Well, technically it’s the Drake and Future Show, title the Summer 16 Tour. Yet the power Drake provided to the group revealed he can never it is in drained no one stopped. The 2 rappers hit up the 303 ~ above Saturday night, October 1, 2016 (don’t worry; castle play again tonight) at the Pepsi Center. Openers Roy Woods, DVSN and also DJ T-Jizzle acquired the crowd revved prior to the stars the the night. Too lot beer had currently begun to flow, civilization had currently gotten kicked out and also contoured and corseted girls paced anxiously back and forth; once would Drake come out?

Around 10 p.m., the Toronto rapper made his fire-works blasting appearance through the song “Summer Sixteen.” Jumping all around the stage, exhibiting his signature dance moves, spitting his memorable lyrics, the made feeling why this man have the right to hold so much swagger and also confidence; the civilization just love him.

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“I’ve been waiting on this display for real; Imma let you recognize we’re comes to one end and we got a gambling going on backstage on who is gonna be the craziest crowd with craziest people. I’m gonna allow you know my money wasn’t ~ above Toronto or brand-new York City or also L.A. Mine money is right below in this motherfucker.”

2. Medley that Drake Hits

This tour was created to promote his new album Views, but Drake knew the crowd would desire more from his discography. In Drake fashion, he told united state “we deserved the best show,” and proceeded to give us cut-up tracks from Thank Me Later, take Care, If You’re reading This then You’re too Late and more. Before the show, i wondered if few of my favorites would be played, or merely skipped over due to length the time. It was a cool idea to spit out the above verses everyone knew, then jump to the next, rather than devoting a totality four-five minute of the set to an older, albeit loved, song. Some significant oldies but goodies were “HYFR,” “Up all Night” and also “Headlines.”

3. The Show-Stopping Effects

From pink glowing balloons come explosions of fireworks, this male showed us what’s increase in the world of phase technology. In ~ one point, he declared it to be his responsibility as a male to watch the crowd and he hopped into a cage come float about the Pepsi Center. Singing “Hold On, We’re walking Home,” he literally had his eye on united state as the glided throughout the arena.

While he dressed simply, his world was lit up roughly him; his screens featured graphic of oceans and abstract lights and he pranced indigenous one lifted crate to an additional as if he wanted to tower over the crowd.


5. Fire, Fire and much more Fire

Future’s collection leads me right into the next show stoping Drake moment: his pyrotechnics. Balls of fire shot up from the phase to punctuate different verses of well known songs. An instance was as soon as “Know Yourself” came barreling through, and the line “I was running through the six with mine woes” led to an explode of light and fire, acquisition the group deeper right into their grew energy.

6. Money Talk

Drake has actually a many money. And also he isn’t shy to talk about it. If you’re a fan, you get this, together a the majority of his verses exude confidence and also bragging rights. “We are forty-one minutes over curfew, probably price a thousand to 5 thousand every minute, yet Imma store it rolling for you,” that exclaimed to the crowd, and also then the haunting tune of “Pop Style” drifted in. Coincidence? Maybe. Enjoyed? Definitely. A soulful crooner, he owned the stage and also his presence.


9. The Jokes

Drake is sometimes well-known for sappy, lovey-dovey ballads, and also his key player would melt these moments right into a melody of ivories top top stage. But Drake knew the crowd wanted dirty beats, and also threw out part jokes between him and also his musicians. “How much keys you gonna play, stop… you’re turning shit right into Justin Bieber acoustic shit, this is the Drake show. Let’s provide them that,” and he would then stampede into the next heart-pounding, ass-shaking song.

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10. Love for the Crowd

Kicking off v “Started indigenous the Bottom” and also ending v “Legend,” Drake masterfully strode us through his discography, all the while connecting with fans and spotlighting those in the crowd. It to be clear this to be a night no Drake pan or music lover would forget. Whether he common the sentiments with every crowd and stop he’s to be on or not, the was clearly grateful for the love thrown earlier to the in the 303.

Check out the collection of night one through photos by Sina Ghozati and also night 2 by glen Ross. 

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