The actress opens up ~ above the red carpet about escaping snowy NYC and also her stunning Monique Lhuillier gown



Not even new York City’s impending weather might keep drew Barrymore from slipping into Monique Lhuillier because that the the 74th annual golden Globe Awards.

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The actress stepped the end in a silver and also white sequined cape sleeve sheath gown by the designer, paired through Harry Winston jewels. Barrymore lugged a Jimmy Choo bag and wore Stuart Weitzman. She wore she hair in loosened waves v a dramatic smokey eye.

“I was in brand-new York in the snowstorm critical night since I want to maximize my time v my children, and I was literally going like, pond biting, ‘I have actually a project to do!’ ” Barrymore, 41, called E!’s Live indigenous the Red Carpet. “But I chose to it is in a parent an initial and I type of obtained – the priorities paid off.”

She added, “My karma – we gained on the plane and JetBlue gained me best here and also it was all good. I was playing through my kids all day!”

Earlier, Barrymore mutual a snap that herself acquiring ready – both pre- and also post-face mask application.

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“I love it,” she claimed of gift on the red carpet. “It’s the first awards show, it kicks off the season, are having actually a good time. It’s a party. There’s an energy around this night that’s various than any kind of other and also I love gift here.”

Lee Harris, Barrymore’s stylist, speak of her look, “We to be both drawn to what we observed as a vintage art deco high quality in the gown, and also the one-of-a-kind detailing the the bare shoulder and also pleated sleeve.”

Harris adds, “The ceiling shoulder to be something we thought was nice unique, however after city hall the telecast I watch that numerous other developers had the exact same idea – the bare shoulder was definitely the trend of the evening.”

The idea to load up Barrymore’s hand with tons of bother Winston jewels, was her own, Harris says. “In the end, attracted wore an incredible variety of seven exquisite diamond rings and also the most incredible pair of perfect diamond earrings.”

Hosted by Jimmy Fallon, the 2017 golden Globes will certainly air live top top NBC indigenous the Beverly Hilton Hotel’s grand Ballroom ~ above Jan. 8 in ~ 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT.

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