UPDATE 12/10: Verizon, this morning, told united state that beginning tomorrow, December 11, fans can develop special Turbo 2 Star wars edition phones using Moto Maker. Options will encompass “custom shade palates, and also backs based on the Poe Dameron, Rey, BB-8, a first Order Storm Trooper, and also Kylo Ren characters.” Verizon will also launch an app to Google Play through exclusive wallpapers.

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UPDATE: we now have actually pictures that the Star wars editions below.

With Star Wars: The force Awakens opening in days, it only makes sense that Verizon and also Motorola would use their DROID license to its complete potential. In the coming days, Verizon and Moto will certainly launch DROID Turbo 2 “Star battles Editions”with 5 Verizon-exclusive wallpapers. 

According to details being sent out to Verizon reps, extr information on how Turbo 2 owners can get these 5 wallpapers will certainly arrive “soon,” more than likely through the
DroidLanding Twitter account. At this time, us aren’t certain if they will all it is in made accessible to present Turbo 2 owners or if this will only be a special choice through new orders in Moto Maker. The image below makes that sounds favor this might be a Moto an equipment deal, despite wallpapers aren’t at this time a part of the Turbo 2’s customization experience.

We’ll upgrade this as we have more, yet for now, it is in on the lookout for
DroidLanding come go energetic again.


CONTINUED UPDATE: Verizon likewise announced the following Star Wars-related promotions, which include ways for you (the fan) to watch Star Wars: The force Awakens end its opened weekend.

Verizon gift Livestream native Star Wars: The pressure Awakens Premiere Red Carpet

On Monday, 12/14, Verizon presents the main livestream from the red carpet in ~ the world premiere that the film and also gives its customers an exclusive possibility to acquire their questions answered through the all-star cast.The livestream will certainly be organized at StarWars.com starting at 8:30 pm ET.Verizon customers have the right to submit concerns for cast members via Twitter utilizing #TheForceAwakens and tagging
Verizon. Ours red carpet correspondents will pick select questions and also ask them of the stars as they make their method down the carpet.

Verizon gives Away 12,000+ opening Weekend ticket  

Verizon customers can go into for a opportunity to win one of 12,000 opening-weekend tickets to the most anticipated movie of the year by participating in “Theory Wars” in ~ TheoryWars.com. The tongue-in-cheek movie concept generator is a fun way to obtain in ~ above the action and re-publishing theories with their girlfriend on social media.

Create your own Star wars edition the DROID Turbo 2 by Motorola

Available tomorrow, Verizon will enable fans to develop their own DROID Turbo 2 Star battles edition by using the Moto maker customization tool —in-store or online. Moto an equipment now uses custom shade palates and also backs based on the Poe Dameron, Rey, BB-8, a an initial Order Storm Trooper and also Kylo Ren characters. To customize the phones also further, Star battles character background is obtainable from an exclusive Google beat app.

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Here are images of the special edition models.