Meat native pigs is a renowned ingredient in various cuisines in Asia and also in western countries. Since of this, it is served throughout the day. The meat native the pig is recognized by some civilization as pork and some as ham. This is additionally the reason some people are puzzled with the the the 2 terms. In this post we will learn to distinguish pork indigenous ham.

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Comes native pig’s hind legAny meat indigenous a pig
Flavor can be salty, sweet or smokyNo unique flavor
Meat is ready to eatMeat needs cooking



Pork is what we contact meat native a trained pig. It describes pig’s meat native any part of the pig. In addition, it have the right to be raw or processed because that preservation.

Ham, top top the other hand, is pork that comes from a specific component of the pig – that hind leg. This section is usually maintained through the method of salting, wet-curing, or smoking. Since of this, ham has actually a distinct flavor compared to various other cuts of pork.

Pork vs Ham

What’s the between pork and ham?

Pork and also ham have distinct qualities in terms of source, flavor and also intended consumption. Ham is from the pig’s hind leg while pork is any meat native pigs. Ham has a distinctive salty, sweet or smoky flavor, depending on the conservation process; pork does not have actually this unique flavor. Ham is ready-to-eat due to the fact that it was processed currently while pork deserve to be in raw form and require cooking before being consumed.

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