Many times, BTS military asks the question ‘did BTS acquire plastic surgery?’ To understand the answer come this question, keep analysis this question. Frankly speaking nobody from the BTS team has shown or discussed any surgery procedure excellent on your face. However, what specialists say about BTS plastic surgery, let’s examine out. However here us would prefer to cite that it is predicted when viewing BTS members’ images. Yet none the them has been confirmed. 

Experts’ Opinion on even if it is BTS Members has Plastic Surgery

We’ll discuss BTS plastic surgery matter by adhering to each member the BTS. Let’s gain started:



BTS’ chef rapper RM (born Kim Nam-Joon, formerly known as Rap Monster) is the only group member that has ever revealed the he has had plastic surgery. However, in a surprising twist, RM denies ever before having a cosmetic operation.

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The surgical procedure was medically essential, according to BigHit Entertainment, the boy band’s administration company, to treat a deviated septum that was influence his breathing. RM’s procedure is now the just known instance of plastic surgery among the BTS members. 

Even if the rumors around the other members obtaining work done aren’t confirmed, that doesn’t mean that the climb of plastic surgical treatment hasn’t had an impact on their fan base, popularly well-known as BTS ARMY, in much more unexpected ways.



The lead vocalist the the South korean pop team Bangtan Boys, or BTS, Jimin, has been the topic of plastic surgical procedure rumors. Whether Jungkook has had a nose procedure and twin eyelid surgical procedure is a subject of debate among internet users.



If you see Jin’s larger images, then you’ll check out brighter skin that Jin and nothing else. You can’t say that Jin has had actually plastic surgery only if he has actually brighter skin. This is due to the fact that various factors can influence someone’s skin color. Keep in mind the there is a major change in hair color here, i m sorry plays a part.



According to experts, V no need any type of plastic surgery procedure because he currently has amazing looks.



The an initial thing you’ll notification in J-Hope’s image is the nose. You’ll notice far-ranging changes in the bridge, slope contour, and overall size. He also appears to have had actually a many dental whitening done. For this reason this person can merely simply want a most dental cleanings and attentive upkeep.



To start with, this guy had actually a yes, really good-looking face. You can an alert work on the eyelids (perhaps corner-cutting) to make them appear much more bulbous and also wider. You’ll observe that the ‘after’ has actually a wider eye exposure, i beg your pardon is a an extremely normal procedure for oriental surgeons.

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Perhaps some nose work, though it’s difficult to identify for sure. Weight increase and possibly simply natural development are two things that cause diversity in his face.