Included in this pack are 21 fight maps extending all combat locations in Level 1 of Dungeon of the Mad Mage, the Dungeon Level.

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All maps are high res and also perfectly recreated from the original maps and also descriptions in Dungeon of the Mad Mage.

300 dpi resolution supports quality prints for 1" square tableheight usage. Also perfect for usage through Fantasy Grounds, Roll20, Encounter+ and also all other online tabletops!



You deserve to find battle maps for other levels of Dungeon of the Mad Mage here:

Level 1 - Dungeon Level

Level 2 - Arcane Chambers

Level 3 - Sargauth Level

Level 4 - Twisted Caverns


Curious what is supposed by the maps being "good for experimenting and also navigation, yet do not offer the level of information required to run exciting combats."I"m thinking of utilizing these for Roll20 instead of their sketch-kind maps, which are the incredibly definition of "are good for trying out and also navigation, however don"t provide the level of information forced to run interesting combats."Can anyone administer feedago in this regard? The samples look excellent.
Hi Chris,It’s the original sketch-type maps that are being described as not having actually the detail compelled to run combats. The maps in this pack have a much higher level of detail and feature all of the facets you need to run exciting combats. However, as they just cover the combat locations of the Dungeon Level, I would recommend utilizing them alongside the original sketch map, which is good at recording the sheer range of this level.
Great product, yet would certainly be better if tright here was a print friendly (without the gery rock background border) alternative, and if each file was print ready for a traditional printer. Still, an incredible amount of occupational. Thank you so a lot for your effort!
Looking for ward to making use of these - yet I was wondering if I might get the information on the floors you supplied in the map, or if you could make an development making use of those patterns to make blank hallways?I"m looking to expand past the normal maps into bigger levels, and I require blanks..floors, hallways, etc - is tright here a adjust you"ve made such an accessory, or maybe setup on making one? I might really usage it or the info.Thank you!
The maps look good, however having actually concerns printing them out at 1" square as the documents are not the same size and also windows by default desires to scale them to fit one photo per page and also through Windows 10 there"s not default method to simply print all the individual JPG"s in a folder. It would be excellent if these were already inserted inside a print all set document and the ones that are larger than 8.5x11 were broken into multiple pages. rather I"m having actually to try to put these in a PDF or Word record and range them each individually and also that is the majority of work-related that by buying these maps I was hoping to prevent.
My players are LOVING these maps. And you conserved this DM from having to draw it all out by hand. Thank you for posting this.
I"ve been making use of these maps for rather a while now and realized I hadn"t composed a evaluation. Just wanted to say these are great. I have actually all 4 levels put out so far. Had a bit of an worry through printing to range yet in its entirety they have actually been incred <...>
These maps are wonderful for the campaign I am running in Fantasy Grounds. I love the level of information. I just hope that the author is able to continue producing these for even more levels of Undermountain. My just complaint is that the photo files <...>
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