Courtney Stodden: Christmas is a really exciting time that the year, specifically for a year favor 2020. Together the preparations and also decorations that Christmas have yet to start for everyone, Courtney Stodden to be so excited about the festive season that her Christmas lamp decorations began even prior to Thanksgiving.

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As we all space trying our best to curve the lethal virus by staying indoors, the really talented model and also singer space doing the same.

She is an extremely excited come flaunt her stunning decorations. She discussed that for decorations she used fake eye as in California gaining real snow is a matter of luck.

Earlier in time, the star made she love because that Christmas well-known when she delivered her own special bubbly song, “Mistletoe Bikini”, which she reduce in 2016.

Courtney gave fans a short look right into the luxurious life she’s driven and expensive buys she’s made throughout the long term, yet she furthermore shared one uncommon an are in her bedroom called the self-love corner.

Courtney Stodden Christmas Decoration

Courtney is by every accounts emotion euphoric this holiday season together she together of so late accommodated through her boyfriend of two years, kris Sheng, that is in addition her manager.

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Courtney and also Chris separated in June 2020 and also she started dating Brian Austin Green, 47, not long after. Courtney and Brian were an initial spotted out 3 weeks after ~ the 90210 stars uncovered that he and his much better half of practically 10 years, Megan Fox, had actually split.

Notwithstanding, ~ a month the affair burnt out after various ladies saw her and also said that Brian was likewise seeing them. “Brian essential me to continue to be his little secret,” Courtney stated while alluding come the actor together a “womanizer.”

In the interim, Courtney is preparing for a bustling 2021. Courtney famously married actor Doug Hutchison in 2011 as soon as she was 16 and also he was 50, presenting the green Mile star’s vocation come an unanticipated end, and also driving his household to abandon him. She petitioned for legal separation in march 2018 and also it was resolved two years after the truth in march 2020.

She’s similarly centered approximately getting all set for another EP after ~ dropping “Off The Record” in 2018. She’s at current having a recording studio built, however, she’s collection up a revolve table and office territory in she bedroom therefore she can keep functioning meanwhile.

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Courtney has actually a full plate with her new cosmetics heat underway, Courtney Alexis Cosmetics, and a digital transfer encompassing abused victims.

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