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We base the love the our clothing on a lot of different categories; quality, price, origin. How about pronunciation difficulty? We’ve gone with years and years of ogling over brands we have no idea exactly how to pronounce. And also you understand who’s come blame? The internet and rappers.

We see the surname on our favorite websites, fuck up the together in our heads and also move on v our lives. And also then, rappers make it even worse by offering their very own interpretation the the brand name’s pronunciation, frequently in jest or to keep their rhyme scheme tight. So before you to buy your next piece that clothing, make certain you can say it appropriately to that keep manager help you out prior to you completely embarrass yourself. 

Aimé Leon Dore 


picture via Aime Leon Dore

Pronunciation: Eh-may Lee-on Door 

First that all, what go Aimé Leon Dore even mean? follow to an finish interview v Aimé Leon Dore’s founder Teddy Santis, the surname of the brand to be originally claimed to be Aimé–the French word for “love.” But because “Aimé” was already trademarked, Santis included Leon Dore. “Leon” translates into Lion, his father’s childhood nickname. “Dore” is the critical syllable that “Theodore,” Santis’ bear name. Although no one of this information will help when it pertains to pronouncing it correctly, it’s quite to recognize the brand’s surname isn’t simply a bunch the French words mashed together. 



photo via Getty/Edward Berthelot

Pronunciation: Vet-MAHN

Although Demna Gvasalia is no longer at Vetements, it’s never ever too late to start pronouncing the brand’s surname correctly. Vetements, also the word for “clothing” in French, is no pronounced favor “tenements.” the is pronounced like “Vet Mawn.” A great mnemonic maker to remember this brand’s pronunciation is to envision a Vet mowing a lawn, in an oversized Vetements hoodie. 



image via Estrop/Getty

Japanese pronunciation: Suh-Kah-E; western pronunciation: Suh-Kai

This is a tricky one because the west pronunciation that Sacai, “Suck-eye,” rolfes of the tongue so well. But seeing how Chitose Abe’s maiden surname is Chitose Sakai, Sacai is likely pronounced the same method as her Japanese last name. The Japanese perform not pronounce the “I” in ”“Sakai” together “eye.” the is pronounced together “E.” therefore in Japanese, Sacai is “Suh-Kah-E.”  

1017 ALYX 9SM


picture via Getty/Edward Berthelot

Pronunciation: Ten-Seventeen-Ah-Leeks-Nine-S-M

Remember the Matthew Williams PR team sent out a push release come make certain you all avoid calling that ALYX. First off, Alyx is no pronounced as “Ay-licks.” The brand’s name sounds nothing favor a 99 cent save lollipop. That is express “Ah-Leeks,” because no lot of roller coaster buckles can stop this faucet from dripping. Now onto the full name itself, it is “Ten-Seventeen-Ah-Leeks-Nine-S-M. The is no “One-Zero-One-Seven-Ah-Leeks-Nine-S-M.” that is no “One thousand and also seventeen-Ah-Leeks-Nine-S-M.” that is not “Ten-One-Seven…”

Comme des Garcons


photo via Getty/Claudio Lavenia

Pronunciation: comb-day gar-son (soft “n”)

Have you ever been for this reason worried around butchering a brand name as soon as pronouncing it to a keep assistant, friend just decided not to also ask around it? Yeah, Comme des Garcons has actually that type of effect on people. 


photo via Getty/Marc Piasecki/GC photos

Pronunciation: Ball-mah

Don’t worry around this one because 95 percent of rappers express Balmain wrong. Many Balmain enthusiasm pronounce the French brand together “Ball-Main.” however it’s really created as “Ball-Mah.” however come on, ain’t no one gonna pronounce that correctly. Shouts the end to boy Cudi for gaining it appropriate though. 

photo via Getty/Vanni Bassetti

Pronunciation: jhee-von-SHEE

Founded in France in 1952, this deluxe brand is ~ above the tips of countless tongues who recognize anything around clothing, indigenous bloggers to rappers every over. Simply don’t be the douche asking for the “give-en-chee” Shark sweater. 

Saint Laurent

picture via surfacetoairnewyork.com Original

Pronunciation: San-Lo-Ron

Even after ~ Hedi Silmane to reduce “Yves,” the most an overwhelming part to express of the brand’s original name, many still mispronounce the brand now recognized as Saint Laurent.

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image via Kristy Sparow/Getty images

Pronunciation: Boh-Dee

Emily Bode is increasing in popularity, for this reason it’s time to start pronouncing her name right prior to you awkward yourself when commenting on someone’s patchwork drip. Bode is no pronounced favor the word discovered inside the dictionary. That is “Bow-Dee.” simple mnemonic device for this brand’s together is to think around how the prices because that Bode space OD. 


picture via Getty/Matthew Sperzel

Pronunciation: Sui-Ko-Ke western pronunciation: Sui-Coke

Like Sacai, this is an additional Japanese brand whose surname is generally pronounced in a method that simply rolls of the tongue better. The western pronounciation of this clout sandals is like the fusion of the word “Suicide” and also “Coke.” return “Suicoke” sounds like the surname for a wavy ass French Montana mixtape, the Japanese pronounce “Ke” as “Keh.” so it would be “Sui-Ko-Ke.”  

