Theresa Caputo, the lengthy Island Medium, gift a controversial one-of-a-kind pegged come the 20th anniversary that the Sept. 11 terror attacks, featuring readings v the survivors of victims. Amongst them: Noelle Borders and her so late mother, now known to the masses as "Dust Lady."TLC
Six years after her mother’s gut-wrenching fatality from 9/11-related stomach cancer, Noelle boundaries now takes comfort in feeling prefer she has a guardian angel close by.

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The 28-year-old Bayonne, NJ resident is one of four household members of world Trade facility terrorist attack victims who received readings indigenous psychic Theresa Caputo as component of her controversial brand-new special, “Long Island Medium: In storage of 9/11,” premiering at 10 p.m. Thursday on TLC and Discovery+.

Caputo, 54, said The short article she aims to connect survivors the Sept. 11 victim — consisting of those that lost family in the Pentagon and in the Shanksville, Pa. Plane crash — with the spiritual realm to market messages of healing 20 years after the attacks.

Of course, the renowned TV personality with the signature blonde bouffant has challenged — and denied — cases that she’s a “fake” because that years now, yet when news of Caputo’s polarizing new TV venture damaged in mid-August, social media watchdogs predicted significant backlash. Part critics claimed it “utterly shameful,” going for this reason far as to suggest it’s blatant exploitation.

However, boundaries — who had actually never checked out a tool —actually contacted the network seeking out a sit-down v Caputo, in wishes of finding part semblance of peace and also closure. She called The short article the reading was just what she needed.

Noelle Borders, who lost a parent to Sept. 11-related cancer, shows up in the “Long Island Medium: In memory of 9/11” special. Her late mother, Marcy, is now forever known as the “Dust Lady.” Caputo, who does readings in the special in the shadows that each strike site, says Sept. 11 was a turning point for she to embrace her “gift” and also become a medium. To those that accuse her of exploiting household members: “Trust me, what I execute is certain crazy,” she told The Post.TLC

“Even as sensitive together this distinct is, i feel every reading I execute is sensitive and special.”

“Long Island Medium” Theresa Caputo, responding to The Post about accusations of exploitation.

“Just learning that never ever left me, she’s always with me, that just offered me peace,” Borders, that works together an elementary institution teacher, said of she takeaway native the experience. “To know that she’s happy and back to her continuous self just put me in ~ ease.”

Her mother, the then-28-year-old Bayonne resident Marcy Borders, functioned for bank of America in the north Tower of the civilization Trade facility — and, on Sept. 11, escaped native the 81st floor v a storm that smoke and dust chasing after ~ her. In enhancement to she story the survival the day, the elder Borders, who passed away at period 42 in 2015 from her illness, was seared into the an international consciousness via a widely circulated Agence France-Presse image. It reflects her totally covered in ash, other than for two wiped-away areas about her eyes, which resulted in her enduring “Dust Lady” moniker.

Marcy boundaries fled her people Trade center office top top Sept. 11 — and also a cloud of dust chased she on the way out. A photographer that day snap this photo of her, which offered her the “Dust Lady” nickname.AFP via Getty Images

Though she didn’t perish in the attacks, Marcy boundaries lived with the trauma for an ext than a te — battling depression, as well as drug and also alcohol abuse. She later overcame her battles by beginning rehab, detect God and also learning that the death of Sept. 11 mastermind Osama bin Laden.

“The treatment got me sober, but bin Laden being killed was a bonus,” Marcy called The post in 2011. “I supplied to shed sleep over him, have bad dreams around bin Laden bombing my house, yet now I have peace that mind.”

And, according to she daughter, she quiet does.

Marcy Borders, who passed away of cancer in 2015, lived v the emotional results of Sept. 11 for 10 year before transforming her life around. Corbis via Getty Images

“It felt prefer closure, simply making certain that my loved one was okay,” said borders of she reading.

Caputo to be at residence in Hicksville on the work of the terror attacks, and watched the occasions unfold top top television. She told The write-up she didn’t lose anyone the day, but the then-34-year-old — who 6 years earlier had discovered her “gift,” as she calls that — used Sept. 11 as her own turning point: to end up being a medium.


“People didn’t recognize what taken place to their loved persons — they weren’t able to recuperate their physics bodies, they wanted to understand if they were afraid, if lock knew what to be happening,” Caputo called The Post. “To have the ability to give the peace and also closure, and also knowing the their love ones’ souls room at peace was just such one honor. And you realize 20 years later, civilization absolutely tho struggle.”

Beyond every little thing sense that soulful resolution she can offer, Caputo stated witnessing the merged strength of these 9/11 survivors resonated.

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“These family members members need to relive their loved ones’ passing minute by moment, minute by minute, hour through hour, and it’s virtually like, exactly how does someone cure from that?” Caputo added. “Reliving it and going with it action by action — and to check out the strength and also resilience indigenous the civilization that I read was just incredible.”

However, not everyone is pleased v Caputo’s approach. After ~ TLC — i beg your pardon approached her to execute the unique — released a preview in August and also posted the clip on on its Instagram feed, specific users slammed the premise.

“Once again exploiting these bad desperate family members lying to them into making them believe she can speak come the dead like COME top top PEOPLE!” comment one seething critic, adding, “omgggg this renders me noble to my stomach.”

Caputo access time the Shanksville, Pa., crash site with family members members. “Think about it: ~ 20 years, the someone still needed or want to have actually that tranquility or is searching for something the they couldn’t discover over the past two decades from the lose of your loved one, they obtained that day,” she said The Post.Magilla Entertainment

Asked to discuss critics who concern her motives, Caputo called The short article she provides each heart validate their identification by sharing details that’s distinctive to the human being she’s analysis (for the younger Borders, the was her mother learning her future fiancé prior to Borders herself had actually met him), and included she’s the very first one to say, “Trust me, what I carry out is certain crazy.”

“Even as sensitive together this one-of-a-kind is, i feel every reading I perform is sensitive and also special,” Caputo added. “But think about it: after ~ 20 years, that someone still needed or wanted to have actually that peace or is trying to find something that they couldn’t find over the past two decades from the lose of your loved one, they obtained that day.”

Marcy boundaries in 2011 with her then 3-year-old child Zay-den at their apartment in Newark, NJ. The elder boundaries died in ~ 42 in 2015 from stomach cancer linked to chemistry she to be exposed come on 9/11.Coleman-Rayner