I have a firm phone. Since it's unlimited, I usage it for personal use also (I'm allowed). I sometimes use textnow to do phone calls ns don't want my employer discovering about. Verizon called me they would certainly not show up on the contact logs that comes through the bill (I can see the calls on mine phone's call logs but that's not what I'm talk about) since they usage data, but a girlfriend told me castle still have the right to see those phone calls ~ above the logs that comes v the bill. I can't check out my own logs since I can't log in because I'm not an admin. Deserve to someone perform me a huge favor and also test out making a call and text ~ above textnow on their Verizon phone and also see if it come up on their contact logs online?

I would really evaluate it. Thanks


No it won't show up together a speak to it will show up as a data transfer, at least thats what verified up top top mine

silentmotion19 has it right.

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Called end things like Skype, WhatsApp, etc. Room data based, and effectively look prefer you streaming YouTube or something follow me those lines.

They don’t display as call calls due to the fact that they space not. They are effectively audio only video calls.

Thank you. That's precisely what i thought however my friend stated that when she make calls on the app they showed up top top her speak to log virtual account. I don't know if she's bull shitting me. That's why I wanted someone to test it the end on their phone and account for sure and also let me know.

As lengthy as the contact uses data to terminate the call, it will certainly not show up.

One way to check it is making a speak to with the said app over a WiFi network while plane mode is enabled. (Yes, you can. Enable plane mode before allowing & connecting come a WiFi network) With airplane mode enabled, her phone's radio is disabled, thus the network couldn't detect her phone and also usage.

When I carry out that on aircraft mode. The contact goes on yet the caller loser my audio. Deserve to you check it out on your phone with the app and also see if it come up top top your online account contact log to be sure?

It's difficult for the carrier to know about any calls not made v the phones very own phone app.

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