Hand sanitizers perform NOT “stain” clothes. However, their ingredients can cause damage to particular fabrics. 

When hand sanitizers come into contact with certain fabrics, they cause bleaching spots, removing your color.

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 Often, this bleaching spots are incorrectly labeled as stains.

The form of hand sanitizer you use plays a critical role in even if it is you stain her clothes.

Your clothing get “stained” by the ingredients in her hand sanitizer. By knowing its composition, friend will be able to choose a product that will certainly not stain her clothes.

For her understanding, here are the two species of sanitizers easily accessible along v their composition. 

Alcohol-based sanitizerAlcohol-free sanitizer

Irrespective of even if it is you are using one alcohol-based or alcohol-free sanitizer, castle can reason some damages to the clothes. The different aspects present in the composition have actually a bleaching impact on the fabric.

The facets are one of two people alcohol or a bleaching agent called benzalkonium chloride.

These facets cause the shade of the fabric to fade in whichever portion, small or large, the sanitizer has come in call with.

The discoloration that the fabric creates clearly shows marks ~ above the towel which are known as bleaching spots.

You now know what these assets are, however now let’s see just how they stain/damage your clothes.

Does hand sanitizer stain? How?

Technically, hand sanitizers do no stain clothes. Back they leave marks ~ above the clothes, this marks room not necessarily stains. They space the spots that room seen ~ the fabric’s colors acquire faded or removed completely.

The fading the the color is the actual thing that happens. The so-called “stains” are simply a misconception or a misterm for color fading as result of bleaching.

The alcohol present in alcohol-based sanitizers is a organic stain remover the discolors the area of the garment that it comes in call with.

Even the alcohol-free hand sanitizers do not relax you from gaining faded blemishes top top the dress if you room not that careful with your hand movements. The benzalkonium chloride present in the solution has actually a bleaching residential property that discolors the clothes.

Can hand sanitizer stain all clothes?


Hand sanitizers can produce stains on different varieties that clothes. But it has actually a greater influence on some and mild to nil on others.

They are specifically damaging to fabrics dyed with natural dyes such together cotton, silk, linen, and leather.

Here are several of the apparel that are particularly affected by hand sanitizer:

Dark-colored clothes

Dark-colored apparel are an ext susceptible to getting stains native sanitizers. The bleaching spots ~ above darker garments are more noticeable.

Leather garments

Leather apparel are dyed to provide them color. As soon as they come in call with hand sanitizers, the bleaching agent present in the solution reasons a chemistry reaction ~ above the fabric. The dye gets removed from the area that contact.

There are commodities that can remove stains from leather clothes. Below is a video that explains the process.


Suede is another cloth that is prone to sanitizer bleaching damage. The product is porous and tends to absorb liquid much faster than other materials. This makes it easier for the bleaching certified dealer to reason damage come the fabric.

Silk and chiffons

Just like hard clothing materials, soft and delicate fabrics prefer silk and also chiffon are prone come hand sanitizer stains. The bleaching properties deserve to wipe the end the shade from these vulnerable pieces of clothing in a matter of seconds.

Now that we recognize the pertains to related to hand sanitizer staining clothes, let united state take a watch at how you have the right to remove the sanitizer from your clothes.

How do you eliminate hand sanitizer native clothes?

Getting hand sanitizer gotten rid of from clothes is no that easy. In fact, as soon as the towel comes into contact with the solution, you have the right to only think about damage control.

Keep in mind that the much longer the sanitizer stays on the clothing, the an ext damage the is going to do.

To eliminate the sanitizer from her cloth, scrape it turn off gently. Perform not rub as well forcefully together it can damage the garment further. To wash it immediately.

This is not a fool-proof method, yet it is worth a try.

Another method to regulate the damages is come hide the bleaching spots with clothes accessories.

How to avoid staining garments while utilizing a hand sanitizer?

The best method to avoid acquiring your garments stained is to be cautious with your hand movements.

Ensure the you use the hand sanitizer only on her hands, keeping it away from your body and also clothes. Keep her hands far from your apparel until the sanitizer is completely dry.

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As long as you take it precautions, you will certainly never acquire stains top top your clothes when you usage hand sanitizer.