The previous "Skins" star was hit through a cement mixer van while cross a street in Brooklyn ~ above Tuesday prior to being taken to Methodist Hospital v injuries to she legs, arms and also possibly she head.

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English actress Kathryn Prescott, well-known for her functions in A Dog’s Journey and also Finding Carter, has been hospitalized, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

The 30-year-old actress to be hit by a concrete mixer truck throughout the night of Tuesday, Sept. 7 in ~ the intersection that Bergen Ave. And also Vanderbilt Ave. In Brooklyn. She was struck as the truck was attempting to make a appropriate turn ~ above Vanderbilt Ave. And suffered injuries come both legs, both arms and also a potential head injury. EMS transported the actress, that was conscious and alert at the time, come Methodist Hospital.

News the the former Skins star had been in an accident was first shared by her pair sister, Megan Prescott, in an Instagram post and also story top top Thursday. “I received the many terrifying phone contact I’ve ever before received in my life on Tuesday evening,” she wrote. “My pair sister Kathryn was hit by a cement van while cross a roadway in brand-new York on the 7th September.”


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Megan Prescott confirmed that her sister had actually multiple injuries and was in the ICU, though medical professionals are “hopeful” she will make a full recovery. “After fighting through complex surgery few of Kathryn’s injuries include: broken pelvis in two places, both of she legs, her foot and her left hand,” Megan Prescott continued. “She is exceptionally lucky to be alive. She directly avoided paralysis. The doctors are positive that she will make a full recovery however this will just be feasible with the correct treatment right now.”

Megan Prescott stated she was sharing the news of her sister’s accident to social media in hopes of getting assistance with travel right into the U.S. Megan Prescott, who stated she is “double vaccinated” and also had a “PCR test yesterday,” is all set to “fly at the autumn of the hat” to aid her sister, however according to the post, the U.S. Embassy refuse her inquiry for an exemption from present travel restrictions.

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A short article shared by Megan Prescott (

“I used to the U.S. Embassy for exemption from the present restrictions banning any type of non-U.S. Citizens right into the U.S. And was denied earlier today and also I to be devastated,” she wrote.

Currently, travel from the U.K. Come the U.S. Is minimal to just U.S. Citizens and legal permanent residents, through a few exceptions, consisting of spouses and specific family members that U.S. Citizens or long-term residents and also foreign diplomats carrying details visas.

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“She is alone in new York v no household members. Ns need help getting to new York to support her recovery,” Megan Prescott said. “I will have to assist her until she deserve to start to walk again. I need to be over there to help her with literally every little thing as she will be able to do incredibly little by herself. She will be in rehab for a an extremely long time and also will need 24/hr care even after ~ she leaves the hospital.”

“I have papers from the hospital confirming the extent of Kathryn Prescott’s injuries and am willing to carry out anything to obtain to she as soon as humanly possible,” she added.