mine monitor support full-resolution display screen (2560x1440) just when associated to through either the DVI-D double link port, or the DisplayPort.

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My laptop, though, has actually neither the these two kinds of output. Instead, all it"s acquired is a HDMI harbor (which is version 1.3, and also I also read the the laptop"s graphic chipset support 2560x1440 at 60Hz).

So I"m wondering even if it is anyone has ever before seen one HDMI-to-DVI double link adapter, i m sorry will lug my ultra-highres signal to the screen I simply bought. So much I haven"t watched any, and also don"t also know whether together an adapter (which I recognize would have to be active, USB-powered and also expensive (but i don"t care)) exists.

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I"m composing this top top a 2560x1600 twin Link DVI monitor connected to a computer system using HDMI 1.4.

Stop trying to find HDMI come DVI-DL adapters. Every adapters the you"ll uncover are passive single-link adapters, even though they may be advertised together dual-link.

Although a HDMI 1.4 to twin Link DVI adapter is possible to implement using an Analog tools ADV7619 297 MHz HDMI 1.4 receiver that does immediately split high pixel clock links right into odd and even pixels and two ADV7513 165 MHz HDMI 1.4 transmitters come transmit the pixels end two different links, no manufacturer is making together a device.

You need a device that generates dual Link DVI calculation from a solitary link input. And the only one that"s widely obtainable is a DisplayPort to twin Link DVI adapter, offered under several various brands.


With that, we"ve decreased the difficulty to convert HDMI 1.4 come DisplayPort 1.1. There were no remedies for this till recently, once the STMicroelectronics chip STDP2600 came to be available. Numerous brands offer adapters based upon this chip. In situation your monitor takes a DP input at complete resolution, using just this adapter is enough - no require to convert to DVI-DL.


Connecting those two together should carry out a HDMI 1.4 come Dual-Link-DVI solution. However, the Linux Radeon driver (xf86-video-ati) to be still not happy with it, and also ignored the 2560x1600 videomode in the list of valid settings in EDID. The factor was that the Linux Radeon driver would enable pixel clocks over 165 MHz just in instance a monitor has a HDMI merchant Specific Data Block in the consumer Electronic Association extended block of EDID.

Obviously, a pure DVI monitor will not have actually a HDMI VSDB in CEA EB that EDID. I solved that by adding a S/PDIF audio de-embbedder because that HDMI that I got off eBay right into the chain the adds the CEA EB to include audio descriptors come EDID. A appropriate solution would certainly be to carry out a modification EDID file directly to the driver.

This functions for Linux, on windows you might not require the EDID change, or you may need a an ext extensive one. Ns don"t have a Windows machine to test.

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String all three together, make certain all are powered increase via your USB connectors and voilà, beautiful full resolution 2560x1600 snapshot at 60 Hz refresh price on my double Link DVI monitor.