In a hurry? Our top pick because that the ideal rectangular sleeping bag is the REI Co-op Groundbreaker 30 sleeping Bag.

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For those who choose to move roughly and shift positions in their sleep, a rectangular sleeping bag is the means to go.

This type of bag is all around comfort, if weight and also portability usually aren’t a height priority.

Personally, together someone that tosses and also turns in ~ night, i’m a large fan of rectangle-shaped sleeping bags.

To uncover the ideal ones top top the market, i have spent countless hours researching a wide selection of bags. I have narrowed the list down to 5 bags I think are the finest you deserve to find.

Read on to discover out all around them.

Table of Contents

Best rectangular Sleeping Bag: Our top 5 ChoicesHow To select The ideal Rectangular resting BagOther Features

Best rectangle-shaped Sleeping Bag: Our peak 5 Choices

REI Co-op Groundbreaker 30 resting Bag


REI is one of those brands that integrate quality through affordability. This Groundbreaker 30 resting bag is comfy, warm, lightweight and also well-made. And, for the price it retails at, the a steal! it isn’t any type of wonder it’s detailed as one of the finest budget sleeping bags the end there.

This bag has fabricated insulation that keeps you heat down come 30°F. It functions an counter quilt construction. This is a technique where class are offset over each other, thus preventing cold spots.

It additionally has a DWR complete which provides it stain-resistant and also water-repellent. Obviously, this bag is no intended for merganser weather, however a bit of drizzle won’t damage your camping trip.

A two-way key zipper provides this 30°F bag a good option, even for warmer nights. If you get too hot, you can unzip the bottom because that air ventilation, or also just use it together a blanket.

The Groundbreaker 30 weighs about 3 lbs, which isn’t poor for a artificial sleeping bag. Plus, that comes through a stuff sack. However, in spite of being a lightweight bag, the takes up a good amount of space when packed, so it’s not best for multi-day backpacking.


One the the ideal sleeping bags on the market in terms of price-to-quality ratioAnti-snag strip avoids the zipper from acquiring stuckAdditional filling around the neck and also drawcord enhance insulationComes v a ingredient sack


Takes up a lot of space when packed

Best for: camping enthusiasm who want a premium bag at an affordable price

Check Price top top REI

Exped MegaSleep 25/40 sleeping Bag


A synthetic-filled resting bag weighing just 1 lb? Yes, that possible! simply look in ~ the tool sized variation of the Exped Megasleep bag.

It’s an ideal for civilization up to 5’9”. If you’re taller 보다 that, you’ll require to obtain a lengthy version the weighs 2 pounds, i beg your pardon is tho featherlight compared to other bags top top the market.

You’ll an alert that this bag has different shades the blue on either side. That’s because each side has actually a different temperature rating.

If you use the bag with the irradiate blue next up, the will save you warmth in weather down to 40°F. However, once you upper and lower reversal it and also the dark blue side is facing upwards, you have the right to sleep comfortable on a cold 25°F night. This provides it a an excellent choice because that a backpacking resting bag.


Two temperature ratings make this bag perfect for use in a wide variety of weather conditionsOne the the many lightweight synthetic sleeping bags over there isDraft tube follow me the zipper trap heatGlow-in-the-dark zipper puller is simple to uncover in the darkAdjustable head-end drawcord provides far better insulation


Duffel bag it comes with is really bulkyA little bit on the pricier side

Best for: backpackers that love the comfort of a rectangle-shaped bag

Check Price top top REI

The North face Eco follow Bed 20 sleeping Bag


The long versions of many sleeping bags have the right to fit a person up to 6’6” tall. Yet what around those taller 보다 that? here’s a systems – check out the North face Eco trace Bed 20!

The continuous version is for human being up to 6’6”, if the long version is an ideal for world up come 7’ tall. You lastly won’t have to sleep through your knee bent, no matter exactly how long her legs are.

Besides that is length, there space a most other an excellent things around this bag too. Very first off, it has a 20°F rating, which makes it suitable for winter camping in harsh weather. It additionally has a brushed polyester liner for maximum comfort and also warmth.

One the really stands out about this camping sleeping bag is that it’s do of 100% recycle polyester. We’ve obtained to offer The North challenge bonus points for sustainability!

