- clean in 30 days or less- Get village to level 4- loss the Dragon King without wearing Legendary gear (Light Armor & Hero Shield)​ leave the equipment at the Warehouse.- supply Green Memories come the metal King Slime search for the Slimes in every land and get the Slimes\" Heart that Wilderness <荒野のこころ>. Pink flower: Drackies\" fall Orange flower: She-slimes\" drop White flower: anywhere Craft the Green Memories <緑のおもいで>, go to the Dragonlord Land and hand the eco-friendly Memories come the King Slime.- get the Sword that Destruction it is situated inside Radatoomu\"s shelter (X on the map)

Go South, talk through Mutsuheta <ムツヘタ> and follow him.

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Note: Mutsuheta can heal you. You have the right to save making use of the tart flags.
Mutsuheta 1Craft Holy Water <せいすい>Craft a Bucket (Huge horns <巨大なツノ> are situated NE), walk to A and also get water near the fountain to gain Clean water <きれいな水> rather of normal water.Now go to B​, discover a corpse andbreak the blocks blocking the cave\"s enntrance gate in front of it. Get inside, look because that the Magic Workstation <シャナク魔法台> and take it v you. (I\"ll go back to this cavern later)​You should craft a lot of of holy Water btw.
Mutsuheta 3Monster Invasion:- 3 Skeletons​After the fight you\"ll obtain the Blue Portal.After sleeping and also talking through the princess you deserve to use the portal.

Your next objective is gaining the Flag of Hope, yet you may want to equip properly before doing so.Go south to get to the castle, below you have actually a Stone Workbench and SW you can find a Cooking Fire defended by 2 skeletons and a Wizard.Remember you have the right to use divine Water to purify the land, which will make feasible to discover trees, flowers, ivy, bushes etc...To gain Iron/Coal/Silver, uncover red floored areas with a item of floor in the middle of it. Purify the to get the materials.You can obtain Mushrooms SW.Once you\"re effectively geared and also have developed a big Warehouse, you shold return to B and get everything in there:3 Rags, 20 sticks, 5 oinments, a Seed of Life, 2 Fire breath Statues, 10 Blue Oil and a Golden Ring.There room 2 hidden rooms behind walls. From the entrance, revolve left twice, one will be on the left and the various other one in prior of you.The Dragon (Easily beat by Fire breath Statues) drops another Seed the Life.You can additionally go come the Radatoomu Shelter <ラダトームひなんじょ> (X ~ above the map) wherein you deserve to find:Satisfaction Ring <かいしんのゆびわ>, knife of destruction <はかいのつるぎ>, Shinigami Shield <しにがみのたて> and Demonic Armor <あくまのよろい>DO no equip the Armor, Shield or Sword, they space Cursed and will stop you from using any type of other gear until they rest or get ruined using Shanaku medicine <シャナクの薬>You can gain Keys from big Skeletons. There space 2 covert paths behind a black wall and a craked wall.​Once you\"re ready, go to C, loss a Troll, 2 Wizards and also 8 huge Skeletons, and also get back your Flag the Hope.In the catsle you deserve to get:10 steel Ingots, a Bench, 10 Leather, 2 Fire breath Statues, 5 Ointments and the Greaves that Steel <はがねのグリーブ> (Half fall damage)(You can conveniently defeat the Troll utilizing Fire breath Statues and you might want to acquire the Entrance Door)
After the Flag has been placed, the princess <姫>, Mutsuheta and also Rasutan <ラスタン> will certainly arrive come the castle.The princess will give you a Ring of Power.
Princess 1Build the Throne room using the Blueprint.Before building, be mindful that all of the the castle\"s floor is all set so that when purified, you can use the pink block set to ar all the floor correctly.The Crimson Cloths <ととのえた布> are dropped by Magicians (South)Gold can be uncovered in caves NW.
Rasutan 1Build a Storage Room. It requirements a big Warehouse, a warehouse chest, 3 Treasue Chest (Red ones) and 2 Tapestries <たぺすとり>.
Mutsuheta 3Monster Invasion:Phase 1:- 8 Blood Hands- 2 WizardsPhase 2:- 2 KnightsOnce the fight ends, you\"ll obtain the Red Portal.

