among the busiest work in is easily approaching. Thanksgiving, this year top top Thursday, November 22, brings thousands downtown because that the America’s Thanksgiving Parade, the Turkey Trot, and the Lions game.

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Planning on heading to Woodward to clock the parade, or come Ford ar after? Or perhaps you’ll it is in watching from your couch? this is what you require to know for the large day. Go we miss something? Drop united state a keep in mind on our pointer line.

Parade Route, Parking, and also Transit

America’s Thanksgiving Parade starts in ~ Kirby and Woodward in ~ 8:45 a.m., then makes its method south ~ above Woodward into downtown.


Taking the quick bus is a good option for those that don’t want to deal with parking or traffic. Rapid buses take trip down Woodward, Michigan, and also Gratiot, because that Thanksgiving, the Woodward route will be sail to Cass Avenue. They’ll have temporary Park & ride lots easily accessible on Thanksgiving job at:

FAST Gratiot—North River roadway & 15 Mile at Lowe’s. Parking is obtainable anywhere between revolution Laser Tag and the lot across from the lumber Loading areaFAST Woodward—Troy public CenterFAST Michigan—Westborn Kroger. Both lots on the South and also North next of Michigan are available

DDOT will have actually some rerouting as result of the parade:

#4 Woodward will reroute come Cass starting on Wednesday in ~ 12 p.m.#1 Vernor, #19 Fort, #27 happiness Road, and also #29 Linwood paths will come in and out the downtown by Michigan via Trumbull native 7:00 a.m. - 8:30 a.m.

For the parade:

#4 Woodward: route will end at Rosa Parks Transit Center#5 valve Dyke, #6 Gratiot, #9 Jefferson, #31 Mack, #52 Chene, #67 Cadillac - Harper: courses will layover in ~ the human being Mover’s Bricktown station on Beaubien north of Larned and resume regular business to the Rosa Parks Transit center after 5:00 p.m.#8 Warren: There will certainly be no boarding between Cass and also St. Antoine#42 MidCity Loop: No service south of W cool Blvd.

The people Mover will be totally free on Thanksgiving indigenous 6 a.m. Come 7 p.m. Joined Shore is covering expenses that day. The closestly stations for the parade are Grand Circus Park, Broadway, and Cadillac Center.

Keep in mind the Lions fans will certainly be tailgating in east Market early for the 12:30 game.

The best bets for parking will certainly be roughly Wayne State in Midtown, little Caesars Arena, and also Grand Circus Park downtown. Parking can be booked through ParkWhiz.

The Municipal Parking Department proposal the Ford secret Garage ~ above Jefferson or the Millennium Garage at 423 W. Congress. Both space $10.

It’s ideal to lug cash because that parking simply in case.

Street Closures

Take note, some roads will close on Wednesday, November 21. This is the latest on street closures indigenous the Parade Company:

Woodward Avenue native W. Cool Blvd. To Warren will certainly be closed totally from Wednesday, Nov. 21 in ~ 1 p.m. With Thursday, Nov. 22 at 2 p.m.

Woodward Avenue from Warren to Jefferson will certainly be closeup of the door down start at 1 a.m. Until the conclusion the the parade on Thursday, Nov. 22. Emergency vehicles will certainly be enabled to cross Woodward Avenue in ~ Warren, Mack/MLK, Alexandrine, Montcalm, and also Adams.

The complying with streets will have restricted access start at noon on Wednesday, Nov. 21:

Amsterdam/Piquette indigenous Cass to john RHarper from Cass to man RPalmer indigenous Cass to john RFerry indigenous Cass to john RFarnsworth/Putnam indigenous Cass to john R

The complying with streets will be closed start at 5 a.m. On Thursday, Nov. 22:

Michigan in ~ CassFort Street indigenous Trumbull to WoodwardCongress indigenous Shelby come RandolphLarned indigenous Shelby to RandolphShelby from conference to MichiganMichigan from Cass come WoodwardMonroe native Woodward to RandolphLafayette native Trumbull to GriswoldWashington from Adams come CongressAtwater indigenous Civic facility Dr. To Third

These streets consisting of Michigan Avenue and Washington Boulevard will certainly reopen ~ the Turkey Trot at around 10 a.m.

The southbound Lodge exits at W. Jefferson/Cobo and Larned Street (Exits 1A & 1B) and also the northbound Lodge leave at W. Jefferson (Exit 1A) will be closed during the entire Turkey Trot. The Larned exit will reopen ~ the Turkey Trot ends.

Turkey Trot

A variety of races will be held Thursday morning. The 10K and also Mashed Potato Mile start at 7:30 a.m., while the 5K starts at 8:30 a.m. The 10K goes all the means up to the parade start allude at Kirby, while the 5K goes up to I-75 and also back. Gyeongju start and end in the financial District.

Lions Game

The Lions pat the Chicago bear at 12:30 at Ford Field. ~ an almost-promising start, the Lions have actually been lackluster lately. The video game will be broadcast on CBS.

Where come eat

If you don’t want to cook a large meal this year, there’s always take-out. Eater has compiled a guide for wherein to order both dinner and dessert. Friend can additionally make reservations for dinner in ~ these subway restaurants. If you’re downtown or near the parade and also you’re looking for a location to eat, this restaurants room open.

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How to watch at home

The parade is aired on WDIV-TV, neighborhood 4 beginning at 10 a.m. It’s likewise broadcast on countless local stations across the country.