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Water is produced by ours bodies together a byproduct that the metabolism throughout a process called cellularrespiration, in i beg your pardon glucose and also oxygen are used to produce energy because that cells. This procedure is somewhat complicated and involves a number of steps, yet water is created in the final step. This is...

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Water is produced by ours bodies as a byproduct of the metabolism throughout a procedure called cellular respiration, in which glucose and oxygen are offered to produce energy because that cells. This procedure is somewhat complex and involves a number of steps, but water is created in the final step. This is the same process that to produce the carbon dioxide that we exhale. The is also called aerobic respiration because it provides oxygen to develop energy. 

During cellular respiration, first glucose (sugar) from the food that us eat is damaged down to produce the molecules Pyruvate and adenosine tree phosphate (ATP). ATP is the main source of energy for cells and also is a an effective energy warehouse molcule.

Glycolysis utilizes the link NAD+ and also NADH, two enzymes, to create some ATP. However, most of the ATP the cells use is made later on in cellular respiration. The Pyruvate developed during glycolysis is converted into Acetyl COA. Acetyl COA then enters the mitochondria the the cell to develop further energy in the visibility of oxygen. This is once water is produced by the metabolism. In the mitochondria, electron from the molecules NADH and also FADH2 are provided for power to power a set of reactions that will ultimate produce ATP, the powerhouse for the cell.

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Toward the end of moving respiration in the mitochondria, hydrogen and also oxygen (`O_2`) react together, creating water in the process. The various other oxygen atom from this procedure is offered as the final electron acceptor in the electron chain. This is how water is developed in the body; essentially, hydrogen from miscellaneous coenzymes in the cell integrate with oxygen native the lungs and also create water as a byproduct.