There's no doubt that among the most exciting parts the Pretty tiny Liars is the countless search because that clues and also theories. Every episode offers dozens the details that might be turned into a clue, and also PLL fans are known for their extremely creative theories. ~ all, there to be a few fans the guessed the huge – spoiler alert – \"Cece is big 'A'\" reveal earlier in 2015, and plenty that fans determined that mar Drake to be Spencer's real mother means ahead of the game.

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However, periodically we don't want to execute the difficult work the clue-hunting. Together all members of the PLL military know, it deserve to be exhausting! Luckily, the series showrunner I. Marlene King is right here to aid us out. Marlene has been recognized to require to Twitter come tease ideas from upcoming episodes, and sometimes she also answers burning inquiries from fans. Here are 15 times that Marlene offered us the secrets to all the Pretty Little answers.

Alison’s sexuality hasn’t ever before been clearly addressed in ~ the series, i m sorry is totally part of the very nice of her character. Ali is portrayed as sexually fluid, and she appears to have romantic feelings for men and also women. The course, your sexuality doesn’t need a brand if friend don’t desire one – yet you determine is always valid – but it sounds prefer Marlene has actually some plans for Ali’s identity to it is in front and also center in the last season.

When someone tweeted the end a fake screenshot of mar Drake strangling Spencer (uh....) Marlene wrote, \"This is totally fake.\" She added a heart emoji to soften the blow. Remember, mary Drake is Spencer’s real mom – she go to good lengths to defend her during season 7A – there’s no means she’d pains her... Us think.

Every solitary incarnation of \"A,\" native Mona every the means to Uber \"A\" has loved come play v dolls. And let’s no forget the very important template of the dollhouse. Earlier in November, Marlene tweeted a series of doll photos – definitely a clue.

4. If you're looking for something to perform until season 7B premieres, you should re-watch Season 7A.

According come Marlene there are many clues around Uber \"A\"'s identity in the very first portion the the final season. A close re-watch the season 7A can yield some new clarity about the show’s biggest an enig and can be fried villain.

5. There was this cryptic chalkboard message.

Marlene shared a picture of this chalkboard through a message scrawled on the from the collection finale. ”The end of the ride, please exit safely. PLL finale. By by.\" nothing is ever a simultaneously in Rosewood, or ~ above Marlene's Twitter feed. Yet what can it mean?

In this photo, we view a brick wall with some vines snaking up the side – but it’s tough to recognize what precisely is being shown. Is that Radley? The lost Woods Resort? Some location in Ravenswood? What could it be?!

We currently know that the finale was really difficult for the actors to film, so it must have actually been pretty difficult for Marlene come write. A fan asked Marlene around the hardest part of writing the collection finale. Marlene's answer? \"The 3rd to critical scene\" v a damaged heart emoji. Five no!

8. Marlene gave direct intel around the birth of \"A.D.\"

The show’s creator hinted that, if we really desire to know about where A.D. Got their start, we have to start the town hall the 11th illustration of season 6. Will. Do.

When Hanna is in Philadelphia inside the boutique, the is in reality Ali the town hall her together Red coat – no Cece or Sarah. Huh. Remember, too many of human being have worn that mysterious red coat – consisting of Hanna herself.

10. She's also posted her notes native filming.

Yep, these space notes directly from Marlene it s her – so they must typical something. Extra points come the fan who deserve to decode the shorthand the the PLL queen bee.

Just think – that's eight possibilities for major reveals, substantial answers, plot twists, shippable moments, and, of course, the identification of Uber “A.” Also, the finale is rumored come be nearly two hours long. Yes. Please.

Dun dun dun...someone's gaining married! We’ve been teased v Pretty Little weddings before, but this time feels favor it's because that real. Yet is it that we think the is?

13. There will certainly be one more kissing absent scene in 7B.

We haven’t seen the kissing absent in fairly some time. It acquired a negative reputation in season 1 with all those creepy scenes in between Ian and also Alison, however it’s likewise the website of some severe Emison moments. Here’s hoping!

14. And the time Marlene casually said fans the WREN is comes back.

Finally! Wren has actually been M.I.A. For a few seasons now, but his visibility on the series has constantly been ominous. We certainly think the Wren has some background that us haven't totally learned yet; only time shall call what that is.

Oh, Maya. For some fans, Maya is endgame. Some members that the PLL army are convinced the she is either still lively or connected to Uber “A” in some means – and also it would make sense. Follow to Marlene, we may meet another one that Maya’s relatives in the last season. Oh. Em. Gee.

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