This Coleman WeatherMaster 6 human being Screened Tent evaluation is around an exceptionally comfortable non-freestanding 3-season family camping tent the comes through an same incredible and affordable price.

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Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Screened Tent. This is the side with the hinged door.

Huge screen room.Very big sleeping floor area, 1.5 square meters per person.Two-room tent – add to the screen room.Many large windows on every sides.Great price.

What type of time is this

TheColeman Weathermaster 6 is in the team of cabin-type tents, which suggests that the is really tall (over 2 meters) and also with practically vertical walls, with many large windows, and in general a an extremely livable tent. Please see an ext about cabin tents in my separate text.

This is additionally a common 3-season tent, designed to be offered in mild weather conditions, without a most rain and in locations without strong winds.

I would maybe put it likewise in the group of tunnel-type tents in check out of the roof file with number of loops the make the tunnel-type structure, view the photo with the tent without the fly:

The Coleman Weathermaster 6 screened time – side check out without the fly, reflecting the roof loops.

Who is that for

Being a 3-season tent, this suggests the following:

You have actually a lot of mesh here, the ceiling is nothing but the mesh.Huge windows room with mesh and waterproof panels.The paris is minimal in design, and it only covers the ceiling and also creates little awnings top top the 2 sides.

Such a structure does not save the warmth, so plainly you should use that for family members camping in fairly warm areas. Keep in mind that i have included it on my list of finest 6-person family camping tents.

Regarding the capacity, the has enough floor area for the asserted capacity that 6 people, and also you also have 54ft² (6.7 m²) in the screened room for some gear (though the paris does not cover the completely, be afflicted with this in mind). If this is around families, it is perfect for young couples through two small kids.

The packed dimension is less impressive, it is a bundle that 41 x 10 inches (104 x 25 cm), therefore clearly, this tent demands a automobile for transport to her camping place. The total weight is32 pounds (14.5 kg), and I think this is no so bad at all in view of the an are which this tent provides, and also the sturdy materials which you have here; the poles room still.

Overview of the most important features

The screen room/porch

This is a big space, with54ft² (6.7 m²) of floor area. There is notarp on the floor, so this is fine, you perform not need to take treatment of the floor if you use some chairs and also tables.

The door between the screen room and also the main tent is through two layers. Therefore you have a mesh witha zipper, which renders the interior fully safe indigenous insects of any kind of kind. In addition, girlfriend still have actually the waterproof and non-transparent panel through the zipper. This panel can be rolling to the sides and also fixed to the walls, so girlfriend will have actually an open substantial area i m sorry is 17feet (5.2 m) ofthe total length, very impressive.

The exterior walls of the display screen rooms are simply a mesh on every the sides and on the ceiling (note, the ceiling is spanned by the fly, view the pictures), so you have actually a full protection from paris bugs. Those bugs that room on the ground, cannot get into the inner time in any case.

On the front of the display screen is a main vertical zipper, so girlfriend can gain in the display room and in the time from this next too. This compensates nicely the single external door i beg your pardon you have on the inside tent.

So this display room is a truly good bonus of this tent, a pleasant ar to sit and enjoy the day, and to keep a many stuff. I have had it in my list of best family camping tents through a screen porch.

The hinged door

This is a peculiar hinged door architecture where you have actually two separate fiberglass poles that operation along the perimeter that the door. So it looks favor an plain door at home, and also it swings on the vertical pole. Below you have the right to see the zoomed detail of the area wherein those 2 poles converge:

The hinged door v two fiberglass poles.

You include these poles easily, they space in the sleeves with zippers that operation around. This is a really clever and also nice design. An ext tents v such a style you can see here.

The fly

The fly is minimal by design, not full coverage, view the picture, but this is what you would intend to have in a tent through so vast windows. You desire unobstructed views v such a design.

The paris creates tiny awnings over the door and over the large window on the opposite side, view the photo which reflects the back side the the tent wherein you have two windows v mesh and waterproof panels.

The next of the time opposite come the door, v an awning above the windows.

The paris is attached come the poles with Velcro tabs, through steel hooks, and through plastic clips. You additionally have 4 guylines on each side come secure it against winds. Therefore the fly is high above the ground yet it is well-secured and also it does the job.

