Dragon Age: Inquisition"s "What Pride had Wrought" is a long quest with plenty of puzzles. Here"s our finish guide.

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Dragon period Inquisition separation Image - What Pride had actually Wrought (Sentinels ~ above left, fine of Sorrows in centre, Morrigan ~ above right)

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Dragon Age: Inquisition is a long video game with long main quests. They'll take you one hour or two each come complete, and also that's only expanded if you have to sit roughly solving dumb puzzles or figuring out wherein to go next. Not in the mood for Inquisition's mind games today? We've obtained you covered. This guide tells you everything you need to recognize to complete the quest "What Pride has Wrought" in a snap.

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obtaining The Quest

Location: Arbor Wilds Level(s): 16-19

This is the key story pursuit that is unlocked once you've finished the pursuits you'll get right after showing up at Skyhold: "Here Lies The Abyss" and "Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts."

come activate it, go come the war Table and also spend 40 Power on the Operation.

Note: The quests "Before The Dawn" and "Under she Skin," and also the war Table operation "Sutherland and agency Missing," will certainly all come to be unavailable ~ this quest is completed. End up them very first if you intend to.

Dragon period Inquisition - Arbor Wilds Inquisition Camp in forest
You'll start the pursuit in an Inquisition Camp in the forest. Morrigan will fight alongside you, in enhancement to her party members.

everyone you put on the Orlesian throne throughout "Wicked Eyes and also Wicked Hearts" will be present, speaking through Josephine. You have the right to chat v them before leaving along the eastern road to with the 2nd camp. Keep an eye the end for loot follow me the way.

Note: at this second camp, there's a soldier praying. If you talk to him and also select the dialogue option "finish the verse," you'll earn Influence and also XP. The other options don't price anything.

Walking through The Wilderness

Dragon period Inquisition - Red Templar Camp in forest
Tip: any kind of time you interact with Inquisition soldiers or various other friendly allies, think about having her party's mage cast obstacle on them. They'll critical longer against your opponents and be much more helpful.

once you're done at that 2nd camp, go north through your battlements and then into the tunnel. As you leaving it, turn right and support your allies who room fighting off Corypheus' lackeys. Next, go under the adjacent hill and approach the lake. You'll need to resolve another couple of opponents, consisting of some Grey Wardens who are still under Corypheus' influence. Save an eye out for archers. currently you'll keep pushing forward northwest, adhering to the river. You'll go down an additional hill and come throughout another battle - this time your allies are Inquisition soldiers. you won't have the ability to follow the flow forever - once you reach the suggest that girlfriend can't progression further, walk right and head increase the path. You need to reach a forward camp complete of Red Templars or Venatori. In this battle, keep an eye out for archers come your best on a stone platform and for the Sentinel Elves that will assault under stealth. once this area has been sufficiently claimed and also looted, look because that a course going north. When you pass through the trees, go right and also head come the riverbed to assist out more of your soldiers fighting off Corypheus' men. This time you want to overcome the river (look out for the stepping stones) fairly than monitor it. The course will continue on past some damages before turning left and also heading in the direction of some wrong archways. You'll come across some allies here - the Templars or the Mages, whoever you recruited - fighting several Behemoths. They, unsurprisingly, might use part help.

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after ~ that, go south until you encounter a barricade. There's a tunnel on your left leading come an foe camp you'll need to take. Again, there's an excellent loot here, therefore look around. turn around and also go ago up the hill next, however don't go earlier to those crumbling archways - turn right, instead, where you'll conference Inquisition soldiers warding off a Sentinel Elf Shadow. Assist them out. Continue along the right-hand route (you'll know you're top top the ideal track due to the fact that you go v archways v statues the Halla ~ above them). Sentinels, her soldiers, and Corypheus' guys will be fighting when you reach the end. Once you've helped your men, continue on the course you to be following. You'll reach a clearing where Leliana is leading a group of archers. aid her and also head north. If you want a tiny guidance, talking to Leliana will earn you some directions. when you leaving the clearing, you'll spy a single Inquisition soldier that requirements help. After that, just push forward till you reach the river. Monitor it right come head in the direction of the front line. as soon as you spy a crumbling wall surface in former of you, pass v it and also find the holy place Gates. Here, you'll watch Cullen and his soldiers. When you've helped them, go north. You'll go with an old archway v two wolf statues on either next of it prior to arriving at the Temple.

Dragon period Inquisition - holy place of Mythal Exterior with huge waterfall and also trees
when you with this point, you'll earn a cutscene in i beg your pardon Corypheus and his sublievenant (Samson if the Templars were left to your fate, Calpernia if you exit the mages) get in the temple. Corypheus seems to die, but a couple of moments later will take end the human body of one of his Grey Warden and warp it earlier into his typical form. You and also your party room chased by Corypheus' dragon and also are forced to take shelter in the temple.

