Dr. Maynard Muntzing and Michelle Baker; photo source.All Michelle Baker wanted was to gain married and also start a family. The divorced, 33-year old paramedic thought her dreams had come true when she met Dr. Maynard Muntzing. Likewise divorced, the handsome medical professional seemed equally enamored through Michelle, and the two began a whirlwind courtship.

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When Michelle ended up being pregnant, she to be ecstatic. However soon after ~ that, she started experiencing severe cramping and bleeding. A covert camera inserted by Michelle would ultimately reveal the heartbreaking reason for her mysterious illness.

It began off too good to be true

Michelle and also Maynard’s partnership seemed right out the a modern-day fairytale. In ~ one month that meeting, Maynard moved into Michelle’s house in Huber Heights, Ohio. Maynard currently had two children from a ahead relationship. Still, he appeared genuinely overjoyed once Michelle called him that she was pregnant through his child.

In one over-the-top romantic gesture, Maynard whisked Michelle to key West with the promise of a sunset beach wedding. Yet the marital relationship never happened. At the critical minute, Maynard obtained cold feet and also asked Michelle come postpone their nuptials.



The happy couple eloped ~ Michelle ended up being pregnant; photo source.

It was also during that pilgrimage that Michelle an initial began feeling sick. After ~ dinner one night, she started experiencing heavy cramping and light quality bleeding. Understandably, Michelle was terrified about losing she baby. Also though her doctor fiancé assured she she would certainly be fine, Michelle determined to gain a 2nd opinion once she reverted home. Michelle breathed a huge sigh that relief when her medical professional reaffirmed that all to be OK v the fetus.

Michelle’s unborn child may have actually been unharmed, yet Michelle was still ruined that Maynard had delayed their wedding. Maynard defined that he had actually wanted his family to have the ability to attend. Michelle want desperately to do this connection work, and she reluctantly accepted this flimsy excuse.

Meanwhile, Michelle continued to have actually a an overwhelming pregnancy v the now-familiar cramping and also bleeding v no noticeable medical explanation.

The first crack in the relationship

Maynard ultimately admitted to Michelle the real reason because that dragging his heels around marriage: that still had feelings because that his previous girlfriend, Tammy Erwin. In spite of this bombshell, Michelle chose to rod by her fiancé and work ~ above strengthening their relationship.



The various other woman, Tammy Erwin; photo source.

Michelle’s belief in she future husband quickly evaporated one July weekend in 2000. Maynard had actually left city for a fishing pilgrimage with a friend and Michelle continued to be home. While listening come a regional radio station, Michelle taken place to capture Maynard make a track request.

Michelle had a sinking emotion that Maynard had lied come her about his fishing trip, and she had a hunch whereby he really was. She drove come Tammy’s home hoping come be showed wrong. Instead, she fears were evidenced when she captured them together. Michelle automatically broke up through Maynard and also kicked him out of the house.

Maynard charms his way back right into Michelle’s life

Maynard wasted no time do the efforts to win Michelle back. He take it Michelle ~ above a picnic and also begged because that forgiveness. Maynard should have actually been an actor rather of a doctor because his pitiful display of remorse worked, and Michelle take it him back. Prefer clockwork, as quickly as she went back from the picnic, she cramps and also bleeding began, this time her symptoms consisted of vomiting and also severe diarrhea.

Michelle’s sister finally suggested to Michelle the her symptoms seemed to perfect coincide v whenever Maynard to be around.


Michelle’s sister suspected the Maynard was leading to Michelle’s illness; photo source.

Although their partnership was seemingly ago on track, Michelle couldn’t overlook her sister’s logical observation nor can she shake the emotion that Maynard wasn’t totally over his ex-girlfriend. When Maynard said Michelle that was acquisition his youngsters on a weekend trip, Michelle again trusted her gut and drove come Tammy’s house, where she observed Maynard’s car. She saw the pair inside and also managed to eavesdrop on their conversation. What she heard horrified her.

Michelle overheard Tammy questioning Maynard what he was going to do about the baby, come which he responded that it was already taken treatment of. At the point, Michelle knew the she had no an option but to involve the police to store Maynard far from she baby.

Michelle lays a trap for Maynard

If Maynard should have actually been an actor, Michelle should have been a detective. She hid a small camera inside a silk plant and placed the plant to have actually a clear watch of the kitchen counter. She then invited Maynard over because that dinner and asked him to prepare her a drink. She stealthily swapped the end the glass in the bathroom and also saved it for investigators.

During the dinner, Tammy incessantly preserved calling Maynard. Once pressed through Michelle, Maynard dropped an additional bombshell: he and Tammy had married earlier that week.

Whatever sadness and anger Michelle felt about Maynard’s betrayal paled in comparison to her determination to defend her unborn baby. She impatiently waited for their dinner to it is in over and then yielded her drink to the police. A forensic chemist figured out that the drink consisted of Cytotec, a drug used to induce labor yet which can also cause severe damage to a fetus.

Police catch Maynard in the act; photo source.

To certain an airtight case versus Maynard, police mimicked Michelle’s trap and also had Michelle invite Maynard over because that dinner again. An oblivious Maynard poured a vial of Cytotec right into Michelle’s drink. He was surprised when two policemen ambushed him and arrested that on the spot because that attempted murder.

Tragically, Michelle offered birth come a stillborn baby girl named McKayla, shortly before the trial. Remembering she gut-wrenching delivery, she recalled in a little voice, “She was already gone. It was a bad day.”


The coroner can not identify whether McKayla’s death was due to the Cytotec. Challenged with limited options, the prosecutor reduced deals with both Maynard and Tammy to preventive Michelle native a ache trial with Michelle’s blessing. Tammy got probation for her part in pour it until it is full the Cytotec prescription. Maynard was sentenced to five years in jail for attempted felonious assault and stripped that his clinical license.

In hindsight, it appears unbelievable the Michelle can have been that naïve come Maynard’s plot. Yet I find that truly good-hearted people appear naïve since it would never happen to castle to carry out something together evil as poisoning an additional human being. As soon as her sister first implied that Maynard was causing Michelle’s illness, Michelle to be genuinely horrified at the thought.

What disgusts me the many is the Maynard might have gotten precisely what he want without resorting to his noble plan. Michelle told Maynard that he didn’t need to be a part of your child’s life or carry out any support. He knew exactly how badly Michelle want to be a mother, and also he callously stole that from she so he might have a “clean” break.

A ruined Michelle holds her stillborn daughter; photograph source.

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In her interview because that Forensic Files, you can see the lingering grief etched top top Michelle’s confront as she lovingly remembers she daughter. She didn’t get the justice she deserved, however she bring away comfort learning that Maynard will someday answer because that what the did come a greater power. In the meantime, ns hope she access time Maynard whereby it hurts — his financial institution account — v her $3.5 million lawsuit for she miscarriage.


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