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Diane Edwards to be Ted Bundy’s an initial serious girlfriend, and she boring a striking and eerie resemblance to several of the quite brunette ladies that he later on murdered. Sometimes, Diane Edwards has been referred to by the pseudonym Stephanie Brooks or is referred to as Marjorie.

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Her complete name to be Diane Marjorie Jean Edwards, and also she was from Burlingame, California.

Bundy’s relationship with Edwards – which deeply influenced him – is disputed in Conversations v A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes, the Netflix documentary. In the tapes, Bundy described Diane Edwards. Bundy was later on in a permanent relationship with a woman called Elizabeth Kloepfer. Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, the brand-new Zac Efron movie around Bundy, is told indigenous Kloepfer’s point-of-view. Lock dated because that 10 years. Bundy would additionally marry a woman called Carole Ann Boone, through whom he had a daughter called Rose when he was incarcerated.

His partnership with Diane was much shorter but maybe even much more impactful on his future behavior. Through 1974, Bundy had launched right into one of the country’s most infamous murder sprees, ultimately slaying at least 30 ladies (some believe the fatality toll above 100).

Here’s what you have to know around Diane Edwards and also Ted Bundy:

Bundy said His relationship With Diane had a ‘Lasting influence on Me’

In the tapes that were played on the Netflix show, Bundy admitted: “The relationship I had actually with Diane had a lasting influence on me.”

He likewise explained what attracted him to Diane. “Mumbled sweet nothings into each others’ ears and told every other how much us loved each other,” he stated at one point. “She’s a beautiful dresser, beautiful girl. An extremely personable. Pretty car, an excellent parents. So you know, for the first-time girlfriend, really that was not also bad.”

Ann Rule, in she 1980 book around Ted Bundy, The Stranger next to Me: The True Crime Story that Ted Bundy, described how Bundy and also Diane met once they to be students in ~ the university of Washington.

“He observed a woman who was the summary of his dreams,” preeminence wrote. She “was choose no girl that had ever before seen before, and he taken into consideration her the many sophisticated, the most beautiful creature possible.”

Rule referred to Diane as Stephanie & defined the Relationship’s Ups and Downs

In Rule’s book, which you can find here, she refers to Edwards together Stephanie Brooks, and also says she i graduated from the university of Washington in June 1968 and also “it appeared that that might be a way to ease out of the romance.” She relocated to mountain Francisco to start a job, however they continued to date for the summer.

Rule’s book says the Bundy and Edwards met in the feather of 1967 at McMahon Hall, and also she was “the epitome of his dreams.” dominance wrote that Stephanie seemed to “prefer soccer jobs” and listed that Bundy when wrote, “She and also I had about as much in common as Sears and also Roebuck does with Saks. I never thought about S. Through any much more romantic interest 보다 I taken into consideration some elegant creature on the fashion page.”

They were both interested in skiing. He dropped in love through Stephanie, the “daughter that a well-off California family,” according to Rule. He to be 20. Lock were together a year. According to Rule, Bundy loved Stephanie much more than Stephanie love Bundy, at the very least in the beginning, return they went on days that ranged native “hamburger dinners” come “movies.”

According come Rule, Stephanie felt Bundy to be “very emotional and also unsure of himself” and “was foundering.” She feeling he provided people and also had lied come her. By the finish of the summer 1968, she had dumped him, leaving him, according to Rule, “devastated…She was his an initial love, the absolute personification of everything he wanted.” dominance thinks it’s feasible she to be his very first lover.

By 1969, reports Rule, Ted chose he want Stephanie ago and therefore he surprised she at the brokerage firm whereby she operated in mountain Francisco.

They met again in 1973, writes Rule. This time the power dynamic fully shifted. Ted was starting to “be somebody” and also was functioning for the Washington Republican Party. They checked out dinner, and also she flew come Seattle. He spoke of marriage, and also she remained in love with him, follow to Rule. Suddenly, though, he became “cold and also distant” to Stephanie. He skipped Christmas presents and made love to she in a “perfunctory” fashion.

She later decided that he had actually coldly and calculatingly lured her back just come dump her like she had once dumped him. That never provided her an explanation. The following year she married – to who else, dominion writes.

On the Tapes, Bundy debated the Couple’s break Up

According to history Collection, Diane dumped Bundy since he appeared too listless and had dropped the end of college. She went back to California.

Bundy described on The Tapes exactly how the connection started come unravel. “I knowledgeable any variety of insecurities through Diane. There were occasions once I feeling she expected a an excellent deal an ext from me 보다 I was qualified of giving,” he said. “I was no in any kind of position to take it her the end or squire her roughly in the way she to be accustomed.”

“But, ns think i was comes apart at the seams and maybe she witnessed it. Throughout the summer, Diane and I coincided less and also less. Then she stopped writing and I began to obtain fearful of what she to be up to. I had actually this overwhelming fear of rejection the stemmed, not simply from her, however everything. In over there somewhere was a desire to have some sort of revenge ~ above Diane.”

Many the Bundy’s victims Resembled Diane Edwards – but Not All

The book Serial murder by Ronald M. Holmes explains how numerous of Bundy’s victim looked favor Edwards. One researcher “opines that Ted Bundy to be a predator ~ above women that physically resembled Edwards: e.g., young, white, with lengthy dark hair parted in the middle,” the book says.

However, Holmes noted that other victims of Bundy did not fit this pattern. Some were blonde, redheads, lot younger (even children) and also didn’t look favor Edwards. Furthermore, some human being suspect Bundy of death a child called Ann Marie Burr, 8, as soon as he to be 14 – well prior to he met Diane Edwards.

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Where is Diane Edwards today? little is known around her now. For noticeable reasons, she sank into obscurity ~ the Bundy murders. Together for Bundy? the met his fate in the Florida electrical chair.