Dragon period Inquisition - Fen
The very first room is huge and overgrown. There's not much to booty here, yet there is a codex entry to obtain by communicating with a statue that Fen'Harel. When you're ready, study the door nearby. To open it, you'll require to complete an "elven ritual."

over there are number of of these throughout the temple, but this first one is quite simple. There space tiles on the altar in prior of the door the light up once you stand on them. To finish the ritual, simply activate every the tiles by go on lock - keep in mind that any type of time you step on a brick twice, it'll deactivate (stop glowing), so your course over the tiles can't show off any turning around.

The room Of Shrines

once you go v the door, you'll get one more cutscene through Corypheus' lieutenant. Lock order more of their soldiers to assault you and also jump into a large hole in the ground come escape. Once you loss all their men, you'll have a decision to make. The hole in the soil is, effectively, a faster way to the deepest component of the Temple. Usually, you'd obtain there by perfect a collection of Elven puzzles come prove yourself. You deserve to either run or complete the puzzles.

Note: If you desire to recognize the consequences of this decision, check out ahead to the section entitled "Petitioner's Chamber."

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If You select To complete The Elven Rituals

there are 3 puzzles to solve: one in the northeast, one in the east, and also one in the west. Technically, they're precisely the exact same as the an initial one you've already done. However, they're much larger and an ext complicated.

Note: just your procedures are counted in the direction of the ritual; your companions will not mess things up by walking beside you. However, it can be a small distracting to have them around, so just order them come wait because that you if you need to.

Depicted above is the systems to the puzzle in the northeast. It's the simplest and also smallest of the three.

Finally, there's the eastern puzzle. It's a tiny different for 2 reasons. First, you'll need to go come the center of the puzzle very first and then purposely step top top a dorn tile and restart it. Second, there's a lever you'll need to take into account that opens up certain sections of the puzzle. If you monitor this path, though, friend shouldn't have actually trouble.

Once all three have actually been solved, you have the right to return to the key hall. The door come the south will be open up for girlfriend to go into the Petitioner's Chamber.

If You select To Jump

Note: There's a means to negate the negative consequences of complying with the lieutenant. Simply complete every one of the rituals prior to you jump down. This way, you can explore the extra area under the holy place while still gaining to make a crucial alliance later on in the quest.

The brand-new area you go into after jumping is referred to as The ancient Crypts. The very first room you'll enter has a large fire lit in the center. Turn east to leaving the room and also enter a wrong corridor through a spirit obstacle at the end. Instead of going with the barrier, look follow me the southern wall surface for an archway. with it is a door. ~ going with that door, you'll get in a big open room v two hallways and also a most water in between.

Turn instantly right and also go through another door. There's a hallway through a brazier complete of Veilfire in ~ the end. At the really end that this hallway is a tiny nook that, ~ above scanning, has a lever in it. Pull that and also then leave, taking some Veilfire ~ above your means past it. The lever has raised some of the grates that appeared in the an initial room (the one with the fire lit in the center) and given you accessibility to some basic loot.

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when you're done, turn around and also return come the big room through the pool of water. walk as much as you can east in this room. You'll pass the spirit obstacle you witnessed earlier, and also find another spirit barrier at the end. Destroying that 2nd spirit obstacle at the far eastern gives you accessibility to a north room friend can't get in otherwise, through some straightforward loot.

whenever you're ready, cross over the swimming pool of water, top south. To your ideal is a feet in the wall, and straight front is a locked door. You'll obtain where you have to be by acquisition either path, but going v the locked door (and a 2nd locked door after that) simply offers you accessibility to extra loot. There are a couple of more grates in this following area that have the right to be opened, the same means they were last time.

The bar you're looking for is right alongside the pool of water - strategy the end of the hallway, with the water directly to her right, and scan to i found it it. when you've looted her heart out, get in the southern rooms and then walk north - there's a small pool of water in prior of a set of staircases that lead to the Petitioner's Chamber.

Upon showing up at the Petitioner's Chamber, you'll go into a cutscene through an elven guy named Abelas. He appears to be leading the elven Sentinels who room guarding the Temple. You'll obtain a possibility to talk with him because that a tiny while however his approval of friend is straight related to even if it is or no you completed the elven rituals.

There space three means this encounter can end: Whichever option occurs, Abelas ends the conversation by saying the he would certainly rather damage the well of Sorrows than watch it "despoiled." Morrigan is outraged and also she turns into a bird to paris after him as soon as he leaves.

