There was plenty of speculation around the Cubs" appearance on "Saturday Night Live," however it"s relatively safe to say the no one expected it to be quite favor that.

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Fans eagerly anticipating the comedic debut that the newly-crowned World series champions didn"t have long to wait. The show"s cold open up featured Kate McKinnon together Hillary Clinton, comparing her week to that of she Republican counterpart on CNN"s Erin Burnett OutFront.

"It has actually been a great week for me too. My fave part was as soon as I shed that huge huge lead i had," McKinnon said.

"But i am no worried Erin, it could be the bottom that the ninth, and it’s tied and also it’s raining, but this ol’ Chicago Cub is tho gonna bring it home," she added to raucous cheers native the audience.

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Then in the show"s 2nd sketch, outfielder Dexter Fowler, first baseman Anthony Rizzo, and now-retired catcher David Ross made their cool entrance, taking nearly everyone by surprise. <<400156251, C>>

In the sketch, organize Benedict Cumberbatch and also cast member Mikey Day played strippers at a woman"s surprise bachelorette party. The catch? She"s 83 years old, and also was so shocked by the festivities that she dropped unconscious (and may be died).

After a little bit of gyrating and also a liberal use of whipped cream, Cumberbatch and also Day leaned over Aidy Bryant"s "Granny" in mock fear, together if lock had finally noticed she wasn"t quite there.

"Oh no," Cumberbatch said. "Your Grammy is favor our 1000th customer."

"... Which way she it s okay a totally free dance from the World series champion Chicago Cubs!" work added.

Fowler, Ross and Rizzo paraded out in quick shorts and Cubs vests, finish with baseball hats on your heads.

"Oh mine God, those are the genuine Chicago Cubs!” Cecily strong screamed.

"What’s increase girls?" Fowler asked, ripping open his vest. "Who wants to struggle a granny slam?"

"Don’t worry Grandma, Grandpa Rossy’ll take good care the you," added Ross.

"It’s her lucky night," Rizzo said. "We’re about to traction a triple header."

"You heard the Cubs, let"s play ball!" work shouted, together all three players danced end Bryant.

But the Cubs weren"t done yet. Throughout "Weekend Update," Colin Jost told the audience the it to be a "very unique night" as the winners that "Weekend Update"s first-ever "The Voice" contest" to be on the show.

From there, viewers see a barbershop quartet v their backs turned. Every player turned around to present himself (and yes, Rizzo pointed his finger guns.)

The an enig fourth member? None various other than "SNL" alum and also Cubs superfan invoice Murray.

"Guys, have the right to you you re welcome put into words what that feels prefer to be called the an initial winners that Weekend Update’s ‘The Voice’ contest?" Jost asked.

"It’s unbelievable," Rizzo said.

"I can’t explain it," Ross added.

"This is the ideal thing we’ve ever before done," said Fowler.

"And now I have to ask - friend on the end, you look familiar. Walk you supplied to work here?" Jost inquiry Murray.

"I did," Murray replied. "But the was so numerous lifetimes ago. Right now, because that me, it’s all about our music."

Then, Murray tuned his harmonica, and also the Cubs (plus their backup singers) broke into a rendition the "Go Cubs Go" like you’ve never seen before. For great measure, lock even included “the Cubs are human being Champs today” in ~ the end. <<400156321, C>>

Though the wasn"t a component of the cameo, third baseman Kris Bryant was most definitely watching, together he tweeted that the football player "have me dying on SNL!!" <<400156231, C>>

Lucky because that Cubs fans, the media tourism is much from over. Rizzo, Fowler and World series MVP Ben Zobrist are also slated to appear on "The tonight Show" v Jimmy Fallon ~ above Monday night.

Ross and Bryant will also stop by "TheEllen DeGeneres Show" ~ above Tuesday to talk around their historic win.

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This is solid the Cubs" first brush v prime time television. In July, Rizzo, Bryant and pitcher Jake Arrieta made a brief cameo ~ above "The Late display With Stephen Colbert"as the comedian and diehard Cubs pan attempted to lug them great luck. Apparently his antics worked.