The awnings are created by separate fiberglass poles, so they are really tight and also you will not have flapping and also noise in the wind. Check out the component of one of them in this picture:

The awning is created by the pole – this is the view under it.

The poles

You have actually them countless here, and of the an extremely different kind:

You have actually 4 straightsteel lengthy poles v red marking, 19 mm each. These space telescopic poles with popup click buttons which resolve them come the wanted length.You additionally have 4 much shorter straight steel poles, 19 mm each.2 bent ridge poles, steel v red marking, 19 mm.2 bent ridge pole, steel, 19 mm.2 awning poles, black,fiberglass, with steel tips, 6.3 mm.Long door pole,fiberglass, v rubber advice 6.3 mm.Vertical door pole,fiberglass, with rubber tips 6.3 mm.

The within space

With for this reason many large windows, the inner room is an extremely pleasant. There is a removable divider so girlfriend can effectively have two separate rooms inside.

They missed the opportunity to do it far much more livable, I miss pockets around, there is many of room where they might have included them.

As you realize from the specifications, the ceiling is really high, it is at80 inches (203 cm) in the main area, and it is an extremely high everywhere. It is fully mesh, so ventilation have to not it is in an worry in certain if you keep several of the home windows or the screen room door open (I typical with mesh only).

Weather resistance

I love the name of this tent, yet this does not protect against me from stressing that i am not

convinced that it is a weather grasp in the full sense.

The paris is minimal and also it go not safeguard windows completely. This holds in particular for the back home window which you deserve to see in the pictures; it has actually the waterproof panel, the course, therefore you deserve to keep the closed if you have the rain and back winds combined.

They do not administer details around waterproofness rating, this is typical for Coleman’s tents. However they write around their patented WeatherTec system. It consists of welded floors and also inverted seams.

If you are not familiar, this is the best possible type of sealing which creates seals that are generally stronger than the surrounding material. The reverse seams are also known together French seams, a clever technic whereby the pieces space seamed and also folded in on itself so that the seams room protected. You have this likewise in the Coleman 6 human being Instant Tent.

Note that the floor is tub type, view a bit an ext about this modern technology in my different text.

In this video you can see a bit much more inside the tent:


The claimed setup time is 20 minutes, but this will rely on how familiar you room with the tent. I have actually seen some claiming they necessary one hour, yet this is far too much. You need to be maybe to set it up in much less than half an hour even if you perform this alone.

These room the major steps:

Unfold the tent and also spread that out, and also then stake it under to the ground.Put the 4 curved roof poles right into the sleeves, and then connect them come the 8 side poles.Put the next poles in the upright position and also put the pins top top the sides right into the poles’ ends.Fix the poles and also tent together through the plastic hooks at sides and at the corners of the tent.Stretch the telescopic poles right into the preferred length and also this will certainly raise the time up.Add the fly and also use every the attachment elements to fix it come the poles and to the ground.

I suggest seeing this time-lapse video, girlfriend can collection it top top slower speed if friend wish. They carry out it a little bit incorrectly however it does no matter, they managed it:


Type: 3-season, non-freestanding family members camping tent.Capacity: 6 people.Weight: 32 lb (14.5 kg).Dimensions:11 x 9 ft (3.35 x 2.74 m).Floor area: 99 ft² (9.2 m²).Screen room dimensions: 9 x 6 ft (2.74 x 1.83 m).Screen room area: 54ft² (5 m²).Total area every person: 26ft² (2.37 m²).Peak height: 6 ft. 8 in (80 in; 203 cm) – this is from Coleman directly, slightly various from the number on Amazon.Packed size (L x D):41 x 10 in (104 x 25 cm).1-year minimal warranty.E-Port for electric power.Expandable carry bag allows you tear away the rip piece for simple packing.Durable Polyguard fabric.Screen room for bug-free lounging.WeatherTec patented system.Hinged door.

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Possible accessories

This is a big tent so the an are should not be an problem in general, yet you deserve to still make it more livable by utilizing some cots instead of resting on the ground. In such a case, friend havelots of an are underneath the cots for the warehouse of gear.

It can accommodate 2 queen dimension beds, yet you might likewise want to take into consideration some bunk beds as well, they will certainly occupy far less floor area, and also they can likewise be offered as two separate beds. There are models both because that adults and for kids. So watch some choices here: