Smoothies space now obtainable at tons of nationwide coffee shops and fast-food joints. An excellent news for healthy eaters, right? Eh, maybe if you desire an energy-sucking street crash come follow that 20 oz tropic fruit blend.

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Truth is, most fast-food smoothies are seriously poor for you. Don"t acquire us wrong, lock taste delicious, however they"re high in calories and also often loaded with added sweeteners and also super-sweet juice concentrates rather of really fruit. Some even top 100 grams that sugar every serving—that"s like whole pint of ice cream cream! (Why not make your own healthy smoothie cooking recipes with one of these options?)

But don"t despair: because that every street bomb, we discovered a healthier swap through no or minimal added sweeteners. (Get her sugar cravings under control and lose load while still enjoy it the sweets you love with Sugar clever Express.)

Here, what come pick and what to pass on in ~ eight popular chains:

Orange Julius

orange julius

Worst: Tripleberry SmoothieBerries are lower in street than many fruits, for this reason it"s a tiny confusing that Orange Julius" Tripleberry is so sweet. The 16-oz medium has actually 390 calories and 86 grams the sugar—more sweet stuff 보다 you"d get from 4 Snickers bars.Best: light Strawberry Banana SmoothieThis classic flavor has 200 calories and 42 grams of sugar in the same 16-oz cup—by far the best Julius offering.

Panera Bread



Worst: Low-Fat Wild Berry SmoothieDon"t put much stock in "healthy" cases like "low-fat." This smoothie is the worst of Panera"s bunch, v 68 grams of sugar and also 340 calorie in a 16-oz medium cup. Part of the problem? It"s made through sweetened vanilla yogurt.Best: Superfruit power Smoothie v GinsengYou"re way better off v this blend: that maxes the end at 210 calories and 34 grams that sugar, thanks to plain Greek yogurt and also a little of the organic no-calorie sweetener stevia. Plus, it has much more than dual the protein that the Wild Berry flavor, so you remain fuller longer.

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Tropical Smoothie CaféWorst: Kiwi Quencher SmoothieThis chain only serves one dimension (24 oz), therefore forget about part control. If you pick this seemingly healthy flavor, you"ll ingest 254 calories and 100 grams the sugar—roughly the sweetness tantamount of an entire pint of ice cream.Best: decoding Island eco-friendly SmoothieThis smoothie (made through spinach, kale, mango, pineapple, banana, and also fresh ginger) clocks in in ~ a far much more reasonable 182 calories and 32 grams the sugar. That"s a street savings the 68%!

Smoothie KingWorst: Orange Ka-BAMBAM, indeed: even in the smallest size (20 oz), this smoothie has 469 calories and 108 grams the sugar. That"s as much sweetness together you"ll gain from nearly three cans of Coca Cola. In fact, the chain in reality adds pure sugar right into this smoothie: "Turbinado," one of sugar"s sneaky names, appears right on the ingredients list.Best: original High Protein BananaA 20-oz cup the this smoothie has actually just 23 grams of sugar and 314 calories. We likewise like the simple ingredients list: banana, whey protein powder, and also almonds.

Jamba Juice


Worst: Greens "n Ginger SmoothieDon"t it is in fooled by indigenous "greens:" The very first ingredient in this smoothie is lemonade. That"s more than likely why a 16-oz cup has a whopping 66 grams of sugar and 330 calories.Best: Orange Carrot Karma SmoothieThis blend still has a high sugar count at 48 grams, however it"s much lower in calorie (just 180) and it"s do without added sweeteners. The just ingredients: carrot juice, mangos, banana, and ice.

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StarbucksWorst: advancement Fresh Mango Carrot SmoothieHere"s another example the the veggies-aren"t-always-better principle: every 16-oz cup of this smoothie has 42 grams the sugar and also 230 calories.Best: cacao SmoothieThis flavor is still high in street (34 grams per 16 oz), but it does have actually one advantage over the others: It"s well-off in protein and also fiber, both the which sluggish the relax of sugar into your bloodstream, helping protect against blood street spikes and also crashes. The extra rise comes indigenous a whey protein/fiber powder, but that"s about as much details as we can get, due to the fact that Starbucks doesn"t share comprehensive ingredients perform on the website.

Planet Smoothie

Worst: Captain KidThis "smoothie" is better classified together a dessert: The two ingredients space strawberries and orange sherbet. It"s no surprised that a 22-oz cup packs 350 calories and also 75 grams the sugar—that"s an ext sugar than 7 Krispy Kreme original donuts.Best: PlanetPro Lite Banana & PBWith a complete of 27 grams that sugar, this is one of the the very least sweet smoothies we"ve found. That does have actually a high calorie counting of 540, but Planet Smoothie wisely industries this range as a meal replacement. Order the for the purpose and you"ll it is in in the clear.

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Worst: McCafé Mango Pineapple SmoothieMcDonald"s has yet to develop a healthy smoothie. All 3 of the chain"s smoothie flavors space basically identical in your nutrition stats, however Mango Pineapple edges out the remainder with 56 grams the sugar and 260 calories in a 16-oz tool cup.Best: McCafé iced coffee through light cream and French vanilla syrupWe can"t in great conscience introduce a smoothie here. Your best liquid bet if you need a subtly sweet fight on the walk is an iced coffee. It packs 19 grams of sugar and also 120 calories because that the exact same 16-oz portion, or you deserve to forgo the liquid sweetener and also stir in one sugar packet for simply 4 grams of included sugar.

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