You won\"t repeat this because that the rest of the crowd.I recognize they will certainly miss however you\"ll still feeling proud.but you\"ll still feeling proud.Say it\"s gold, say it\"s fine.The secrets out that you\"re mine.Say it\"s gold, to speak it\"s fine.The tricks out that you\"re mine.Yeah.Say it\"s gold, to speak it\"s fine.The keys out that you\"re mine.The television radiates together the clock ticks on and also on and on. It\"s acquiring too late and also it\"s time to move on.It\"s obtaining too late and also it\"s time to relocate on.

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Wish I could Forget You text as composed by Paul Koehler Joshua Bradford

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General Commentan exquisite display of Silversteins pottentially fulfilled talent that portrays the within aggression, sadness, and anger throughout not just this song, however in every Silverstein song ever created. In various other words.....Silverstein=best tape in the world.

General CommentWay to miss the Apostrophe (\") its about the Questionmark (?) and you dont need the transition key

General CommentThis is soooo good. There is so much supressed fury in it that bursts the end now and then. Beautiful
General Comment1st.silverstein= finest band ever, i entirely agreethis song might possibly it is in the ideal one ever by this band.. Cuz when you compare it to all of the band\"s various other songs this one is so simple. However it\"s beautiful in ~ the exact same time...and ns think the concept behind the song is that these civilization are in a relationship and also one is totally committed.. However the other is standoff-ish, and also is in a way.. Almost kind of fear of admitted that they\"re in this relationship, favor they desire to keep it seceret, and also i think its about dealing v that...that\"s exactly how you gain the lyrics like,\" friend won\"t repeat this for the remainder of the crowd\" and the \" the seceret\"s out that you\"re mine\"
General Commenti luv this song..i think the everyone who assumed of a theroy for this tune is right...and i can\"t think of any type of other explination for this song so im just gonna agree v whatevers below goodjob luv the means he sings that it sounds so mellow yet upset sad and also painfully powerful its just grand :D peace
General CommentI love this song, but i don\"t think it is just one of there best... I typical there is so lot emotion come it and so much anger. Yet it is around the just one that i don\"t understand and also that i can\"t realate to, yet thats me :) silverstein = #1
General CommentI love this song, not simply for the emotional lyrics, however for the music. The means it flows; it\"s therefore pretty.\"You won\"t repeat this for the remainder of the crowd / I know they will miss out on / yet you\"ll still feel proud...\"They\"re in a trusting, loving relationship, yet no one else understands. Everyone in \"the remainder of the crowd\" \"misses\" the definition of their love for each other, however \"the crowd\" doesn\"t matter due to the fact that whether it\"s \"gold\" or \"fine\", their love rises over all.
General Comment\"Say it\"s gold, to speak it\"s fine\" is most likely my favorite lyric ever. It has various, far-reaching meanings to each and every individual. I really can\"t wait to get this tattooed.

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