Here’s one limit – the bulky and heavy, so that isn’t great for backpacking. The weighs roughly 5 pounds, so friend wouldn’t want to be delivering it on your back long distances. If you a vehicle camper, however, this bag is terrific choice.


Longer 보다 standardized resting bag sizesHas an internal pocket for her phone or a flashlightMade of 100% recycled materialsSide zipper on the collar allows you sit up comfortably


Too heavy and also bulky because that backpackingCan’t it is in zipped together with another bag

Best for: tall world who battle to find a resting bag they deserve to fit right into comfortably

Check Price top top REI

Coleman Brazos 30 resting Bag


If you’re searching for a great quality camping bag that will save you warm, yet won’t pains your financial institution account, the Coleman Brazos 30 is a an excellent option.

It features Coletherm insulation, i beg your pardon is exclusive come this brand. Coletherm is a hollow-core fiber that creates pockets of air which offer as one extra class to protect you indigenous the cold. This fill will store you warm during the night in temperatures varying from 40 right down to 20°F.

The interior lining is make of tricot knit, which gives extra warmth. This product is a little snaggy though, for this reason beware of twigs and also leaves acquiring stuck ~ above it.

It just comes in one size and also is an ideal for world up come 6’ tall. If you’re taller than that, this bag no going to be large enough, unfortunately. It’s likewise quite heavy, weighing in at 5 lbs, therefore it’s no going to be perfect for thru-hiking and also backpacking. However, the does fill down come a reasonably compact size.


Very affordableThe inner liner is so soft you will do it feel choose you’re sleeping on a cloudZipFlow guide avoids the zipper from obtaining stuckRolls up easily and also is compact when packed


Only comes in one sizeThe internal liner grabs top top twigs, leaves and also even dry skin

Best for: car camping aficionados

Check Price ~ above REI

REI Co-op Kindercamp 40 sleeping Bag – Kids’


Having a the majority of empty space inside your resting bag deserve to make it complicated to stay warm. Therefore, it’s always better to get your child a kids’ resting bag, quite than one adult-sized bag.

The REI Co-op Kindercamp 40 is suitable for everyone under 5’6”.

The an initial thing I have actually to suggest out around this bag is the it look at amazing. Vivid colors and fun within liner graphics make it perfect because that kids.

It weighs 3 pounds, for this reason it’s not too hefty for tiny camping enthusiasm to bring it themselves.

The outer shell cloth is a lightweight ripstop nylon, while the resting bag liner is do of soft polyester taffeta. That treated v fluorinated DWR therapy both inside and out. This provides it a great amount the water-resistance.

The Kindercamp 40 comes v an attached stuff sack. The reason for this no so the it doesn’t obtain lost (although that’s a bonus. The actually allows you downsize the bag for smaller sized kids, maintaining them warm at every times.)

This bag has a temperature rating the 40°F, for this reason it’s perfect because that spring, early on fall and summer camping. If you’re looking for a winter sleeping bag, you should look elsewhere.


Fun colors and also patterns that every kid will loveBoth inner and outer liners room water-resistantFeatures an anti snag zipperAttached stuff sack permits you come shorten the length


Not perfect for use as a cold weather sleeping bag

Best for: young campers who appreciate comfort

Check Price on REI

How To pick The best Rectangular resting Bag

Choosing the best rectangular bag is no easy task. After careful analysis, us concluded the the top factors you require to take into consideration when purchase one are:

Temperature ratingInsulationSizeWeight & portabilityZipperAdditional features

Let’s dive in!

Temperature Rating

As you know, a resting bag temperature rating indicates the shortest temperature at which you’ll have the ability to stay warm.

While this rating is helpful, it do not do it be taken together gospel.

This is especially true with rectangular bags, since the wide opening doesn’t maintain heat and a mummy bag does.

Take temperature ratings as an ext of a guideline, fairly than a insurance of warmth.

There aren’t countless things worse 보다 a sleepless night spent freezing within a tent. To prevent that, you have to play that safe when deciding ~ above a temperature rating.

First, consider the coldest feasible temperature friend anticipate on your camping trip. Then, add around 10-15 levels – that’s your ideal temperature rating.

Keep in mind that things favor a resting pad and also extra apparel will aid you remain warmer and much more comfortable at night if you’re camping in really cold weather.