Raf Simons

picture via Getty/Vanni Bassetti

Pronunciation: Răf-Sym-Mons

If you are a pan of ASAP Rocky, you most likely know exactly how to express this designer’s name correctly since Rocky got it right once he dropped that banger “RAF.” yet for those who pronounce Raf choose “Wraith,” or Simons favor the surname of the American Idol judge, you’ve gained it wrong every these years. Please don’t touch my Raf.   

Hedi Slimane

image via Getty/Miguel Villagran

Pronunciation: ed-ee slim-ahn

This designer’s surname is choose the Berenstain bear vs Berenstein bear of fashion designers. Many human being religiously pronounce Hedi Slimane’s name as “Heidi Sil-mane,” accurate rearranging and adding letters to the French designer’s name. But even for those that don’t include random letter to Slimane’s name, they might not establish the “H” in Hedi is silent.  

Miuccia Prada

photo via Getty/Jeremy Moeller

Pronunciation: Mew-cha Prah-da

Most fans of Prada gain the latter half of Miuccia Prada’s surname correctly. However, countless butcher she tongue twister the a very first name saying every little thing from “Mi-uc-sia” to “M-ikea.” If you can correctly pronounce the native Mucinex and Chia pets properly, you have the capability to pronounce “Mew-Cha.” 


picture via Getty/PYMCA/Universal Images group

Pronunciation: Stoo-see

Nope, the is not Sta-see or Stuss-see. Even despite Stussy is now turning 40-years-old, you will constantly hear one or two world mispronounce the brand’s name. 


picture via Getty

Pronunciation: Ark-tear-icks

Since everyone and their mommy is wearing Arc’Teryx jackets these days, it’s crucial to know how to correctly pronounce the Candian the end brand’s name. But first of all, what go Arc’teryx even mean? The name and “dead bird” logo of Arc’teryx is a referral to Archaeopteryx, a bird-like dinosaur from the Jurassic era. The joint for that is “aar--kee-aap-tr-uhks.” so naturally, one would certainly think the the together of Arc’teryx would be comparable to that. But the brand’s videos show employees express it much more like “ark-tear-wicks.” A great way come remember the is to think the water as soon as pronouncing the name: Noah’s ark, tears, and also rain wicking fabrics. 

Bottega Veneta

picture via Getty

Pronunciation: Buh-tei-guh-vuh-nei-tuh

The Italian luxury house Bottega Veneta has recently explosive in popularity many thanks to its well known Puddle Boots. But no lie, us hear many of fashion lovers butcher the brand’s name. Everything from “bot-tea-gah-ven-nee-tah” to “Bodega Vendetta.” back the last mispronunciation would certainly be a an excellent title for a new York City-based Marvel comic, it certainly isn’t the correct way to express the brand’s name. The correct pronunciation the Bottega Veneta is pretty straightforward Italian because the brand’s name literally translates into “Italian Shop.” A great way come remember how to express the very first half that the name is come think of exactly how one pronounces the word “botanical.”

image via Getty/Julien Hekimian

Pronunciation: Ehr-mez

Perhaps among the world’s most generally mispronounced brand name is Hermès. That’s likely due to the number of rappers who have dropped the brand’s name in songs over the years yet mispronounced it. Drake, Future, stack Ross, and also even Kanye West have all accidentally maintained the “H” once pronouncing the name of the French luxury brand. The “H” in Hermès stays silent. A great way come remember the is if friend somehow manage to buy your girl a $10,000 Hermès birkin, she’ll more than likely look at you in flabbergasted silence.

Dries valve Noten

image via Dries van Noten

Pronunciation: Dreeze-van-no-ten

When someone comes approximately you and tries come test her fashion expertise by questioning you who’s her favorite member that the Antwerp Six, you have actually several really difficult to express names to choose from. So great luck do the efforts to name  Dirk van Saene, Dirk Bikkembergs, Walter van Beirendonck, or Ann Demeulemeester. Aside from Marina Yee, Dries van Noten is a reasonably easy name to pronounce. But please, make sure you don’t express his an initial name prefer the native “dries.” 


picture via Getty

Pronunciation: Kahr-ti-ay

Although most of us choose calling Cartier eyeglass frames “Big Cs,” “Woods,” “Straightbacks,” and also “Buffs,” it’s vital to know just how to appropriately pronounce the surname of the French deluxe brand before picking up a pair the Givernys from your regional jeweler. Favor Hermès, plenty of misprononunce the name Cartier because they carry out not identify that one letter in ~ the brand’s name is silent. In this case, it’s the letter “R.” for this reason Cartier isn’t pronounced prefer “kahr-ti-her” yet “kahr-ti-ay.”


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