— -- after ~ a season complete of perfect scores and gushing praise from the judges, singer and actor Jordan Fisher was called the champion that the 25th season of ABC"s "Dancing with the Stars" and tansurfacetoairnewyork.comed off through the Mirror round Trophy. It to be the very first win because that his pro partner, Lindsay Arnold.

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Judge Len surfacetoairnewyork.comodman called Fisher "the most finish male celebrity ever on "Dancing with the Stars,"" and also judge Bruno Tonioli said Fisher to be "right increase there v the finest we have ever seen ~ above this show."

Violinist lindsay Stirling come in second. Frankie Muniz — who dubbed his time on the display "the many amazing experience of my life — came in third.

The finale featured the score dances in the ballroom and many festive vacation numbers perform live outside at the Grove in Los Angeles. In between, the season"s other actors members went back to dance and, in some cases, sing.

The show started with each pair doing a favorite dance from previously in the season. Stirling and also her partner, note Ballas, performed your jive indigenous guilty pleasures week and received 10s throughout the board. Muniz and his partner, Witney Carson, performed their pirate-themed Argentine tansurfacetoairnewyork.com native Disney week. They likewise received a score that 30. Fisher and Stirling performed your samba native Latin night, and they, too, earned 10s across the board.

With every the couples tied surfacetoairnewyork.coming into the last performances, fusions that two formats given to the rivals the night before. Sterling and also Ballas perform a cha-cha-tansurfacetoairnewyork.com fusion and received a perfect score of 30. An emotional Sterling said the show "really do me relearn that I to be in a really various way, and also it"s to be amazing."

Muniz and Carson perform a foxtrot-tansurfacetoairnewyork.com fusion. Carrie Ann Inaba vested the couple a 10, yet surfacetoairnewyork.comodman and Tonioli found tiny faults in the performance and gave just 9s.

Fisher and also Arnold perform a salsa-paso-doble fusion that was superfast and featured miscellaneous gymnastic flips. The judges raved about the number, his talent and her an abilities as a choreographer, dancer and teacher and awarded the couple a score that 30.

The competitors" last positions were revealed live on stage at the Grove, and also Fisher and also Arnold — and the Mirror ball Trophy — were hoisted into the air as streamers shooting everywhere and also the group went wild. The three final couples and fourth-place finishers drew Scott and also Emma Slater will show up on ABC"s "surfacetoairnewyork.comod Morning America" ~ above Wednesday.

Also ~ above the show, country star Kelsea Ballerini sang her latest hit, "Legends," and also season 25 challenger Nick Lachey sang a new ballad, "Someone to dance With." Stirling and also Becky G carry out their present holiday hit "Christmas C"mon," native Stirling"s album "Warmer in the Winter." fellow season 25 competitor Debbie Gibson sang the holiday favorite "Sleigh Ride," and also Jordan belted the end Stevie Wonder"s "What Christmas means to Me."

Fisher and also Muniz will certainly be headlining the upcoming "Dancing v the Stars: light Up the Night" tour, i beg your pardon kicks turn off Dec. 30 in Charlotte, phibìc Carolina.

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"Dancing with the Stars" will certainly return in the feather of 2018 v a unique four-week all-athlete edition, special 10 athletes from throughout the sports world.