Android and also customization go hand to hand. The open up nature that Android offers its individuals a an excellent control over personalizing each and every aspect of the device. Some pick to walk the long method and root their device in bespeak to install a practice ROM to gain a tight regulate over various areas of the OS, while some choose not to get into every this stuff and stick to the an easy customization stuff choose launchers, symbol packs, wallpapers, etc.

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Adding a live background on your an equipment is one of the easiest ways to freshen things up as they are much more lively, animated and also interactive than static wallpapers.

The very very first live wallpaper was presented with Nexus One to run Android Eclair (version 2.1) in 2010.


One thinking that has been attached with live wallpapers is that they drain the battery of your machine very fast. That might be the situation in the past but now six years have actually passed since its inception and also a lot of improvements have actually been made to it.

Earlier live wallpapers were just a flashy gimmick the was much more distractive than pleasant. Lock made searching the home display a bit difficult, no going well v the icons. However now things have actually changed. Many of the live wallpapers are currently well coded and optimized.

So the question now is since live wallpaper these days room well optimized, execute they drain the battery? Yes, castle do. As live wallpapers count on her phone’s CPU and GPU because that rendering function they will certainly consume battery. Execute they drain a significant amount of battery the you need to stop utilizing them? No, castle don’t. In mine experience, I’ve never seen any reputed live wallpaper choose Chrooma or Minima consuming an ext than 2% of battery. Ns mean, there’s a factor they are reputed and also loved by everyone.


There is one more belief that live wallpapers consume battery only when they are active i.e. As soon as you space staring in ~ your house screen. I never stress lot on this point as I seldom see any type of battery drainpipe via live wallpapers.

However, there space some live wallpapers that provide the battery a more significant beating than others. You can examine how much battery your live wallpaper offers by going come Settings > About> Battery > Battery Use. If you see that that takes much less than 5%, it’s absolutely ok.

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The only advice i can offer is that you must stop worrying around battery drain and start enjoying exceptional live wallpapers. Just make sure to check out user comments in the beat store and use only those live wallpapers which are well optimized.