Red Portal

Disclaimer:​Maps fromdragonquest-builders.com
Princess 2​Save 3 people. (Next 3 Quests)
Rasutan 2Go come D and talk through Eru.You must ruin all the adjacent Monster holes. Once that\"s done, a Giant Crab will certainly appear.You can quickly defeat it using fire breath Statues.
Mutsuheta 4Craft a bomb and go to E.Use the bomb to ruin the black color block and also talk through Rorondo. A King Slime will certainly appear.After defeating him, talk through the Slime in former of Rorondo.
Ooren 1Go come F and also talk v Ameruda. Making use of the cannon, loss all the enemies, after ~ that, talk with her, enter the building ahead and also defeat the skeletons and the mimic.
Rorondo 1​Craft the Armor that Light <ひかりのよろい>You can obtain Blue Metal and Orichalcum within the Red Portal\"s caves. Usage Bombs to obtain them.
Ooren 2Build the Princess Bedroom. It needs a Woman\"s sign, a Queen\"s Bed, a Red Chair, Flowers and also a wall Chandelier.
Mutsuheta 6Craft anUltimate key <さいごのかぎ>The Golden Souls <マネマネ金属> room dropped by Trolls.Go to G and use the an essential to enter the building, Sekaino Hanbun <セカイノ ハンブン>.Fight the Dark Warrior <やみのせんし>, when his short health, he\"ll end up being invincible and will operation away metal Slime-style.Open the chest to gain the Crystal of miracle Power <魔力の結晶>
Princess 3Build an Altar room utilizing the Blueprint, then use holy Shrine <聖なるほこら>to craft the Rainbow Drop <虹のしずく>
Princess 4Monster Invasion:Phase 1:- 4 Knights- 2 Cosmic ChimaerasPhase 2:- 2 Knights- 2 Cosmic Chimaeras- Giant
Princess 5Monster Invasion:Phase 1:- 4 Knights- 2 WizardsPhase 2:- 2 Knights- 2 Wizards- Red Dragon

Dragonlord Land

Disclaimer:​Maps fromdragonquest-builders.com
Go talk through the Princess.​Now you have the right to use the Rainbow Drop to take trip to Dragonlord Land.Now friend can finish the Green memories Quest.First the all, you\"ll require 2 white flowers, 2 pink flowers and also 2 orange flowers.You can obtain the seeds from She-Slimes (Orange) and also Drackies (Pink)Go uncover the Slime in every land (Marked top top map) and give them the flower to gain the Heart the Wilderness<荒野のこころ>. As soon as all room gathered, handmade the Green Memories <緑のおもいで> and hand them the end to the King Slime.
Before heading to fight Dragonlord, be aware that one challenge consists in fighting him without the Armor that Light no one the Hero Shield.Champion Sword is fine, in reality it is highly recommended or the battle will come to be near impossible.Since you won\"t be able to save your game, it might be a good idea come equip the cursed gear native the Radatoomu Shelter.When you\"re ready, head to the castle. As soon as you arrive to the throne room you must break some blocks behind the throne to find the mystery path.
Final Boss: DragonlordDestroy his duplicates until his barrier is dispelled, you\"ll be able to hit that then.After the battle, he\"ll ask you come join forces again,ANSWER NO <いいえ> or you\"ll obtain a Game Over.

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When battling his Dragon Form, the Villagers will certainly appear and also give girlfriend items. If you have either the Armor the Light, the Hero Shield or the Champion Sword, be mindful that you deserve to equip them, noþeles else will certainly be gone.He has actually the following mechanics:- Bite: use a Merukido Shield to defend you and then assault him.- Short Charge: dodge the breath attack.- Long charge: construct a stair to gain at least 6 blocks high to avoid his breath attack.​He has actually some various other irrelevant attacks and also will summon some enemies, but there\"s nothing special about it.​Once the fight ends, communicate with the dark ball and also use the light ball.Back in ~ the castle, talk through everyone once and then speak through the Princess.