Jon Stewart slammed the media top top Tuesday because that salivating over Caitlyn Jenner’s “relative f–kability” ~ above the Vanity same cover, whereby the transgender star revealed she feminine figure this week because that the very first time.

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After beforehand outpourings of support for Olympian Bruce Jenner’s courage in coming out together a woman, pundits shed “no time in dealing with her favor a woman” through comments on her body, her boobs, and if they’d like to sleep v her.

“You check out Caitlyn, as soon as you were a man we can talk about your athleticism and also your business acumen, but now you’re a woman, and your looks are the just thing the matters,” Stewart said.

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Comments turned cattier, the noted, as the media speculated on even if it is the photo had actually been wait brushed, and also observed how good Jenner looks “for her age.”

“Remind she she has an expiration date,” that added. “You came out at 55. Friend have one more two years prior to your come to be invisible to society.”

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“So Caitlyn jenner — welcome to gift a mrs in America,” Stewart break up in the spicy segment.

Watch the video.

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