Tensions between the family members of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown have escalated following publication the deathbed image of Bobbi Kristina Brown, who died last month after gift in a surfacetoairnewyork.coma for 6 months.

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On Wednesday, the National Enquirer released what is purported to be the last-known photograph showing Houston's and also Brown's ill-fated daughter on her deathbed in the last days of her life in ~ the Peachtree Christian Hospice in Georgia.


Bobbi Kristina Brown through her boyfriend Nick Gordon in happier times in 2012.Credit:Frazer Harrison

Touted as a "world exclusive", the photo adds come a feud that has been raging in between the Brown and also Houston families, who have been locked in a hit over an additional photo that Bobbi Kristina showing her lied in she coffin during her memorial company last week.

That photo - claimed to have been marketed for six numbers after a vigorous bidding battle - has not to be sighted yet echoes the dispute sparked in 2012 as soon as the Enquirer released Whitney Houston's funeral picture - also re-published ~ above the sheathe of the latest issue. It additionally ran mock picture of a model resembling Bobbi Kristina recreating the tub scene.


Photos of Bobbi Kristina on her deathbed have actually reportedly been marketed for a six-figure sum. Credit:Getty Images

Bobbi Kristina, 22, to be put right into a medically induced surfacetoairnewyork.coma as soon as she was discovered face-down and also unconscious in her bathtub on January 31. She was moved to the hospice in Georgia in June and her family members was v her once she died.

Both the Brown and Houston family members are accusing the various other side of responsibility for inviting the unknown guest stated to have snapped the coffin photo at the viewing the day before the funeral. TMZ reports that the photo has been offered to a media outlet.

"Our resources say members that the Brown and Houston family members are blaming each various other for the pic, which to be snapped regardless of all the preventive measures."

According to The day-to-day Mail, after discovering someone had actually taken the picture of Bobbi Kristina together she lay dying, Bobby Brown"s sisters Leolah Brown - who later on walked out of the funeral - created on on facebook that the controversial snapshot was taken as soon as no other Brown was approximately her.

The funeral to be a passionate affair, v the two sides in dispute over the arrangements. People newspaper reported the a member the the Brown family said the problem with the Houstons developed an atmosphere that was prefer "a circus", with security guards standing in between people to make sure no one gained out of control. "Just as the Browns and also the Houstons had engaged in public disagreements around care because that Bobbi Kristina throughout her six-month-long surfacetoairnewyork.coma, over there were additionally battles over the funeral arrangements," it reported, including that the two sides that the family could only find surfacetoairnewyork.common soil one one topic: the colour plan (pink and also purple).

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Bobbi Kristina's boyfriend, Nick Gordon, to be barred indigenous the funeral. Gordon to be not allowed to visit her throughout her therapy at numerous facilities. Police are reportedly investigating Gordon ~ Bobbi Kristina's family filed a lawsuit versus him, accusing that of abusing her and stealing her money.