At the beginning of January, Demi Lovato dyed she blonde pixie reduced a gorgeous the shade of bubblegum pink that human being — ourselves included — went wild for. Now though, just a tiny over a month later, the "I Love Me" singer is back to she brunette roots, and also she went even shorter with her hair come boot.

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The 28-year-old star revealed her new look Friday night in a video clip on her Instagram grid. "New hair ♥️♥️♥️," reads the caption. When Lovato's wearing a hat in the clip, you can clearly still see that she hair is brown and much shorter in the prior now. Previously, the singer's hair to be falling just above her brows, but now she has bona fide infant bangs comparable to that of Courteney Cox in Scream 3.

As it transforms out, Amber Maynard Bolt — a.k.a. The artist who took Lovato pink critical month — is also behind this gibberish transformation. The hairstylist reposted the singer's video clip to her very own grid, in addition to a in-depth caption about the look and how she walk it.

"I had the pleasure of executing this new look on this ever an altering ICON," she writes. "Demi is evidence that change can be excellent on and also through so many levels... I had the ability to go native a level 10 ago down to a level 3.5."

Bolt climate shares her step-by-step process, including the exact products she used. "I began by spraying the hair v
k18hair Molecular fix Hair mist. Ns was able to job-related the product with while cutting," she explains. "Once my desired length was achieved, I provided #colorwear

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Finally, she finished off the look at by making use of the K18 Leave-In Molecular repair Mask on Lovato's har to give it hydration and shine. "This leaves the hair soft and works in minutes!" claims Bolt. "No should rinse either!"

Of course, fans room in love through Lotavo's brand-new look, leaving comment on her article like: "YOU room BEAUTIFUL," "Iconic queen