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So you re going to desire to travel to an undead crypt at the second bonfire. I think. It s referred to as undead ditch. You re going to walk with.

What i contact. The hallmethod of hell ah to defeat best style and just past him. King..


Vendrick is walking roughly in circles. And he will certainly reprimary friendly as long as you don t assault them and in a pile of apparel. I believe tbelow is his ring. So when you have actually that equipped we re off to the initially place.

I will certainly be mirroring an additional video on how to acquire palace armor also okay so as soon as we have actually the ring. We re going to desire to travel to rouen fork road. Bonfire and you need to carry out these in this order why you ask well bereason you get acquire a things that permits you to go to the next area. So we re just gonna go directly from that bonfire.

Tbelow s no enemies here so you don t have to problem about dying till you acquire via the door. Then you re almost guaranteed to die. Probably..


Once. Though. Once or twice open sesame hello. You ll die.

Today you die. Today. All these save just run. Straight.

You ll come to the first bonfire now we re going to travel to this place aacquire for garden cardinal tower so after you carry out i ll just save you pertained to dragon eincredibly and also you ll when you travel through tright here you will certainly receive from a friendly huge friendly giant dragon that is the ashen mist heart and you re going to must have that in your arsenal in order to go to this next area so we re just going to slide down this inrenowned ladder cross this bridge whoa and below is the second door. Oh i don t want to offer too much amethod. But about the locations..


But this one is super brief. It s pretty a lot just a boss fight to gain a mess at that bonfire and also then having actually the ashen mist heart. You simply study this and also you take you go ideal to a boss fight. So now we re going to go to the third and also last area wright here the last boss of the game is excellent old drangleic castle.

Just travel to the majesties gate the incredibly first bonfire my apologies for the loading. You have the right to just skip this component so following. We just want to walk out we rotate left into the last door. This assume.

And this area is pretty a lot simply a boss fight too just going to lengthy take a trip dvery own the way off in the distance. You will check out fog doors. Or fog wall..


But in dragon airy. You will certainly acquire this cool little. Aged feather. Which is just like a limitless use homeward bone.

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And that is it thanks for watching and stay tuned to the game series. ” ..


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Here is wright here you have the right to uncover the King s Ring and the 3 King s doors that say “Produce the Symbol of the King”.

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