When it pertains to insulation, there’s a never-ending under vs. Artificial debate walk on.

In reality, together is so often the case, both have their own set of pros and also cons and also it comes under to personal preference in the end.

Down insulation has superior compressibility and also a much better warmth-to-weight ratio. The a good choice for long-distance and cold-weather backpacking.

Down bags come with different fill power, which specifies the quality of the down. They’re an extremely durable, and also with adequate care, they’ll last you forever.

So, why pick artificial over down insulation?

Well, it’s more breathable 보다 down and it has the capacity to continue to be warm also when wet.

Synthetic is also means cheaper than down.

Last however not least, synthetic insulation is hypoallergenic, while down isn’t.


You’ve probably noticed that many sleeping bags come in different sizes. You’ll desire to make sure that the one you choose is perfect for your height.

Sleeping bag sizes room standardized throughout many bag brands. Most bags come in regular and also long sizes.

A continual sized bag will certainly fit anyone under 6’, if a lengthy bag have the right to fit a human up to 6’6” tall.

Weight & Packability

Sleeping bags vary in weight rather a bit, relying on a pair of factors.

The an initial is even if it is it’s a under or artificial bag. Under bags are usually lighter than man-made filled bags.

Also, a mummy sleeping bag will often be significantly lighter 보다 a rectangular bag.

That gift said, a artificial rectangular sleeping bag doesn’t have to weigh a ton. For instance, the tool sized variation of the Exped MegaSleep bag mentioned above only weighs 1 pound!

Obviously, having a lightweight sleeping bag is going to be much more of a concern if you’re going backpacking than if you’re vehicle camping.

Some sleeping bags room also an ext portable than others.

Usually, you’ll be able to see the compressed volume that a bag once you’re looking at its specifications. This provides you the bag’s volume in liters once it’s folded up and packed. The smaller the volume, the less space the bag will certainly take up.

Sleeping bags frequently come v a classic stuff bag to put them away in, yet you can make them even an ext compact by to buy a compression sack separately.



Rectangular sleeping bags have actually a zipper on one of two people the left or appropriate side. What side it’s top top doesn’t really matter, other than in a couple of specific cases.

First of all, that a bit easier using your leading hand to unzip a bag. So, if she right-handed you could want to walk for one that has a zipper come the right and vice versa.

If you very own a bivy bag or a tent through a next entrance, climate it’s finest to have the zipper dealing with the entrance.

Finally, rectangle-shaped bags with an L-shaped zipper have the right to be connected together to kind a large double sleeping bag for two. In order to perform this, you need two bags through zippers on opposite sides.

When it pertains to sleeping bag zippers, anti-snagging features are constantly a plus.

Snagging reasons the towel to wear under faster and it can additionally tear it, no to cite how stroked nerves it can be. Part bags attribute an anti-snagging slide cover, when others have actually a guard follow me the size of the zipper.

Other Features

Hoods & Drawcords

You nothing often find a hood on rectangle-shaped sleeping bags. The a good way to make a bag warmer, but it’s no as helpful as it would certainly be on a mummy bag.

Drawstrings, on the other hand, really aid with insulation. You have the right to tighten the sleeping bag approximately your shoulders come prevent warm escaping, help you remain warmer in cold weather.


It’s constantly handy to have a flashlight or your phone close by. It is why stash pockets space usually located towards the peak of a bag, therefore you deserve to reach everything you’ve acquired in castle without having actually to move.

Draft Tube

The main ar heat deserve to escape is usually through the zipper. Breeze tubes that operation behind the zipper prevent air indigenous circulating. That way, warmth stays in when cold air remains out.

Our Verdict

If you worth comfort and also a an excellent night’s sleep over all else, climate a rectangular sleeping bag is a an excellent choice because that you.

Sure, it have the right to be a little bit bulkier and heavier than a mummy bag. Still, nothing feels better than gift able come sleep unrestrained in every little thing position friend like, even when camping.

The REI Co-op Groundbreaker 30 is the best rectangular bag friend can find on the sector today.

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It offers you the perfect balance of comfort, warmth, quality and portability. And, friend get every one of that for such one affordable price!

It’s versatile, so friend can additionally use it as a quilt or a blanket. Plus, girlfriend can connect two bags together and cuddle up alongside your partner.