This alternative is an extremely easy - an elven Sentinel leads you v the rest of the Temple. On your walk, you will certainly pass Sentinels fighting Corypheus' men. You deserve to ignore them and there will be no negative consequences, but helping them out will provide a the majority of items and also gold. In enhancement to all the lootable containers you'll pass together you walk v the Temple, you'll additionally come across a number of codex entries. Plus, save an eye out for surprise doors v even much more items to find, consisting of the rarely weapon, "Longbow the the Griffon."

When her guide at some point stops, leave the room by the eastern exit, press through a few enemies, and also then continue out to the fine of Sorrows.

If The Sentinels strike You

start by dealing with the elves in the chamber that Abelas left friend in, climate use the door on the left come proceed.

There will be a Sentinel and also four the Corypheus' lackeys in this room. Once they're dead, proceed through the only other door.

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In the next room, you'll need to scan the walls for a switch that opens up a corridor you can proceed down. You'll enter a room v two Sentinel Elf Shadows and more of Coryhpheus' soldiers. Again, there's just one door to walk through. Take it it and head up the stairs. You'll fight a couple of opponents, then go through the door to the north.

Fight your method into the far eastern room, here, and then usage your scan again to find a wall surface lever the brings under a door to the south. You'll want to progress west and continue along the reasonably clear path until you head upstairs. Then go southern to with the well of Sorrows.

Your ceo fight against Corypheus' sublieutenant - either Samson or Calpernia - is up next, since they're blocking friend from getting to the Well.

Note: perfect the pursuit "Before the Dawn" (if friend sided v the mages) or "Under she Skin" (if you sided v the Templars) has actually an effect on the challenge of this fight.

Facing Calpernia

If you perfect the pursuit "Under she Skin," you learned around how Corypheus is planning on making use of Calpernia - you'll have accessibility to distinctive dialogue alternatives during the cutscene prior to the fight. Selecting these will enable you to stop combat every together; you'll expose Corypheus, explaining the he's walk to usage magic to tie her, together he walk to her old master, Erasthenes. Calpernia asks for proof, and also the Inquisitor can show her the scroll v the ritual on it. She becomes furious and leaves to seek out Erasthenes.

However, if you didn't complete the quest, or just determined not to disclose what girlfriend know, you'll need to fight her. She mostly attacks with fire spells, though she likewise brings other mages and also demons to her aid. Once her health and wellness is low enough, a cutscene is motivated in i beg your pardon she refuses to dice by the Inquisitor's hand. She takes her own life by throw herself off a cliff.

Facing Samson

The quest "Before The Dawn" has actually you discovering a method to "unmake" the red-lyrium armor the Samson is wearing. If you completed it, you're given an choice to usage a rune to destroy the armor, making that much simpler to handle in the upcoming fight.

Unlike Calpernia, there's no way to gain out the the combat. He fights v his enormous greatsword referred to as "Certainty." once you loss Samson, he's left alive and also is taken prisoner by Inquisition soldiers so the he can face judgment in Skyhold.

as soon as you finally approach the fine of Sorrows, Abelas is trying to destroy it however is quit by Morrigan. Morrigan insists that you need the strength of the well in order come take down Corypheus, if Abelas argues that it have to not be used in this way. The two possible endings room determined based on whether girlfriend allied v the Sentinels or not:

Drinking from The fine Of Sorrows

The final selection of the quest is come decide who will drink from the Well. Morrigan suggests that it need to be her because she has actually spent years studying elven lore and also is the finest equipped to know it. If the Inquisitor is an elf, they can argue v these claims.

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You can ask any mage you've lugged along if they'd prefer to drink but, ultimately, it's a selection between Morrigan and the Inquisitor. Once someone has drunk native the Well, Corypheus will attack and your party will flee, finishing the quest.

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If girlfriend performed the rituals, Abelas provides you one alliance. You deserve to accept it, and the Sentinels will certainly peacefully walk you v the Temple. If girlfriend performed the rituals, Abelas supplies you an alliance. Friend can decline it, and the Sentinels will certainly attack. If friend did not do the rituals, the Sentinels will attack. If friend allied with the Sentinels: Abelas can be speak down and also you have the right to use the Well with his (begrudging) permission. If friend didn't ally v the Sentinels: Abelas will certainly not earlier down. Morrigan kills him. 4,000 Influence 5 Power battle Table procedure "Research the well of Sorrows" is unlocked battle Table procedure "Bring Samson come Skyhold for Judgment" is unlocked (if the player sided through the mages) either The Inquisitor or Morrigan will obtain the expertise from the fine of Sorrows If The Inquisitor drank from the fine of Sorrows, details codex entries consisting of Elven message will it is in translated and become readable The next key quest, "The final Piece," is unlocked NEXT: Cassandra vs. Leliana: that Is The much better Divine