Linda and Willy have breakfast in the kitchen. Biff and Happy have actually left early, and Willy and also Linda comment on their sons’ potential.Willy claims he wants to to buy seeds and grow something. Hmm…Linda, blind to Willy’s job-related situation, asks her husband to have actually Howard offer him an advancement payment. Today is additionally the job Willy is going to ask Howard because that a local, non-traveling job. Linda allows her hubby understand that Happy and Biff desire to take it him to dinner the evening—they’re already planning ~ above celebrating your successes. Currently the scene shifts come Howard’s office. Willy tries desperately to start a conversation with him, but Howard insists on demonstrating his new wire recorder and also bragging about his wife and also kids. Exhilaration subserviently, Willy asks his ceo if yes sir a ar for that in the brand-new York office.Howard speak Willy there’s simply no task for him. Willy literally begs him, and also at length, explaining that he’d hosted Howard in his arms as soon as Howard to be a newborn. (Howard’s dad was Willy’s old boss; Howard inherited the agency from his father.) now we gain some understanding into Willy’s dreams when he tells Howard (who is totally bored) about Dave Singleman, a fantastic salesman. This salesman to be so well-liked that as soon as he died, his clients and also coworkers mourned him because that months. Willy wants to be choose Singleman, however can’t seem come get world to favor him. He desires Howard to provide him one more chance.Howard refuses. Willy breaks down. Howard says it would be much better if Willy left the firm since he no earning his keep. Willy begs come be permitted to store his traveling job, supplying himself in ~ lower and also lower pay rates. Howard refuses and also walks the end on Willy. Basically, Willy is fired. This case is therefore distressing that Willy goes ago into his imaginary world. He is talking through Ben again, questioning Ben exactly how he made that big. Ben asks Willy to sign up with him in Alaska. Willy do the efforts to convince imaginary Linda that the scheme, however she insists Willy’s job and life are great enough as they are. Willy feeling lost. High school-aged Biff and Happy enter and Willy starts boasting to Ben about how his kids can succeed exclusively on the communication of being attractive and well-liked. Struck by one more wave of self-doubt, Willy begs Ben to remain and help him raise the boys. The feels unsure that himself. More imaginary human being enter.Bernard operation onstage as Ben leaves. He desires to bring Biff’s shoulder pads into the clubhouse in ~ Ebbets fields where Biff, a star football player, is preparing because that a game. Willy acts choose Biff has just winner the super Bowl, and Charley teases Willy around his enthusiasm. Willy overreacts and tells Charley to shut up.Enough football, we’re back to the actual world. Us hope you took pleasure in the trip.Willy is now external of Charley’s office, saying wildly v the world in his mind. Charley’s secretary asks Bernard, who is currently a respectable, get an impression man, to deal with Willy. Bernard starts chatting with Willy. Bernard speak Willy that he’s about to catch a train to Washington D.C. For a situation he has. Willy desires to learn an ext about Bernard’s case, yet Bernard stays clear of telling the what he is up to.Bernard asks around Biff. Willy vaguely claims that Biff’s increase to huge things. Currently Willy cracks. The asks bernard what the an enig to his success is and also confesses the Biff isn’t accomplishing anything with his life. Young name recalls the Biff flunked mathematics his an elderly year of high school, yet intended to take the summer course to make up his credits and also go to university on a football scholarship. Before starting summer school, Biff went to visit Willy in Boston, and also was totally changed as soon as he come back. Biff melted his favourite shoes (a significant sign of angst, we gather), and had a huge fistfight v Bernard.Bernard desires to understand what the deal was through all that.Willy is nervous and angry. That defensively claims that naught happened in between him and also Biff. Charley comes in and tells his son Bernard come hurry to capture his train. Charley tells Willy the Bernard is heading off to argue a case prior to the can be fried Court. Willy is astounded the Bernard didn’t cite this huge accomplishment himself. Can it be the some world don’t should talk endlessly about themselves? Charley provides Willy fifty dollars. Willy is appreciative, however asks for more.Now Charley gets under to business. The again uses Willy a task that will pay fifty dollars a week and also require no travel. Yet Willy insists he has a great job. (Meaning he’s yes, really proud and also actually has actually no project at all.)These guys never seem to recognize each other. Charley interprets Willy’s pride as a personal insult and Willy takes Charley’s job offer together an attack. The guys shout back and forth till Willy breaks down and also