Darnell Nicole has made a surname for herself by making use of her communication to champion human body positivity, self love and also being 100% authentic. Acquire to recognize our Miami beauty in our exclusive Q&A.

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You put so much of yourself out there ~ above WAGS—what have you learned from our experience on the show?

I"ve learned to completely accept myself as I am. Sometimes we have actually the tendency to rigid at ours flaws, fear judgment and also over-analyze our choices…well that"s intensified by 100 when you decision to action on a an international platform. Before the show, I viewed some the the many beautiful aspects of myself as flaws but I"m among those people who are very naturally transparent. I couldn"t ~ pretend to no be me if I want to. So I put those flaws, mine insecurities, mine problems, mine tears, my seafarer tongue, and my “thicker 보다 all my other cast-mates” body, the end there and got SO much love back…that yes, really made me look in ~ myself. I didn’t need to wear a mask, i didn’t need to be perfect, i didn’t need to have every the answers. I’m okay just as i am. Okay stop and pray with/for friend if you need me, I’m constantly being silly, cracking jokes and also I could curse you out if you shot me. The is that I am and I’ve learned to be comfortable in mine skin regardless.

What influenced you to come to be a trained dancer?

I prefer to define myself as a an innovative being, constantly thriving in the arts. Mine parents put me in Ballet once I was two years old and also by the moment I rotate eighteen, ns was likewise trained in Jazz, Modern, Hip-Hop and also Lyrical dance. Drama to be a huge component of mine adolescent years and also carried on right into my adult life…always finding classes in the area to keep my acting skills sharp. Mine infatuation v music, i feel, has been there since I was in the womb. Ns listen to old-school music in my house ALL day. That feeds mine soul! My enthusiasm though, my passion comes out v my fingertips! ns am a writer. I was inspired by my creative Writing professor my senior year in college. I’d planned to attend regulation School but he observed my talent and pushed me until I experienced it too.

You recently introduced your blog and also podcast, dear Darnell, what do you expect to attain with this platform?

With mine blog and podcast, I’m yes, really looking to reach as plenty of girls together I perhaps can. When the first season the WAGS Miami aired critical year, I was able to respond come every tweet, comment and direct message. Ns was giving girls from anywhere the world and also different to walk of life the very same advice for nearly identical worries dealing through heartbreak. As time passed and I gained busier and the messages began multiplying, I decided to produce DearDarnell.com hope my blogs could burned some light or provide some expect to those ns couldn’t reach personally.

You space so ethical on society media—what is your most memorable interaction you’ve had with a follower?

I’m an extremely aware that the facade the social media paints. You record one 2nd of a 24-hour period, article it, and your life look at perfect to the external world. Simply the other day a young girl commented under my snapshot saying something prefer she want to kill herself since she was no as perfect as me. Perfect?! ns told her that she was beautiful just as she was and that she had actually to stop focusing on the outer stuff since it’s meaningless and also fades. I didn’t always feel beautiful and when ns was pregnant I got 50 pounds the stuck come me like tar. For me, being secure in my beauty came with age and also as for my body, it take it dedication and some major willpower to obtain it whereby it is today. Perform you know how difficult it is because that me no to raid my daughter’s snacks?!

What room the hair assets you oath by?

When it pertains to hair, ns a fanatic of the herbal stuff. Ns love to placed African Shea Butter on mine scalp and Moroccan Argan Oil on mine ends. Right now, ns seriously obsessed with miss Jessie’s hair products and have actually got to out to their company a pair of times. Therefore y"all go on social media and tell castle to prevent playing and hit me up! Lol!

If someone is visiting Miami because that the first time—what 3 spots carry out they have to inspect out?

When you involved Miami, element 112 is an pure must! The food is impeccable and also you’re guaranteed to watch some human being worth seeing. I’m no really a club human so i can’t help you there however I do love going to Ocean’s Ten to grab a drink, smoke some hookah and people-watch. Lastly, you need to hit Haulover Beach, which is clothes optional. Lol it’s absolutely an experience!

You"ve lived anywhere the country—where is her favorite city did you do it lived?

So I’ve stayed in five different cities yet my favorite, hand down, is new York City. I moved there as soon as I to be twenty-four years old, chasing mine dreams. Relocating there felt prefer falling in love. The best years of my life! i didn’t excel career-wise yet I flourished so much personally. That city taught me a lot and I still run earlier every opportunity I get!

If you can give advice to women who are finding out to love themselves, what would it be?

I would certainly tell them no to love themselves based off just how much they feel loved by the people roughly them. You need to sit v you, spend quality time through you and build a partnership with YOU. Make a list of the many beautiful attributes you posses. Room you kind to strangers, are you always giving your last, do you make a habit that encouraging those around you, carry out you provide your every in whatever that you do, room you constantly advertise positivity out into the universe? overlook what the people says about you and also focus ~ above what you need to contribute. Put the list whereby you will watch it daily until it’s embedded in her subconscious. You have actually to autumn in love v who you space internally before anything else and the an initial step is an altering your thinking, transforming how you see you.

What is the story behind her “Just Breathe” collection?

Last year i went through a really hard break-up and in the process of do the efforts to pick up the piece of mine life, I had to re-live that while watching the on tv with the rest of the world. The sank me right into the darkest hole and also I saw no means out. I want to give up. “Just Breathe” was produced to encourage people to never ever stop trying to claw their method out of the hole and also to recognize that as long as you space still maybe to draw breath, any kind of situation have the right to turn around.

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To you, what walk it typical to it is in a great American girl?

For me, gift a good American girl is authorized a motion that sees the beauty, beauty in diversity and also promotes the accept of it. Not praising a body type, a skin color, a hair length, or a social status but celebrating being a woman, simply as friend are.