P.E.K.K.A represents Perfectly Enraged Knight Killer of Assassins is the last troop in the typical Barracks which will certainly be unlocked as soon as you hit Tvery own Hall 8. PEKKA is a girl who has the strongest and also most expensive armor of any kind of of the Elixir-based troops. She has actually spikes prospering out of the side of her head and likewise carries a sword. By leveling up she holds multiple swords.

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They have no preferred taracquire while attacking, they ssuggest attack the closest structure to them. When PEKKAs come to be conscious of opponent they will leave their targeted structures and attack’ the enemy troops. After defeating all the adjacent enemy troops, they will certainly continue to strike the nearemainder building.

PEKKAs take 25 devices of real estate area while Golems and Lava Hounds take approximately 30 spaces. PEKKAs will certainly give you a lot benefits and also do even more damage in the battle compare to the Golems and Lava Hounds which does not carry out that much damages after taking up 5 more spaces than PEKKA. If you want to have actually successful assaults you need to make great usage of your housing area and execute not overpack via PEKKAs.

Here are few PEKKA tactics which will certainly help you for the victory.

Due to the fact that pekkas are one the best troops, create your favorite mix of troops to incorporate with them and strike.

Keep in mind that you lug Rage Spells and also Heal spells as soon as your attacking bereason they job-related excellent via PEKKAs.

By arvarying your PEKKAs overall in exact same spot you have actually excellent manage over where they go as possible.

Using PEKKAs for offense will certainly be better quite utilizing them for defense bereason PEKKAs because they are pretty slow and also can’t strike air troops.

Almeans make certain that the buildings from the near areas of PEKKAs are cleared prior to dropping them, otherwise they can get distracted and tright here will certainly be even more possibilities of loosing the war.

One of the greatest pair through PEKKAs are Witches, bereason witches makes good amount of real estate room that the Pekkas take up.

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