houston has to offer.