It's no an enig that the model, fitness guru and also reality star loves she swimwear. In fact, many tropical vacations cause multiple bikinis and outfit look at on social media.

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It definitely was the instance for Coco's many recent pilgrimage to the Bahamas through her daughter Chanel.

While staying at the cool Hyatt Baha Mar, the proud mother was maybe to gain plenty of time through the beach and also pool. Along the way, cacao reminded fans that she loves to work a thong bikini.

"Couldn't leave Bahamas without getting a #Cocostyle pic... I'd take into consideration myself one of the initial thong connoisseurs.. LOL" she joked ~ above Instagram. "#thongthursday #40andfab #40isthenew20."

Celebs' favorite Bikini Shots

In true society media fashion, one follower had to ask, "How her bottom gained that size?" Ultimately, chocolate was all set to answer.

"It's a combination…You got to eat the appropriate stuff to put on weight," she explained. "Also I have the genes that when I go to the gym, i can construct muscle."

In honor of Coco's #ThongThursday, we're taking a look earlier at several of Coco's many memorable thong bikinis in our gallery below.

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"Couldn't leave Bahamas without obtaining a #Cocostyle pic... I'd think about myself one of the initial thong connoisseurs.. LOL," the proud mommy joked on Instagram when visiting the grand Hyatt Baha Mar. "#thongthursday #40andfab #40isthenew20." 

Unbreakable Bond

"Here's to strong women, may we recognize them, may we it is in them, may we advanced them," cacao wrote to her followers on Twitter. 

Fun in the Sun

Hugs and kisses are totally permitted during this pool day.

Model Behavior

Like Coco's poolside look? Rich and Sporty deserve credit for making the suit. 

Thibault Monnier/Rachid Ait,
Throwback Thong

Back in 2011, chocolate loved functioning a thong bikini. Simply look at her swimwear if vacationing in Miami Beach v a friend. 

Bahama Mama

"The exact same day we swam v the sharks we also swam with the pigs!" cacao shared on Instagram as soon as recalling a mother-daughter vacation through Chanel. 

Girls simply Wanna have Fun

"I gotta finest friend for life!" chocolate shared on social media when modeling matching Wild Blush Bikinis at the difficult Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana. 

One and Done

"Really right into one item swimsuits lately ..I like how this looks choose a Versace pattern," chocolate shared top top Instagram while visiting the SLS Baha Mar. "Man, I'm gonna miss out on this beach!"Man, I'm gonna miss this beach!

Flower Power

Pool time is the best time because that this mother and daughter duo. 

Snapchat / Coco
Just a Tease

Oh, go we cite bikinis are just the beginning? Coco additionally has CocoLicious Lingerie heat filled v thongs. 

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Let's listen it because that the O.G. 

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