Charley gives him some an ext money. Now it’s the finish of the day. Remember just how everyone to be planning on having actually so lot to celebrate? and also how the boys were going come take their dad the end to dinner? Good.So we’re now at Frank’s Chop House. Happy chats with a waiter named Stanley. Castle spot a beautiful girl coming right into the restaurant and give her the up-down. Biff shows up and wants to talk to Happy. Happy is distracted by a girl; he’s convincing her to carry a friend for a double-date through him and also Biff. The girl agrees and leaves to call one of she girlfriends.Biff speak his brothers what taken place with Oliver: Biff waited six hours to watch the man, and also when he finally did, Oliver had actually no idea that Biff was.Biff realized the he’d to be living in a fantasy world, imagining (with the aid of his dad) that he’d to be a salesman because that Oliver. In fact, he had actually only to be a no-name shipping clerk. In a fit of fury over the entirety (short) meeting, Biff stole Oliver’s an intricate fountain pen and ran the end of the building. Biff wants to phone call Willy around the meeting and make his dad challenge reality. Happy thinks it is an awful idea due to the fact that their dad need to only hear an excellent news. Willy then shows up in ~ the restaurant—expecting to hear great news. Biff tries telling his honest story, yet is repeatedly interrupted by Willy"s and Happy’s confident insistence that everything went wonderfully through Oliver. Biff repeatedly begins to lie favor a Loman, however consciously stop himself.Too late—Willy’s earlier in his visions again, where high school-aged young name rushes in to notify Linda that Biff flunked math. Ago to reality. Willy hears enough of Biff’s story come realize the Biff stole Oliver’s fountain pen, i beg your pardon was plainly the most interesting bit of the tale.Poor Willy loser it. That keeps repeating, "I’m no here" aloud, imagining the a call operator is make the efforts to track him down.Confused and also horrified through his father’s behavior, Biff promises to do better. Happy tries come lie on Biff’s behalf and say that everything went well v Oliver. At the exact same time, Biff tries no hope to host onto the truth. The warm chick the Happy had actually been flirting v returns v her friend.Willy continues to have actually vivid flashbacks, hear the voices of one operator and a woman. The scene shifts totally into Willy’s flashback. He is dressing and also chatting v a woman in a black slip. Yes, that’s the exact same woman we saw him with before in the stockings episode.As lock chat, the becomes evident that she thinks Willy is the cat’s meow. She’s to be stroking his ego.We hear repetitive knocking ~ above the lovers’ hotel room door. Willy ultimately agrees to gain the door and also insists that the mrs hide in the bathroom. He opens the door and finds Biff. Very worried, Biff describes that that failed math and also begs Willy to talk to his teacher.Guilty Willy do the efforts frantically to water level Biff the end of the room, yet the mrs walks the end of the bathroom and Biff look at her. Willy’s desperate attempts at a cover-up aren’t working on Biff. Biff may have failed math, yet he’s not dumb. He realizes his dad is having actually an affair and breaks down, screaming in ~ Willy for offering the mrs his mom’s stockings. Willy’s mind is now back in reality. However his boy bailed top top him, to like a double-date come their experiencing father.Willy pulls self together and urgently asks Stanley (the waiter) wherein the nearest seed save is (remember exactly how he wanted to tree things previously that morning?).

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Biff has had some major epiphanies: he states that Willy taught him to be so arrogant the he could never take direction from an employer. He adds that he’s finished through trying to it is in something (something = company man) he never wanted to it is in in the an initial place.No much longer willing to pretend, Biff needs that Willy stop expecting him to accomplish the impossible. Biff is by now sobbing. (Who wouldn’t be?)Willy, astounded at Biff’s emotional explosion, ultimately realizes that Biff loves him and wants his approval. Yay, every little thing is great!No, wait, every little thing is not great. Love, it turns out, is no all. Willy tho hears Ben (in his mind), urging him to come find diamonds.With diamonds (diamonds = life insurance policy) on the brain, Willy refuses come come as much as bed and remains soaked up in his visions and also love for his son.Willy understands that his boy loves him, but can’t avoid dreaming around Biff making it big. The converses again with Ben, who this time speak him that "the tropical is dark however full that diamonds."He jumps up and also runs the end of the house.Linda and Biff shout after him, realizing that he has sped off in the car.

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They hear the auto crash. Willy has killed himself.

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